Sunday, August 24, 2008

GONE !!!!!!!/ not the mama monday

after what happened in april she promiced never to leave us ever again. Well she lyed she took my mr BG and my twins burrpy things and packed up sootcase took the twin burrpy things probal cribs and car seats and some airline tickests and left us. I am furry furry mad at her. Iris and Maxie have each other they play play play but what about me I the dvia/ queen around her now it my job to be alpa cat and I not happy Sandy comes by every day but I staying under the bed and eating all maxie and iris food when she gone. I leaveing suprizes right out side my box to express my maddess at her for leaveing

Lilly Lu

Today is Not the Mama monday we going to show thanks for all Mo dose


Tybalt said...

Poor Lilly Lu! I hope your mommy comes back soon.

Mo said...

Oh, Lilly Lu, I hope your Mommy comes home soon and safe to you!
Thanks for mentioning me here today!
hugs and chin scritches,
Not The Mama

Daisy said...

I will look all around and see if I can find them!

The Island Cats said...

Continue to leave surprises outside your box...that will teach her never to leave you again!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Boy said...

Oh no! Poor Wiwwy!

Kavan said...

I don't blame you at all Lilly Lu!