Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hi LIlly : Lilly ^Mikey

 mikey : Hi Lilly lu what you doing

LL: I am working on maxie annnal goata day gift

Mikey: Is that why you put all those stickers on that box

LL: Mikey you have so much to learn those are stamps

Mikey why would you need those

LL: To mail Maxie far far away I need your help chacieigng him into the box

Mikey:  wow lilly Do you think he will fit

LL; UMmm good point go test  it out

Mikey: Okay LL I do that

Mikey  ( Gets into the box)

LL: Were just going to test it for hight

MijeyL Hay LL I cant get out what that sound

LL Packaging tape I might get a two for all  in my work  quest to be top and only cat in this house HA HA HA

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It almost here - Maxie

Maxie: Callie rose you know what moday is

Callie rose: No maxie why dont you tell me for the 1 milllon time

Maxie: Callie Rose it my gota day the day were we cellbrate me wiff nip and treets and toys and everyone stop and drops and said they love maxie

Callie Rose: Oh maxie i thought you wanted that every day

Maxie; Yes but on monday it a day everyone get no treets but maxie  and I get toys

Callie Rose: why dont you just take toys like you try and do every day

Maxie: No this time i get new one so irs and mike dont attack me for takeing toys

Callie Rose; What ever you say Maxie i tried can i get back to my nap now.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Purdday 3 purrday to Ahslynn and Dylan Interviwe

Maxie: Hello Ashlynn happy purrday. Can you tell is how old you are

Ashlynn: Rolls her eyes DuH Maxie I this old holds up fingers
Maxie: Ummm Ashlynn i do not count too well

Ashyllnn: Rolls eyes again at Maxie FINE I a, 3 years old. Maxie you need to learn to count beccuse i can count to 12.

Maxie: Ashlynn can you help me slove a problem . what food is more deliouis Wavivia or EVO

Ashylnn: Hands on Hip MAXIE i do not eat cat food (DUH)

Maxie: I guess that mean I can keep your brithday gifts green and temp-tay-tion

Ashlynn: ,MAXIE THIS NOT YOUR BRITHDAY I would like a doll house and dolls and a cooking set

Maxie: since you not able to help me wiff that problem maybe you can tell me what you
Ashylnn; I love cookies i like ice cream and strawberry and watermelon

Maxie: No catnip in there?
Aahlynn: Watch It Maxie

Maxie Can you tell pepole how you help wiff are care

Ashlynn: I help put dowm the food blows after mama fills them up I help with water I help wiff patting and brushing but Maxie you only like your head burshed so you going to go to sleep and get a buzz cut

Maxie: Not true no buzz cut for me a few matts never hurt  a cat
Ashylnn: Unha................... you getting buzzzed cat I telling you

Maxie: Ashylln can you tell us what you want to be when you grow up

Ashlynn: I want to be a vet to help doggy and cats

Maxie: I no like vets so I out of here

Ashylnn; Wait Maxie I got treats Temp-tays and Greenies

Maxie: treats well she not a vet yet so i think it safe PURRRRRR head bonk ashlynn I luv you ashlynn espicialy when you give me treats

Mikey Intewies Dylan with help form Lilly Lu

Mikey: Hi Dylan happy purrday

Dylan : Hi mikey want to play

Mikey: Play time !!!!!!!! Interview over


Mikey: thats how I do it  lily lu
Lilly Lu : Fine your fired  Mikey

Mikey you can't fire me I quit

Lilly Lu: sit down dylan lets get this over with

Lilly Lu: Name ?

Dylan: Dylan

Lilly Lu : Age?

Dylan: 3

Lilly lu ; occupation

Dylan: HUH

Lilly Lu: Job ?

Dylan: Oh playing I like should be now wiff mikey

Lilly Lu: Not so fast Young Dylan. Food?

Dylan: Thanks for asking Lilly Lu I am hingry i  take a hot dog wiff all the fixing and a slice of pizza  

Lilly Lu: NO DYLAN you need tell us what your favorite food is.t

Dylan: I like BBQ like hanbugers hot dogs pizza chicken wings, I also love any deserert

Dylan: Lilly I getting hunngry I got to go


Dylan: i am out of here your too bossy Lilly lu I going to find food and Mikey

Dylan: Leaves

Lilly Lu: Well I guess this will have to do for my inteview wiff Dylan who just like Mikey