Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lilly Lu at the bridge By mama Laura

I wanted to write a little something for Lilly Lu. I tried a few times to put my thoughts down but land up crying so this might come out a little Random

Lillian Kayla Maire AKA Lilly Lu was named for her very special vet Dr Lillian Cornjo who took great care of her. for many years.

When Lilly was a kitten she would always sleep on my bed. She was returned 3 times for bad nigh time behavior she was going to go to rainbow bridge but a little blue bird told me to stop at that shetter where i found her. There she was a cat named "snowball" white with these cute little black spots on her head. I was in love we bonded over a can food that she had not eaten and then ate. she was only 7lbs you could see her ribs.

Lilly lu was never a cuddly lap cat she like to have her feet on the ground did not like to be picked up. She did love to be petted mostly on her black spots on her head and under her chin. She would wait on the stairs every night till everyone came up to make sure they patted her and said good night to her.

Lilly Lu was very fussy when it came to he box she did not like the feel of litter on her paws she also would pop out side the box if it would not up to her snuff. I know i need to completely change the box when she would uses the floor. when she went to use the box she stand up on the sill on the box as not to get her paw in the litter and then just leave as fast as she could.

Lilly Lu was know for her love of pink and her fashion ever since she was a kitten she was drawn to pink stuff. She loved to sleep in her pink crown bed I always called her queen Lilly Cat because she was queen in my heart and queen of are house hold.

Lilly fashion modeling happen when i saw Skeezix blog and i got a 1.00 tee shirt to my suprize she love modeling and would come running every time i pulled out a new outfit. She loved trips to the vet were she come in style in her pink case and her outfit of choice and proudly show off . Her last dress was in February were she was declared in perfect health. If only it was true. She proudly showed off for everyone.

Lilly Lu faviort food was ice cream whipped cream and pudding all of a spoon. Any time i eat something off a spoon she come running she had a tomato soup stain on her ear because last week i was eating some and she was begging for it so it got on her ear by mistake. Her last ice cream was last Friday were we shared a sugar free ice cream. I was not planing on shearing but she was and she made it know to me that she was planing on helping me out with her most favorite treat.

If i could not find LL all i had to do was shake a bag of geenies and off she come running she ate them for the last time at tufts in the waiting room.

This whole thing was very sudden and very unexpected. She was fine on Sunday she missed her dinner very un Lilly Lu and she was very sound a sleep this was not unlike her. Monday morning she did not eat bresfest I called tufts thinking URI she was breathing a bit heavy. I made a 1:00 Pm appointment with Dr stone since Dr C was not there. I agree to a chest x-ray and to go from there he was sure it would be a URI too.

She had fuild on her lungs and he said it need to be removed it was and a few hours latter it was found to be cancer I wanted to take her home did not want her to suffer i did not think she was suffering at the time.

She came home and was not LL she hid but ate a full can of food. By 9:30 she was back to rapid breathing and i knew. I made phone calls and I vowed not to let her suffer I called tufts and asked for records to be sent since when i called to make the appointment at a clinic i would never go back to they said they need conformation. Dr stone called at 10:00 i told him it was time i need records to be faxed over I had a 11:30 appointment He made the calls and when I got there about 11:15 and by 11:30 the vet came in we talked about what was going to happen she went to the bridge in her two most favorite pink blankets she was having trubble walking so i knew i had to give her the final gift I could.

Lilly Lu was more than just my cat she was a cat of the whole blogophire being saved twice by the kind people of the CB. For her final gift I would like to ask for help once again not to pay her final existence i really want to pay for this my self. But to help with her Legacy. Lets put an end to Feline cancer please donate to Feline Winn in her honor. Lets help other cats and lets learn from LL and how much love we all have to share.

She will be layed to rest next to mu shue at Pine ridge cemarety tomrowo funny thing is it is Mu shue purr day and Gota day. I guess they just both need me to vist each September

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lilly at the bridge

Lillan Kayla Maire AKA Lilly Lu  6/11/01 - 9/20/12 She was loved very much and will be missed

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lilly Lu sad news

Lilly Lu has cancer she had fuild drained off her chest we will keep her confrebal for the time being follow us on facebook for more infor

Friday, September 7, 2012

I am Moving Lilly lu

Well since Maxie is a pain and i not found of iris mikey or callie rose i have deseed it was time to take on home owner ship i browwed mama cat it card and bought my self a new place to live all for me I love it it is toatly me. I think i might have to fight skeexix off but i let him stay in one of my hello kitty gussess bed rooms. By the way there is a geenie bar there severubg greeines in the shape of HK her self

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Gota day Maxie

Maxie I love you happy gota day It feel like yesterday that you became a member of my family. You had big paws to fill and you fill them well . I can't imagine life with out you  Hapy gota day My little Lion boy we love you

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well we did it again we missed buches of stuff. Lets see were do we start Mama had a Gastic bi pass in April to be thinner becuse she could not play wiff the beans as well was tired alot and was out breath walking up stairs had high blood presser one pont away form debitic and took 5 medison for acid reflex non that worked ect ect

So since that day mama has lost 45 wopping pounds Thats like one Iris One lilly and a maxie and a little left over  She now is under the 200 lb mark for the frist time in years!!!!

But it not come easy Mama has had kindey problems that have lead to stone and massive kideny infections  and a few hospital stays and then this time she hurt her little pouch and it need to be fixed,  She even missed the twins 4th purrday.

Now as for us we are all good, Maxie had an unset tummy and had to go to the vet. We expected a big flip and why he tryed they knew how to handle mr maxie and his bad bad vet behavior. We are glad to say that we fell we have the right set of vets this time  They did not flip out over Maxie flipping out and did not call him "the worst cat ever"  becuse he not he just maxie.

LL has her tail in knots lately the red sox suck and when i mean suck i men relly relly suck, She said she about given up and thowing he paws in the air and he and daddy and mommy sit at the tv and say all sorts of bad words and is thereing to trun her sox in for pin strips then she said even though things are sucky she has to stay wiff her guys though think and thin she thinking of going to help them out

As we are away for the summer at the summer cottoge becuse mama has been sick alot and has to be close to her bi pass place alot she been spending some time at home .

we will mewo more latter  thanks for stopping by