Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun Facts

Hi this is Iris and i wanted to share wiff you some fun facts. Did you know if you hide behide the door and pounce on mu shue when he walks in you can get him to growal every time he walks though the door it lots and lots of fun

Did you know if Your Yowal in mu shue ear why he trying to nap it drives him bonkers and he starts to cry his main coon cry

Did you know that if you beat mu shue to his sun chair he just hops right up and smooshis you like a pankacake

we just got new stairs for Mu shue to get up on mama laura bed my faviort thing to do is to sit on the top stair and just look at mu shue wiff out moving or blinking drives him insinse and she always goes into full saw and play mode

If you get Mu shue and Lilly Lu high on nip they want to play the chace game i thinking i going to have to invest in yowal cat nip

If you sit too close to Lilly Lu on catnip she trys to bunny kick you

Lilly Lu is the most fun to play pounce and dive on at 2 am in the morning when she finks she ready to rest in her bed.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I accepet the changle

I was exicted to expect this changle becuse i already have a best freind in a dog her name is lady . she belongs to my catster group red sox fan club. she given me lots and lots and lots of help rooting on my beloved red sox she my best freind in a dog
lady also came to my purrday party and she cheered me on when i was sick i am crazy for my best freind she wereing daisy she help me plot agaist the evial yankies i sorry jh but it true they evial and well i wont go on but i need some help maing a bage

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

get well quick babby bean

Monty Q baby bean was hurt bad and she had to be air lifted to a hospital to treat her injegery she about the same age as are foster boy and the babby beans mama teaches so please pray for babby bean

Thursday, August 2, 2007

thusday 13

This is my freind Tripper he need is own blog badly!!!!!!!! for this Thusday 13 I going to uses lots of diffent collors and fonts so pull out you sun glasses
13 reson why Tripper should have his own blog

1. He could blog in rainbow collor

2. No cat would get mad at him for changeing there background

3. He would be able to blog about the catnip ranibow i sent him

4 He is now has the box uncheeked

5. I would be foursed into getting a new outfit wiff rainbow collors and sunglasses

6 He could tell us all about his tree climbing adverer

7. he Idia is my very special freind

8 He could tell us all about tell skillon of bells around his neck

9. If he had his own blog he would have less time to try and eat skeezix

10. He could work on his mannor

11. He could tell us more about man kabobs and fleching

12.He could tell us his side of the Nip nanna

13 He could end all his blog wiff life's a tripp