Saturday, February 12, 2011


It me Lilly Lu and i had a hard week and i Need to share it frist i got a sore / okay two sores that mama has been putting stufff on and she also draged me to the vet for a buch of test then becuse we were out of stuff and needed it i got draged to pet smart.

My test came back good but the great dr C who i am named after said two things One i am Chunky and the world lazyst house cat in the world came flying out of my moms mouth She told dr C that even a feather on a stick i just sit there like a bump on the log and sleep. Well Dr C said cut my caliors this mean Less food no treets PEPEPOLE I AM GOING TO WAST AWAY she said no wippy cream no ice cream no humman food and not to feed the Lilly every time she mewos food.

It my job to eat find a bed and sleep get up and eat eat eat sleep sleep sleep i no under stand why i need to do anything else

Then on Fiday Mama got it in her mind a day of bueaty For Lilly Lu

frist we started with a water bath then on to a blow dry and fluff then on to a teeth brushing and to top it off a nail trim complet with soft paws i know have pink and purrple toe nials .

Mama said I smell better so now i been touchered and i am straving and i am looking for a new home but i too lazy to walk much fathere than my pink crown bed so i think i just stay

lilly LU


Sweet Praline said...

LL, please take care of yourself. Eating too much is as bad as eating too little.

Angel and Kirby said...

We hate it when the vet says we need to loose weight. So we started getting diet food and just to show that vet, we all gained weight!

Sparkle said...

Lilly Lu, it sounds like you are going to have to lose weight to run away from home, because you are too lazy to run right now!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Wow, what torture! Cut your calories, make you bathe, etc. That took more energy than you could spare, didn't it.