Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am a merrical

The other night mama had a dreem of mu shue she felt him purr and sleep right where he used to sleep and her dreem he said I cured him so he wont be sad. Mama said i know you did but he stil cant have kibble mu shue got very loud in his message I cuted him trust me I cured him he all better.

Sunday mama gave maxie a a few bits no vomiting no reguateteing nothing he just seemed to love his treet. Mama tested it again with a little more same thing. Yesterday morning same thing she tested it with about a 1/2 of cup of food nothing. Just like before expect maxie eats it real slow and only eats a little. Today maxie had his frist temp-tay-tions in around seven mouths.

Dr C said she has no explation for it but someone was looking out for maxie

Mama calls it a very expensive merical as she still has 1,000 to pay off for maxie on the care card. But it was worth every penny becuse she got maxie