Monday, March 31, 2008

Careing for Lilly and Mu shue

it me laura I thought i post tonight about what it like to care for Mu shue and lilly Lu so i just to give a glimp into are life.

Up at 5:30 am

Refill mu shue water bowls and fountins mix mu shue food with water pick up mu shue put in front of food bowl.

6:00 fill dry food bowl mu shue gets a mix of 1/3 low reside kible 2/3 kiddney kibble.

Lilly gets her special bowl with 1/4 a cup of dry food followed by 1/2 can sticky goodness

6:10 watch lilly eat her food

6:15 Grab mu shue give him his inhalare give him nutral cal depending on how he ate

6:30 Lilly Get 150 CC of Sub q fuilds

6:45 Lilly get 1/2 table of her apptie stumlite followed by nutralcal

6:50 - scoop box

7:00 Work

Home 2;30- 2:45 scoop box if now poo from lilly more Nutracal

home -6:00 lilly gets 1/2 cup kiddney food followed by more sticky goodness

6:15 Mu shue get his ihalara

6:30 - Lilly get 50 cc of sub q fuilds

6:45 Lilly get 1/2 table of appttie stumlinte

6;50 scoop box

7:00 tuseday Mu shue get 200 cc of s-q fuilds

7:30 scoop box

10:00 sooop box

It is very imporetnt I monter both there in and out put becuse of there kidneys

Thursday, March 27, 2008


The parthyrod ultra sound was normal she will conution to get sub q fulds daily the vet called and wanted to know if she could have been exposed to exzma cream or plants. I told her that i have NO plants expect catnip andi do have cream for exzma but it in the box in a plastic bag i never seen her go near it. The want to do a bone marrow apspertion and her blatter sugery peobely next weeek they will get back to me on a day and time. Tuseday or wednesday of next week

Lilly was sadated and too tired to blog. Rember were there is flowers there is hope And Lilly is are flower feline so keep purring


ps i am still with out computer Hp has it and should be sending it back shorty hopely

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the safest easter lilly

It time to play my aunnnal safe easter lilly. Some Lilly are not safe for easter but i like you to meet the safest most styleing easter lilly of them All. Yes this is me I sorry i was not so into the picuter i was not feeling so good. I been waiting all year for this dress it was costom made for me

Update one me the vet not sure why my Caliulm is jumping around. I also have a cell call barbosa that means i could have heart warm they going to cheek it. It could be the kittney desses or it could be a beign toomer on my parthrodyod. I am been started on sub-q fuilds ones a day and take an apptite stumlinte. Yesterday I wanted to play eric and flynn so i caugh my frist mouse. Or as trippr would say it just when dead.

Oh yea my red sox are in Japan !!!!! with Hello kitty

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Lilly did not feel well this morning i could not wait for her to be seen. all she wanted was seince deit hairball controled formal and that was it. I knew her ears felt a little warm i could not wait for her to be seen by the most amazing and tantleted vet in the world. She used to be one of kayla vet and eaven showed me that she keeped the picuter of kayla a sent her. She rembered kayla foundly.

Lilly was running a fever i think she had mu shue cold poor guy just cant shake it. But he just cant go to the vet right now. They said she was mildly dehiraed i was suprized they want to run test on her and keep her for 3 days at least. her true calium is high they did the excet same test i waited one week for in 20 mins. and her kidney funtion was sighly high we still do not knoe if it is cancer. Dr Conjno promiced to let me know if she was in pain and could not go on she did not feel that way right that second.

My mama is flooded with diffent emations six years ago she walked inot that building and walked out with kayla ashes. and hoped she never have to be back there. But he she sits even though the wainting room looks diffent. The place is still the same. mama glad lilly lu is at tufts and has a sence of peace about the whole thing like she is getting the best care she can get. I told her dr that i knew she do right by lilly and i tusted her and i knew under her care she was in the best care. My mama did not think much of her med student but then she only a med student she learning to be a vet. Dr conjono will not do us wrong.

To make this happen is not cheep but i find a why we always do. I don't care what i have to do i find a way. i plan on visting Lilly Lu tomrow. I try and take picuters. please purr for lilly lu I been looking for sings from kayla in blue jays non so far it rained cold today maybe they come tomrow and let me know kayla around

Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Lilly Lu's Rule

Just becse i liked sticky goodness yesterday dose not mean i like the same sticky goodness today teaches you to go out and bye more than one can a day. I like it when you go to the store every day and get the can of sticky goodnes. i think i just eat mu shue food today

Laura here

I keeped playing phone tag with the vet will try again latter at 8 and try and get her

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Did some one call the plummer ???

Okay ture story. My tub is cloged i tryed every thing snack, plunger liquid plummer air lquid plummer nothing was working i was about to call in the plummer. I tryed one last thing the last bottle of lquid plummer i thow it into the tub and said God if you unclog my tub i take Lilly to tufts and waited all the sudden 5 min latter my tub that has been cloged for weeks but so cloged today it would not drain started to drain. Just like that so i going to find a way to get her to tufts with the help of all you cats !!!! and I did not need to call the plummer.

the aptite stulent work some send us chicken as she about eat us out of sticky goodness. Now she will not touch cruchies no way no how. she still will not eat perstion food she class it prestion badness. So were eating a holic bran that is lower in phophte then the prection brand and she loves it !!! she a huge fan of the chiken not so big of the beef and hated sea food. She said thats not toona I know toona and that my freind is not toona !!!!!! she drinking water and laying on my confort on the floor from when i made the bed she jumped on it i not had the heart to take it away i just sleep cold. Please every one help out get a skillion they way cute and they have meezer iris and oronge mu shues. Also get artsy catsy stuff they way talnted and we could uses the money big time !!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

fashion show Firday/ Update

This picuter was taken on a modling shoot sighly after vatinines day the only care she had was i cheeter her out of dairy temp-tay-tions I think this is how Lilly Lu would want you to see her so i post it here for all to see.

The goodnews is on the list of kidney freindly foods I was able to locate a food she liked and the apptitie stumlintie worked and she ate a full can of sticky goodness over the afternoon.

The bad news is Lilly has lost a lb in the last two weeks. More blood was taken last night and her caluimu leaval is high again and the vet is stumped. She said the blatter stone are secondry to what ever problms she has. She said it could be a cancer hideing some where that they could not see and reccomend she see a speiclist.

I not sure i can make that happen so far i spent over 2000 and with the twins comming things are tight. I do not want her to suffer. It all about her quilty of life right now. This news could not have come on a worst day I relised today was Kayla the cat who helped me fine Lilly bridge day. And right about the same time i had made the distion to ressate kayla.

today in walmart I saw the cutest oufit with matching bed made by LULU pink This is lilly lu nick name . We call her LULU pink all the3 time..I picked it up and then put it down thinking she relly has no more instrest in fashion. Today was her frist "good day" she meet me at the door and ate for me and let me pet her. The last while she just sleeps in a catbed curled up never meets me at the door but sleep peacefuly. Today she interacted with mu shue reacted to iris yowling in her ear.

So i guess this brings me to my next question. Lilly Lu has a great wardrobe better then any humman and almost better then any cat. She were a a small and has some medimums. If there is a cat out there that likes to were cloths like lilly lu I be happy to pass them along some have been warn once some never. I not going to fouce her to do somwthing she dose not want to do any more. All i am going to ask if you could just hit up the doation button for a few dollors for shipping. just becuse things have become so tight i dont know thatn i could pay for shipping.

I feel so bad like i failed Lilly Lu. she is one of my best freinds. I miss the two am light paw punches that she did just enought to wake you up but never too much. I miss that frist thing in the morning when i open my eyes she jump on the bed and just stare at you like whats takeing you so long to get up. now she seem distince in another room form me. all i want is for her to feel better!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Frist off i want to thak zoolty for the grafiv they are amazing and so talted. Well scrion food is GROOSS. I will niot eat it. !!! I will not eat it with a mouse I will not eat it in this house. I will not eat Mama I am > Okay enough Dr susze. Mama thinks i am eating mu shue scription food but she not sure i ate 3 bites of it. I am headed back to the vet today to talk about were were going next and hopely set a sugery date. My endercain work came back negtive so now they all confused. and mama is getting fed up!!!!!!


I lost iover a lb in two weeks they gave me an apptitie stumitine and a list of foods that are low phouours dose any one know one that cats like they said i need to eat. They scard to do sugery cuse they do not think i make it though right now pluese they hoping some of the stones will reslove on there own. Also I am not using the litter box but do you blam me mu shue has poop sause right now and it sticks PU !!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fashion show Firday I am back

Even when not feeling your best it is importent to have great sence of fashion !!!! The show MUST GO ON this is my red sweter with the falx lepord print Daisy has eduacted us that Falx mean extra fancy. And I was hoping extra fancey my mean extra fancey feast. But nooo it seem the days of fancey feast, ice cream, creal milk, dairy temptations are in my pass i am only eating scription food. It not bad but would be much more tasty if you add drawn it in milk or maybe added a scoop of ice cream.

Meany of you are wondering what happened at my new vets. Dr Lillan Corjono looked at every thing. She feels that we on the right plan for now. She would like to know the why my Caliulm is jumping around so much before they do suggery to remove my ballter stones. She feels that the kidney isssue was probly one i was brone with and over time has goten worst she see it in last years report. How ever noww that all my leavs are good she feels that there nothng that can be done for it. Expect test every 3 mouths my leavals. Mama has only had to give me one dose of pain meds I eating and drinking normaly so that is good. She also feels that we need to have an after game plan for the sugery to take place. so that we off on the right foot and we NEVER EVER have to be back where we were. she saiid she could do it and gave me the price thats dubble what my vet would charge for the same thng. Or she could have the vet her do it and she be willing to assitist at no charge if the vet place lets her.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


sorry it been all day. Lilly Lu is doing good. she ate a few bites this morning i was very worried i cam home for lunch and found her currled up in a bed with her eyes half open half shut. I knew she was not her self so i gave her the frist dose so far of pain meds. I came home late tonight and found her meeting me at the door and chowed down a bowl of her curchies. Mu shue was very jellous i was giving lilly lu eating climbed up to try and eat too. I laded up moveing her bowl next to his so they could both eat.

The vet called and they said every thing retuned back to normal. The figgerd some of it is form dehirtion she was very dehirated when she came in and if i have any doughts bring her back in they give her sub q fuilds. I also called Tufts. Well guess what Lilly was named for a vet Named dr Lillan Cornjho she treated Kayla fip out of tufts when she saw i made an appmoment she called right away and said she would see her tomrow and the best part she was only chraging 10 I went to the vets to pick up her reccords and her grizzy. Turns out Dr Maritn and DR roggers Know Dr Cojoho she was one of Dr rogers teachers so they had already fax the reccords over. As it stands now her other test should be back in a few days and we will start planing for her sugery. Dr Martin will do it. I feel good she eating again. Lilly Lu has informend me she like to take her blog back tomrow


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

suregry cancled tempary

The vet wants to know why her caluim is so high before they do sugery they did blood work and thet had to ship it to pensivanal it should be back in a week. but with out knowing why they do not feel comptubal doing it. So she came home. They forgot her grizzy and sent it to wash and i have to pick it up tomrow. She had some poop in her carrie on the way home. They changed her deit and gave me pain meds i was very nevous about having her home utill the frist thing she did was mewo at the fridge for dairy. Then she ate some special kidney food she seemed to like it unlike her brother they mewoed more for fancey feast toona flavored when the toona did not appare she mewoed for temp-tay-tions and was not happy with no dairy or toona falvored that she walked away and went back to the fridge were she parked her self out in hope of some dairy appreing. Thank you all for your help this vet bill was over 1000 and she still need sugery in a week. I am also calling tufts for a second oppion. I was worried she be in pain at home so far she just not safited with the lack of food she loves

Monday, March 3, 2008

surgery delayed

it seem are little ice cream lover has very very high calulum. It should be between 8-11 her was 15. The want to re test it . so surgery will probely be on wed now. They are keeping her on iv fuilds becuse she looks so much better. when i saw her tonight she was back to her old tricks of playing one of her faviort games dump the food bowl. she ate a few curchies and took a nap. When she get home she be on a strick no dairy deit. she going to hate that since all her faviorts are dairy

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Lilly urin show cryltles they did an x-ray and found stones they said she needs sugery she will have it on tuseday. she also look much much better and they said she at cruchies like a pig!!!!!! we glad she feeling better she will be at the vet till wed or thusday

Lilly Lun funny: when i was trying to snap her picuter with my cell phone. I could not get her to look at me then i said to her well Lilly Lu JH said the yankees are going to win the world sesziors she stoped in her tracks and shoot me a WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND. I guess once a red sox fan always a red sox fan !!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


It snowing relly hard but i was not going to miss taking lilly lu to the vet. We aruged over what she was going to were she wanted to were her winter lepord jacket or her red swetter with flax lepard fur. She explaned to me Daisy said flax means extra fancey. In the end we picked out a pretty pink sweeter with currly flex fur lining. She got to the vet with on problem they were running late becuse of the snow the vets had not made it in. So once we finely were seen they did an ulrtra sound and found her right kidndy was shutting down and her left kittney was doing the work. They did not see any masses or tummors or stones she said it can be hard to see stones. They were going to send her home but Mr bg explaned to them that he was worried she was hiding and not eating. They argreed to take her for 3 days and start treatment Mr Bg said he glad gives him time to call the dr at tufts who speciales in real faulior in cats. There hope is that they can get her kittney restarted.

Lilly Lu was quite upset becuse she was going to thow JH a big big big purrday party on monday. mama left her with her grizzy quilt. She also had a note put in her chart that No cats are to see dr Lennord.

Her trement is expensive and we not sure how we going to pay for it. nbut if it gets her better we figer out a way. The vet said she may have end stage renal problems. Mama sobbing she only 7. I mu shue and very upset I been hissing no stop and iris and wont let her come near me or mama