Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well we did it again we missed buches of stuff. Lets see were do we start Mama had a Gastic bi pass in April to be thinner becuse she could not play wiff the beans as well was tired alot and was out breath walking up stairs had high blood presser one pont away form debitic and took 5 medison for acid reflex non that worked ect ect

So since that day mama has lost 45 wopping pounds Thats like one Iris One lilly and a maxie and a little left over  She now is under the 200 lb mark for the frist time in years!!!!

But it not come easy Mama has had kindey problems that have lead to stone and massive kideny infections  and a few hospital stays and then this time she hurt her little pouch and it need to be fixed,  She even missed the twins 4th purrday.

Now as for us we are all good, Maxie had an unset tummy and had to go to the vet. We expected a big flip and why he tryed they knew how to handle mr maxie and his bad bad vet behavior. We are glad to say that we fell we have the right set of vets this time  They did not flip out over Maxie flipping out and did not call him "the worst cat ever"  becuse he not he just maxie.

LL has her tail in knots lately the red sox suck and when i mean suck i men relly relly suck, She said she about given up and thowing he paws in the air and he and daddy and mommy sit at the tv and say all sorts of bad words and is thereing to trun her sox in for pin strips then she said even though things are sucky she has to stay wiff her guys though think and thin she thinking of going to help them out

As we are away for the summer at the summer cottoge becuse mama has been sick alot and has to be close to her bi pass place alot she been spending some time at home .

we will mewo more latter  thanks for stopping by