Sunday, December 30, 2007

What the well Dressed cat is wearing for new years

What is This well dressed cat wearing for new year. It a gift From santa It just right for any black tie party i may have to got it black velerlt and lepard print the best part about Lepard pring is it is spotty and shows my spots offf so wellJust look at this side view can You say MEWOO

The back is special becuse it has this belt in the center. Do you fink this make my bottom look fluffy
Thanks Mr BG OOOPPPs I meet Santa for this boooootfal dress I love love love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


mu shue and Lilly don't agree but then They both lazy and old and not any fun. I get no repect around her and since I told them to do it or i pounce on they just shook there head and took a nap. So i no choice but to do the job my self!!! I getting no repect whats so ever I share my house wiff A cat who old and naps all day and has a Fluffy head about him self and another Cat who a blog/ computer. Who all she wants to do is nap and were stupid fashion and eat No play whats so ever.I need a little respect around her after All i am a Meezer. Meeezer Rule when somecat wont do it for you do it your self !!!!!!! read about my entery here and find out why I am best fur sibbiling !!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

our furry frist kittymiss

I stayed up last night and traked santa. I was a bit worried becuse right before santa came i was not so nice to Iris. But santa over looked it any ways. I got every fing on my list including a pink blanket for one my beds. I started my morning off at the crake of dawn opening gifts wiff mama and the BG. Mr BG made a speical bresfest for us My stocking was a hello kitty pink stoking filled to the brimb wiff dairy tem-tay-tions and fancey feast. Then I moved onto my gift I be modleing all my new fashions soo but frist i need to nap on the new pink blaket and then pass out in my new bed.

Iris was furry happy santa left her tons of fev-ther and mousie and tem-tay-tions too as well so some premo nip

Mu shue got these expesive cat treats he loves and some yowal catnip toys nincliding a youwal catnip cady cane. He also got tem-tay-tion

there was a note that said Dear Lilly Lu i got your letter the rest of your gift are in the fridge and frezer. Yup there was a whole gallon of ice cream gift wiff a bowe and a whole small thing of milk to wash it down wiff and a can of toona juice. Man I was in feaven

Mu shue was a little grouchy cuse santa said his heated cat cup was back ordered and he did not get him a new grizzy.

Mama got lots of gifts too she been wanting these boots they called Ugg boats and the big guy got her them they 199 boats. Mu shue tryed to inspect them since he has a foot thing. {he one starge cat} mama said no mu shue not thers well he got a little mad and when she was not looking he caughed up the bigest messed sticky hair ball know to cat kind on the boats. Mama said No mu shue not my swade boats I not sprde them. He said that teachs her a lesson. But he got sent to his "time out hut"

while MR BG went to his mama house to help wiff din din mama did her family terdtion wiff her brother they went to the movies. She saw Sweeny Tood she said it dark but she liked it alot. Then she went over to the BG parents house and they exachged gifts and ate din din. Mama said it was yummy.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

we can't wait

Iris: Lilly Lu i can't take it any more i want to see whats under the tree can i open just one gift shakes gift I think there feather butt mousie in this one

Lilly Lu: No Iris Santa is watching do you want a lump of coal in your stoking?

Iris: I just switch my stoking wiff the this pink hello kitty stoking over here then i wont have to worrie

Lilly lu: wait one second Miss Iris thats my stoking i been very good this year

Iris: Fine lets go climb the kittymiss tree again and blame it on tulip

Lilly lu Well that is kinda of fun Okay one more time while nobudy looking


Lilly lu: Uuhhooo BUSTED i was just trying to be the angle at the top of the tree

Iris: tulip did it!!!!!!! You heard that santa right Tulip did it !!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

suprized and seecert paw

Lilly Lu : Mu shue W. Pooh Not so king cat we furry mad at you !!! You promiced that you keep the seecect untill after we had time to mewo about seecrt paws. I not even had time for a faishon shoot in my new fboulis Hello Kitty te- shirt. Or eat my dairy and toona tem-tay-tions
Iris: Lilly Lu your leaveing your leaving out the feather that i cant stop playing and the great feather balls and the feather wand and oooh the mousie did i tell you about the pink mouise
Lilly Lu : do you fink we should tell them the seecrt Iris
Iris: all i know is ther is toys to play wiff and I must play play play
Lilly Lu: How can you fink about Playing at a time Like this
Iris: toy must be played wiff that my job play play play latter time to plat feater
Lilly Lu : Iris Garcie maire are life are about to change and all you can fink about fing about playing in a time like this
Iris: Bats the mousie and bunny kicks the feather ball
Lilly Lu: fine I tell them since Iris is too busy and Mu shue already leaked it. WE GETTING A BURPY THING OF ARE OWN. !!!!! It good timeing cuse the foster boy whet back to live wiff his brithmother and now we have to spare room. Mama said this dose not chage the fact she still getting Married in Fl in 2009 I just be up staged for flower kitt. Or maybe ther be a ring boy we don't

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Hunnnka

This is my brand new Hunnka dress it so pretty!!! I dont were much blue but i relly like this dress and I been busy cellbrating wifff mama laura lighting the eleirtic mornra and the playing dradle for temptaytions

as you can see this is a furry blue dress. I love it it made of soft santin
Here is the back it has a big blue bow and some fancey cotten lineing under of the skirts

Here my roole about dradle . Dradle is a fancey top thing you spin here how i we play.

Frist mu shue iris and i get the bag of tem-tay-tions We test a few out in just to make sure they okay we put in 6 into the pot each and then we spin the draidle if you land on the letter NuN then you very sad wiff no tem-tay-tion if you lade on sHun you have to put one in. tem-tay-tions if you lade On Gimmle you get all the tem-tay-tions If you Hay you get Half . In the end count you temp-tay-tions and enjoy!! Mu shue always trides to switch to a loaded dradle wenn it his trun that has on Gimmles on it but I too smart for that MR since i know you switching the dradles when it your trun!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

dear santy paws

Dear santy paws,

It me Iris i did not climb the x-mas tree even if i was caught in the act. It was tulip please bring sweet inscent and cute iris catnip feather butt mousie regler butt mouse a new worrly brid. some rosie the rats and some fun toys. PS my seecet paw would aprrate that i chewed the big of temp-tay-tion i just wanted to make sure they were okay for her to eat

Please do not bring me coal like Lilly Lu said you would

sweet iris

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I meet santa

I put on my cutest santa suit and head down the the north poll to meet the big guy him self Okay so it was just pet smart but it was cold so it felt the north poll. I then gave him the list for Mu shue Iris and I and put in a good word for Mu shue and tryed to gett iris out of hot water wiff the paw by explaning that it was her evail aunter "Tulip" Well maybe she get catnip cole wiff feather sticking out of it. I enjoyed my vist wiff all the pet smart pepole who love me and called me cute and boootfail and one guy had the never to call me "big" I am not "big" it called Fluff. and i desed it okay to be a fluffy sized modle any ways.