Friday, February 29, 2008


Update: nothing new but i made some hard distioson I want take Lilly Lu to Tufts. I took Kayla there when they said she had FIP. Only problem i not sure we can offred it with the twins comming. I told Jared ( lilly calls him mr BG) that we going there no matter what!!!!!! SO the plan is to go to the vet tomrow have the ulrta sound and urin test then try and get in contact with tuffts to get lilly lu seen

Lilly Lu did greet me for her morning sticky stiffed it walked away so i gave her some nurer gell for callaiors. She groomed a little walked over to her grizzy with her Hello kitty stuff and has not moved. Mu shue is keeping an eye on her any time Iris get near Lilly he hisses i glad she going to the vet tomrow at 9 there going to be a snow strom toinght and tomorow mu shue seems bette Iris is back to being iris she wapped down a glass of ice tea i made for my slef.

keep up your purrs


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not feeling so good

Lilly Lu was out of hiding for maybe 10 mins she came and looked at me near the door when up to her food bowl stiffed it. took some back rubs and went back into hiding. we going to see Dr Martin she the one who saved lilly lu last year. We saw Dr Lennord. we allway just thought as him as Mediocer he once saw lilly at the end and gave her antibotics. We relly like dr Martin and Dr Rogers and dr Synder they always been right on with mu shue and Lilly lu. Mu shue has been seezeing and caughing again and now has runny eyes. Iris has a runny nose but so far there eating and drinking fine unlike miss lilly. Ps when she was out of hideing Lilly lu made a big deal about the list of thing mu shue need to do to get ready for March 3. She also said we need to make sure we have 40 cats so the meezer can get all the green pappers. So she said you have to monday to help them and please do so. They good freind and freinds need to be helped!! the one photo you see of lilly on the contest was taken today she was so out of her leage modling wise she could beary hold her head up and keeped closeing her eyes. But she went though with it to help project ham. Okay i need to get up in 5 and 1/2 hours to go to work

UPDATE 5:30:
Lilly Lu is just beyond mesibual. The blood work came back with her kidney not being happy. I begged last night for them to take a urnin sample but they would not listen to me. They want to do an ultra sound and get a urin sample on sat. She so unhappy she just hides. and when i do find her she just looks so sad. she lost what lilly lu spunk she had. she lets me hold her. She hates to be held. she just so not her self. I feel like i am going against a brick wall the vets just will not listen to me. please purr for Lilly she so unhappy and feel alwaful you can just see it in her little eyes.

even though i not feeling so good i did a modling shoot for the spring has spurng conset bescuse i relly wanted to help my freinds the meezers. I did not ask for any reward and out of 20 or 30 picuter mama got one okay one. Then she patted me on the head and said Lilly your a good freind and a great cat still wainting to hear about blood work untill then if you need me you can find me hiding and sleeping

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the answers !!!!!!!!!!!

Dubble the Bruppys
Dubble the Fun ..
Dubble the treats
Dubble the Yum!!!!
IT's TWINS!!!!!!!!!!
Interducing ......
Dyllon Franklin's Boy red sox onies a gift from me of course
Ashlynn Felica Girl Red sox onies

The theam of the Nursery is Hello kitty and Winnie the Pooh at Fenway park. Mama freind is going to do a mural of fenway with Helllo kitty and winnie the Pooh playing base ball Me Iris and Mu shue might make a speical guess aprennce in the meral too !!! Go red sox !!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A guessing game

Mamaa Laura why are you shopping for these outfits i not going to were onnies A cute red one

and a pink one ???

game also at Mu shue blog

Thursday, February 21, 2008

faishon show firday

It going to be cold with 9 inches of snow so i need to prepare. I pulled out my cute little lepard print jacket with hood to keep warm. This jacket is prefect for me becuse it pink and spotted and I love love love it. To get this jacket I had to win the best pet kiss contest at pet co. I won the cat contest. I was the only cat. I had to kiss my mamma laura

Here is the full view of this very fun coat. I will defently never be lost in the snow in this

Her i am parceing my new faviort pose the sexy spoty. You can all see a close up in the cute hood. I am pactinging to be america next plused sized cat modle

Sunday, February 17, 2008

frum Jetter Hairs

My great vaintines day freind the Great and talted Jh not only worte me the award winnintg vaintine He gave me the fablous collor for my moddling sesitions. It a great week Vaintines day and spring traing all in one week Here i am trying a new posei call it my Spotty sexxy Loook.
In the a full figered moddle wiff a fabolous collor!!!
This picuter relly show off my spots i luv it thanks Jh

Oh yea one more thing ( go red sox)

Friday, February 15, 2008

spring traing up date

This is Scilling he was there even though he was injered what decation to a great tema
Of course My Paplublm was there. He talked to the meedia I aslo enjoyed a pree secon dance wiff him

They warming up and getting ready today they going to have phicals meet wiff the preess and tomrow they have there frist offical work out life is great when smell of base ball in the air. My boys never dispoint aww yes it already spring...... speeking of the smell of luff

Did you see JH won he great and tanted and handsome he loves baseball like me we just got to do somthing about this yankees blue fing as Bosox red is much much better but enough said

Here what the judges had to say

"One of a kind""Not the most polished of all the valentines, but vary hartfelt.""He is vary skilled at love poetrey. Hoo else cood have fownd a rime for "bosox red"?"I loved the littul annymated heart arownd the logos on the caps.""Far and away the most orijinul.""What the....?"

what do you mean not the mooost pooshied i loved it poooshied or not. And who needs all those poshed when you got a great tabby tanted great freind like my JH !!! Awww i so in luff.... oh wait I cuddling my red sox shirt......

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Vatintes day to my 2 vaintines

To JH There a question at the bottom for You JH

Rose are red Vilolets are Blue
I love my Red sox
Just as much as I like you!!!!
********** Ps Spring Training starts today R u ready for another great seson ???
To Rocky My Best Freind

To rocky My Blocky

What whould life be with a best freind ?

THanks for lending me an ear

Keeping seecerts listening to me

And just being the best freind any kitt could have

Saturday, February 9, 2008

sox on sunday

the equment has left the building..... pitchers and catcher repot on thusday and only 55 days till opening day that means spring is on it way now somebuddy do something about the snow