Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Lilly Lu got her name

Along time ago mama had a cat who was mu shue best freind her name was Kayla Violet shy and she was very special. she had a bad sickness called FIP thats why mama every year gives to FIP reach-such becuse she remember the pain of losing Kayla well Kayla home town vet gave up on her and only one vet would treat her Lilian Cornejo Kayla live 9 more mouths good mouths more than any one gave her she was a great cat and mu shue best freind. So when i was adopted there was only one name for me Lillan Kayla Maire named after that great vet who tryed her hardest for Kayla and Kayla her self who bought me to mamma.

She had no idea i was named after her till 6 years latter when my old vet said i need a speicalist and that i should go to tufts well DR C never rembered mama but she rembered Kayla and keeped her picuter on her desk as insperition Then when mama told her i was name Lillan but was called Lilly Lu after her she was so touched I got a VIP apointment right away she shaved me and Maxie she helped mu shue croaa rhw bridge she was with Kayla day in and day our she the best vet ever and we mean ever . she said very rarly dose she get to know someone like she know mama. So yea AM named after my vet she the best one ever

thats it i cancleing my new paper

News papers are good for sleeping on and nothing else but this week has been very bad it start off wiff grandma fowarding mama an artical from the new yourk times. This artical talked about why you should not sleep wiff your pets WHAT THE HECK I NEED TO SLEEP ON A BED I showed it to iris who sleeps right bweteen maam and mr bg and she said it need sherding.

Then today the walstreet Jourinal came out wiff an artical about obisie pets at the time i was sitting helping mama wiff her ceral milk and wipping cream on her hot choclet she read it and she said LL WERE ARE GETTING FIT. She pushed me offf the table and said you dont need that and i cutting back your food no my treets and i am going to give each of you a 15 min play sestion. Iris was excited about the play. So she started she went to the gym and then came home and started with iris play time iris loved haveing 15 extra play time a day then she moved on to me she waved a feather i sleeped she used a lazor i sleeped she put on the fling a ming sting i yawing and roooled over she put on the cat tv i sleeped and she said FINE LILLY I AM DRAMTICLY CUTTING YOUR FOOd and she went to maxie who looked at her like she had 5 heads I like to remind her when my food was awitehed i got fatty liver disese. She said that It i am doing something about this ringt now i getting you a new play mate will will chace you more becuse your the lazyest house cat in the world Heck i worked hard on that

Lilly Very upset Lu

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to get fed twice By LL

I been straving latey i dont know why but i just cant get enough sticky goodness but i figered out a way to get feed two times. Here is my steps

1. Beg for sticky goodness

2. gooble down sticky goodness licking bowl clean

3. make sure you drop one of two place on to place mat ( this is hard not to eat it but ever so imporent.)

4. Mewo your head off untill bowl is cleaned along with place matt leaving it looking as you not been feed

5. Find other human who has not seen you gobble down food and beg like you not eaten follow up with pouty look and the single mewo of huger and urnency do this part untill unspecting humman open another can of sticky goodness

6. If sing apppress do not feed that cat she already been feed knock it down and hid it

7 repepte step 5 untill second can of sticky goodness appress


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011


It me Lilly Lu and i had a hard week and i Need to share it frist i got a sore / okay two sores that mama has been putting stufff on and she also draged me to the vet for a buch of test then becuse we were out of stuff and needed it i got draged to pet smart.

My test came back good but the great dr C who i am named after said two things One i am Chunky and the world lazyst house cat in the world came flying out of my moms mouth She told dr C that even a feather on a stick i just sit there like a bump on the log and sleep. Well Dr C said cut my caliors this mean Less food no treets PEPEPOLE I AM GOING TO WAST AWAY she said no wippy cream no ice cream no humman food and not to feed the Lilly every time she mewos food.

It my job to eat find a bed and sleep get up and eat eat eat sleep sleep sleep i no under stand why i need to do anything else

Then on Fiday Mama got it in her mind a day of bueaty For Lilly Lu

frist we started with a water bath then on to a blow dry and fluff then on to a teeth brushing and to top it off a nail trim complet with soft paws i know have pink and purrple toe nials .

Mama said I smell better so now i been touchered and i am straving and i am looking for a new home but i too lazy to walk much fathere than my pink crown bed so i think i just stay

lilly LU

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

question answered

Mamma Laura here are the answers to your question you keep asking

Maybe I did put my faviort catnip ball behind the couch. After all i did drag it down two fights of steps to play with it.

Yes I do want you to move the very heavy couch to get my ball back and while your there Iris would like the half dosen tailless mousies back that are behind there too.

Yes i do have to look at you like you have 5 heads when you say your not moving the couch to get my ball becuse i know you are so just do it allready.

While were on the subject of couches i do not like to collor of that one so yes i must igore my pefectly good post and uses the italin leather sofa thats why the couch is there

Yes I do like to leave my smelly gifts for when your about to go to sleep so your never forget me I know the linger but maybe you should be faster with the litter scoop.

While were on the subject of Litter yes my box is starting to smell and you should change it right now. Yes i know it is midnihgt but i am your number one prority

No idea how LL got that huge gash in her neck it could or coucld not be form me But you must rember in any case i am cute there for i shall never be in the wrong

Yes i am glad it is LL going to the vet and not me I hope she has a better time of it then i do I mean please last time i went i had an accdent in my cage it not very manly so i do not think i should ever have to go again

No i have no idea were that post card Labled Maxwell Mufsa Millons went from the new vet say i need my shots and cheek up. and I have no idea were your cell phone is.

Monday, February 7, 2011

There back

i had my 4th purrday alone by my self well rand ma was tere LL was tere and Iris too but no mama no burps. When they got home in the wee hours of sunday morning I planed to hold my self back from them but then cicken was pulled out and aslynn cuddled me and well how could all not be forggiven after all it hard work being warshiped and told i am a good by and having to walk all over them while having my chicn rubbed.

LL fur was in knots mama has to call a groomer to shaver her neck it was a stugle to give hher lacaton mama used nail sissors and was able yo pull of some of the biggest fur clups she ever seen LL just sat though it the report was lL no loner liked greenies not true she loves them and always has always will she mama gave her five and she gobbled them up

mama asked me what i wanted for my purrday Normaly i would say i want toys are nipobut i have lots and lots of toys and lots nip and draws full of treets so i askedand i have the best burp in the world in ashlynn and the best mama I thought about it and asked her this year insted of spening money on me give it to cats who need help. She said she wanted to give it to the Feline winn and I argreed that this was a good cause so in my honner she gave my brithday presents away and i could not be more poud that she did

Man cat maxie