Thursday, March 29, 2007

fashion show firday and meme

My new purrple sweeter I normnal more of a pink girl But purrple is the collor of roalty and well this sweeter is 75% off and came out around 2.79 and it purrfect for those spring breezes i get in my new cat bed. It a cargeing and i relly like wering it alot. I beg mama Laura to put it on me.

5 reson why I blog Lilly Lu

1. becuse it fun
2. Becuse i get to meet new cats
3. I lean alot about things i never know
4. it brings me out of my shell
5. I relly love the attion


fiv reson why i blog

1. becuse lilly lu showed me how
2. becuse then i dobt have to uses mu shue
3. I get to meet new cute freind like my dobby
4.I lean about all the new kittys
5. I get to lean all about new toys to try

five cats who we tag

1. Rocky of arty catsy
2. Merin and Dobby
3. Jetter Hairs
4. daisy the Currly cat and Pixy
5.Tara pricess meezer

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

wide boady wednesady

I got a new bed for helping keeping you all updated on mu shue. Also becuse my food was recaled and i made mama feel guilty and it was 75% off. I luff it it all pink and fits me just right I sleep in it night and day. When the door to are screaned in patio open i dont have to move to get the breaze and it pink!!! I fink theres just room in it for me !!

toes on tusday

after my yankess insdent i had to get my toes done. dont they look great in pink they match skeexix toes

Sunday, March 25, 2007

spotty sunday

This is a great picuter of my head spots. Mu shue calls them my visuis deer horns in the making I tell him no they are the most wonderful head spots They make me uninquie becuse how meany kittys are so lucky to have 3 wonderful head spots!! Oh i add music to my blog it the boston red sox song!!!
you have to click play to get it

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sorry Sat

A little bit of History The red sox and The NY Yankees are swarn ravials in baseball. In Ma We refure to the yannkies as The evial empire. In Ma the wost thing a sox a fan can do is be seen warning Yankkie collors. And Since I am the Unoffical Spotty Good Lucky Charm - (I just waiting for the call to make it offical.) It might be detrmetal for me to be seen the yankkies collors. I am there for You sox just let me know when I am needed to cough up my hair ball on the dug out floor or Gorge Strinbrenner desk. I can Play all postions I been practing. So when my special freind JH sent me a yankes cap well I said I NEVER EVER WERE IT. But okay it for JH so these are some Faison show firday outtakes and What Happend when Mama Laura Made me were an EVIAL EMPRIE COLLORS pluse i not a fan of anything on the head. well maybe a sox hat would be okay

Fine It on but I am not looking at the carma Please what if any one saw me wiff this

Fone But i will NEVER SHOW MY FACE after all I dont want to be iditlyed having worn a yankees cap




GO REDSOXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lilly Lu waiting for opening day

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fashion show Firday for Rocky and JH

Okay so My mamma Laura keeps winning about wanting that artycaty cell phone chram and since I am such good freinds wiff rocky maybe if i put on a koyte outfit and bat my eye lashes a few time he get his mama to send it to me. So i got this dress on the sale rack it was 75 % off that mment i got to get 3 new outfits I only ended up wiff two but I save one for next week so rocky this is for you It has a heart on it becuse your an extra good freind so what do you so big guy? the charm would look alfwal nice on mama Choclet cell phone andit matches and she stop winning and that make me happy

This is for my extra special freind JH. I got this shirt for vintines day an JH sent me theses lovely rose and well Okay JH I pose wiff the evial emprire hat BUT YOU SHOULD SEE WHAT I DID TO MAMA WHEN SHE TRYED TO MAKE ME WARE THE YANKKIES COLLORS. you have to wait to for sorrry Sat for the rest of that. So JH This for you.

It has a heart beuse i wering my feeling about the Great JH

OHHHH roses No man cat ever sent me roses

Loook I am trying but them sox bring me much joy and well I try okay...? To be contuinted on Sorry Sat

Sunday, March 18, 2007

hungry on spotty sunday

I going to repost an old post becuse i so hurgry my sticky goodness was recalled and becuse fancey feast is not for deiting cats i can only have 1/2 a can this will not do

When the moon hit your eyes
It time to giff lilly a big pizza pie
Feed the Lily

When the world seem to shine when you had too much nip
Feed the Lilly

The collor bell ring ting a ling ting
Feed the Lilly

Stumic growl Growal -yowal grow- yowla
Feed the Lilly

When the make you lonny that means we dont have enough toonie
Feeed the Lilly

When you dreem tight in bed with cat on your head
That mens Lilly hurngy

When you walke from a dreem and Lilly sitting looking mean
feed the Lilly
Feed the Lilly

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Faishon show

I have had my eye on this cute Little pink sweeter dress for some time but i was not paying that much or it but when it was marked down becuse it the end of the seson Heck it still chilly in Ma it going to snow on Sat and I need to be Preepared for it. And my great freind Daisy the curly cat taght be to by discount. This sweeter has a pink bowe and pureals it brings out my pink in my ears abd make my spots shine

this is the deital of the dress you can see the bow on the bottom it has prels too

This was worth the wait

This one you can get a good view of How pretty it is

thank You Kayla

Here i am as a ten mouth old kitten Kayla loved the puter and sleepd on top of that motor

5 years ago today Kayla voilet shy flotted to the bridge A little over a mouth Latter April 21st A 10th mouth old Lilly Lu would join her forever house hold gided by an angle Kitty. I thought I share my arival story since Kayla is so a part of it.

Mama would often see blue brids to mark Kayla speical days. When she got he she saw a bule Jay and The women who took care of Kayla on her way to give her to Mama saw a bule Jay. When Kayla died on they way home from the amiamal hosptial she left her at she saw a blue jay as to say I am free my sprit has reached the bridge.

Mama had tryed to adopt another cat becuse she relly wanted one One adopton fell though they another fell though too but she was furry mad. And lots of shelter truned mammma away. Beucse of Kayla. On the way home from work something told her to take the long way she never takes home. And passed the a shelter. Well sitting on the sing of the shelter was a bule Jay. Mama drove the long drive way up sitting on the roof was a bule Jay and she said okay I am going in but not adopting. Little did she know I was there and she fall in love. Mean while there I sleeped in my cage when a Little angle wispered in my ear HAY GIRL FREIND WAKE UP THE BEST HUMMAN IN THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO WALK IN IF YOU PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT SHE COULD BE YOUR FOREVER MAMA.well I was on My last paw being retuned 3 times about to go to the bridge. and thats how I came to live wiff Mama Laura On her way out of the shelter they was a bule jay on her car that flew away. And on my way home wiff her we saw another

I luff You Kayla even if i never meet you thank you for chocieing me.....

thusday 13

Mu shue is going on his raido cat treetment on moday so Iris and I are making a list about what we going to do while the big guy is gone. Hay how about an All girls party

1. Sleep on Mu shue sun chair ( Iris)

2. rool on all his prime nip ( iris)

4. uses extra buddy cat (iris)

5. Sleep on big bed ( lilly Lu)

6. sleep in desk bed ( lilly Lu)

7. not be tail chaced for a whole week ( Lilly Lu)

8. be treeted like a queen ( llly Lu)

7. eat his share of temp-tay-tion ( lilly lu and Iris)

8. drink from his water foution ( lilly lu and Iris)

9. play feather with no being chaced of ( lilly lu)

10. thow an all girl pary ( lilly Lu and Iris

11. Miss him like crazy ( lilly Lu and Iris)

12 cuddle wifff mama Laura cuse she be sad and missing him too ( Lilly Lu and Iris)

13. Update his blog so all cats can know how he doing do you fink he mind it if i truned it pink wiff a few Lilly Lu on it ??? ( lilly lu)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

speical spotty sunday ( purrs for skeezix)

I was so sad when I heard my best freind skeeezix the cat was sick I started to purr real loud and then it came to me that I should purr in skeezix style. What exsitly do i mean purr in skeezix style well i put on my best dress and hopped on my spooty bed and started purrring becuse after all skeezix is the king of fashion then i sarted this thread for Mr skeezinx to fell better soon I luff you skeezix my freind this one for you you can see my head spots welll

Thursday, March 8, 2007

thusday 13

Well after readying Daisy the Curly cats blog I desied since I been he almost 5 years that it time I confess. 13 things mama Laura gets mad at me for

1. I steal stuff and dragg it into plasss like a cat bed or a closet and make my self a nest of thing I have been known to get some big things.

2. I cant wait for ice cream tast and I been know to go from full begging to LiLLY LU THATS MY ICE in seconds

3. I am fussy eater I like one type of food then mama laura by it and stocks up and I wont touch it again after she bought more

4. I get nevous and scrach things such as mama carpet Laura

5. I must have my back spot rubbed and be called Betfulal while i am eating ( espely when she in a " hurry")

6. I been known to put the bitty on Mu shue hard( but in my defence it only after he pinnied me down and started gromming me over I did not mean to brake the fur mark)

7. What I lack in mewo I make up in 4am pounceing

8. I have figged out how to open a freser cheew open an ice cream contor and get my self furry sticky and furry full

9. any time a fridge door open I must jump in to inpectet my milk and cheese to make sure we have enough some time i been to help my self before being helped out

10. I like to hide ( my faviort place in on top of the cabbits then I jump down and suprize attack mama Laura)

12. I begg for sticky goodness every morning but will not eat it after she has stocked up on it. ( i like my sticky goodness bought in one can or pouch at a time after all she should go to the store and get me a new pouch or can every day you never know when she might land up wiff a new bed or blanket becuse she been tere I am so cute

13. When I dont get my way in the litter box I just go next to it or in a connor.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

tired spotty sunday

Wow what a party I am poppe out I think I going to spend sunday sleeping on my heated napper looking at the brids out side my window well okay no birds a big snow filled swimming poll and a parking lot. But still there are a few birds in the trees

I would like to thank each cat who helped me pull off this party!! your all great!! I been planing it for weeks now and every thing went even better than planed. I even got to sing "Lean on Me Jeeter"

Well i am off to do my nap on a heated windo napped and new pink blanket grandma sent me in the mail.

This picuter is me on my heated windo napper and you can see my head spots

Oh before i forget I wanted to share wiff you a picuter from mama trip. He last day In Mami it was cold but she still went to the zoo and found a new spotty freind She clams I still her number one spotty what do you think

Saturday, March 3, 2007



TODAY MY GREAT FREIND TRUNS THREE AND I READY TO PARTY. My furs been bushed my spots polished. I got a new tree climbing dress bususue you never know when you might need to climb a tree to get on da roof. I laffin and laffin aready

There is bloons to play with

and even a cake

and becuse JH like catnip and i like to lauff and laff i get enough catnip for all

and whats a party wiff out tem-tay-tion

or a place to climb

So I got you a gift

not just the one the mail mail came wiff But also I put on My dress wiff a bow
And I giff my self too You


There a catster party too Here Please help me clebarate this special day For my relly great freind JH will be there At 4:00 Pm est

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Faishon Firday

I have picked 3 outfits that I could were for my furry special post on Sat and I going to let all you cats vote witch one

Outfit one my black formal gown wiff pink bow furry pretty and has that pretty pink bow

Outfit 2 is my brand new yellow and Blue polo dress!! this dress is furry comfy and purrfect for any tree climing i might have to do.

Outfit number 3 is a pink and white lacey dress It a sun dress wiff speical straps and has embroded flowers in the lace it furry femename

So now here are the rules You vote pur a cat and I will show witch one wins on my speical post on sat.

Thusday 13 ( lilly Lu)

I have a cvery special post I need to make on sat so I been busy getting ready I might were this dress. Or maybe another. Here is a list of fings I need to do.

1. get big giant cake I got to ask Skeexix for help he gets the best cakes

2. Get catip bloonies

3. Get toona juice

4. partics daning

5. practice hanging a banner form a tree

6. get a new outfit ( always got to do this)

7 get on caster and paw mail freinds

8. find my yankess hat ( huumn lets see must be wiff the red sox shirt)

9. prectice mewoing

10. get enough refeshemints for lost of guest

11. make sure the mail main mailed out are gift

12. get skeezix to put this on his blog

13. start lauffing and laffing