Sunday, August 24, 2008

GONE !!!!!!!/ not the mama monday

after what happened in april she promiced never to leave us ever again. Well she lyed she took my mr BG and my twins burrpy things and packed up sootcase took the twin burrpy things probal cribs and car seats and some airline tickests and left us. I am furry furry mad at her. Iris and Maxie have each other they play play play but what about me I the dvia/ queen around her now it my job to be alpa cat and I not happy Sandy comes by every day but I staying under the bed and eating all maxie and iris food when she gone. I leaveing suprizes right out side my box to express my maddess at her for leaveing

Lilly Lu

Today is Not the Mama monday we going to show thanks for all Mo dose

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hug another cat day in honnor of mu shue

Mu shue pooh king cat was the the founder of hug another cat day. He once said if we all just open are paws and huged each other the world world be a better place. He also said that If each cat huged five cat we all be hugging in no time. Mu shue passed over to the bridge one mouth ago on firday. We like to honnor him with hug another catday on firday I think we could all uses some hugging.

today is one mouth back to tufts

today marks one full mouth with out mu shue. Mama always things of him. She looks at his pong chair and think he should be there. No one goes on it no. Maxie sleeps under it. she looks at his grizzy no mu shue. Some time maxie but most of the time not. Today we take cofort in knowing maxie with us. Iris loves to play with him at 3 in the morning chaces and he chaces he back. Lilly Like to sniff him and lay near him she not so lonely now that she has Maxie. She relly taken to her alfa cat role. She followed mu shue every were now she the leader. The worst time are the night time Lilly Lu and Iris and now Maxie are not bed cat lilly will jump on aome time but maxie i cant get him to jump on the funrcher at all. he sitt by your feet.

Today we will put flowers on his grave and tell him we miss him and look foward to a future with maxie. Also today is the day Lilly goes back to tufts please purr for mama as she will be crying buckets

Monday, August 18, 2008

A letter to Maxwell

Dear Mr Maxwell,

You have been here almost 3 weeks. It is time i laid down some rules. I am queen Lilly Lu you must adress me as that no more this fat cat stuff . All the toys belong to me even if i do not play with them. I let iris play with them but you I think not. That scraching post you been scraching It is mine mne mine go scrach somewere else. Stop putting the moves on my mama. She mine too. I do not have to share her. ALL FOOD BOWLS ARE MINE. I AM ON PREDZION I AM STRAVING I COULD EAT YOU IF I WERE NOT SUCH A LADY CAT. all the blackets are mine too. I get frist choice open windows again mine if it open and i want to lay in it become mine by defalut

follow my rules we get along just fine

Lilly Lu no more fat cat

Sunday, August 17, 2008

this and that

The sky as a new littles angle we miss you here on earth. You touch so meany life is such a short time Good bye Litttle "sprout" We will always rember you

I sorry I never got to post yesterday I relly wanted to. Monty Q family has done alot of us. Before the twins were born he sent us alot of babby stuff mostly for dylan however there were a few things for ash too. He made the most incuble sock cats to help raise money for us after i lost everything. I just found out that the lease I thought and knew was a year was baited and switched to october 31. Shock and sickend at the fact of doing this again find a new place to call home right after I just found home came over me. Lucky it was all worked out I can stay here untill May 3 next year. Also I have made another life changeing distion. I am going back to work full time in September. I teach toddlers bean and I will be putting the twins in my school infeint program. I love being able to be close to them while I work. I truely belive group care can be good even for babbys. I also belive that I know they will be getting the best care they could get and best of all free care. dose not hurt.

Also we desed to take a family vaction to my parents condo in Mami Fl before everything gets hard. I want the twins to love the beach that I so love going to the one right out side my parents condo in FL. Not far from Daisy. I have made the chocies to leave Maxie Lilly and Iris this time all home with a cat sitter. I could not find a bording place to do sub q fuilds. Iris has always goen to the bording place but her and Maxie get along and Lilly and Maxie just ingore each other Unless lilly is getting too close the Maxie runs off.
we are comeing up one one mouth that my mu shue has been gone. I miss him so. I glad for Maxie but boy do i miss him. Lilly needs to go back to tufts just for some blood work. I been dreading the trip knowing how much I miss Mu shue. It will be good to see the Great Dr C but bitter sweet knowing she could not cure him. I plan to go to his grave and leave some oronge flowers for him hopely thusday. I miss him so much

Maxie diriea is come and go along with his hair balls. It seems to be he get a hair ball vomits and get dirrrea for a few days His super pet insucince pick up on the 18th so i not taken him to the vet yet. However while getting food for Lilly at the vet I did talk to them. I explaned how laxaton made things worst for the poor guy not better. He had non stop dirria for 3 days after a dose.

Now his stools seem better so the plan is since he needs to be sadated becuse he tends to be bad at the vet is to just watch and wait. If it g ets worst we will start with a stool sample then move on from there. He always still wants more and more food. Can you say sticky goodness addict. he also had his frist yowal catnip experpince. Can you say shredded nanna he so cute. Iris helped him out a little.

He started to warm up a little to me always wants me to rubb him he refuses ro jump up on any funtcher, i wish Iris would follow his lead. He dose play with iris at night. But backs off from Lilly Lu . She know it and oftern times just walks over to smell him as he runs away

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We furry furry sad to report that little sprout has gone to heaven. We feel very very sad about this as some you cat can rember lil sprout did a fun raiser for us shorty after she was born. Our time wiff her was much too short.

easey like a Maxie sunday morning

this be me Maxie i practiceing my man cat sleeping postiong while takeing it easey on sunday any cutie what to cuddle wiff wiff the maxie i like cuttie i have a yellow balcket all ready. Fat cat and Meezer play fing say I am hogging there blog so I going to my new blog all by my self follow link here

my mama has a question for all you cat owners

Maxie has been vomiting alot and has dirriea The vet think it becuse he adjusting to his new food. I do not know what they were feeding him. They said what every they had is what they gave him. He always wants to eat eat eat just his stools are losses I am sure it becuse he never had high quilty food before. with no fillers. any sugestions

Friday, August 8, 2008

fininely firday wiff Maxie

Last week I went to the stab vet and then met my new person. I been here a week here what me decoved Fat cat likes to eat. Me no like the vet me put wholes in her arm wiff my sharp claws something about sadation when i go came up. Yesterday me desied me like sticky goodness me ate two cans. But it gave me tummy ace me had one loss poop and one normal pooop last night. Me like nip okay Me love nip. Me fink this blacket would be good for some cutie who wat to tellport over to cuddle. Me love the feather. The meezer play fing can be fun to run aftrer at 3am in the morning. Okay i fink thats it

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wesday is Gingerday Wiff Me Maxie

Hi every budy I going to get my own blog but i got to test the waters wiff Fat cats blog and the Meezer play fing. They said i could brow thete blog. Me a new Ginger sanp. I love catnip please keep that coming me love temp-tay-tions. keep them coming too Me love sun why there no sun today that makes me sad. Me no like naurtral sicky goodness or laying on things such as blackets thats what fat cat dose. Me got a new purson she got good legs to rub and gives great sucheis but keep trying to put a nuse around my neck. Me no like that. Fat cat gave me a bacground cheek yesterday. I fink i passed as she sinffed my spot 13. We like to meet new freinds and talk about catnip did i mention I luff nip I have to have a lil bit of fresh nip each morning after fat cat gets her breskefst. fat cat eats from any bowl she can. Wow she big

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Suday is Maxwell day

Meet my new brother Maxwell Mufsa Millon. AKA Maxie. Him very scard right now and spends most of his time hideing him not used to spaces. We fink he be okay in time him just confused by everything. Poor Guy. I have a big respabitly now. I the oldest cat here I have to teach Him that I large and In Charge now I do this by eating out of his food bowal. Mama Was woried cuse she not seen him eat but him keeps going back to his carrie for cofort so we will see.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


we meet him wisker to wisker and Iris who has been crying since mu shue died stoped crying i lilly lu whent up and ingored him but went meet him wisker to wisker to let him know I the older sister now. NO HISSING no growing nothing. Iris and maxwell are already enjoying playing wiff toys. Well I know i said Maxie was 4 years old trun out he 1 year 5 mouths and 25 days So that means we older sisters now. He dont have an agressvie bone in his little 7.5 lb body . Mama told us Girls i can give you mu shue but i can give you a brother.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fashion show firday And big suprize

No suprize yet mama going to get it at 7:00 pm so enjoy the fashion show this dress was a gift from all of you at the CB. I think it the purfect time to were it. As i can fell my self wraped in all your luv for us. I rezled this is the only dress i have right now. But it do not matter Ps a picuter of the big suprized is after The fashion show.

Practcing the Sexy spotty look it sure fells good to modle again
The heart on the back sybolyss the love you have for me I love the dress It by Lu Lu pink too

The big suprize Your going to have to stay tune for more deaitls