Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lilly Lu update

The good news me max and my best bud iris are not the casue of Lilly Lu owies all over her back. She has sores all over her back a lot in scabs but some open. They all up and down. The vet said it looks just like Miss Lilly Her self was doing them. Almost she is bitting her self when grooming. Gssssh Lilly Lu. She said she thinks the skin is very very dry and cracking as well. Are apt is forsed air heat and it very very dry. Mama had to get hummifire for our burpys now she got to run out and get more for every room lilly lu goes into. She also said since we decreaing steridos that Lilly has some cels that incacede a alrric reaction to something. So now Lilly and iris and I are all getting fish oil. Hopely Miss Lilly Lu will stop bitting her self Ps are flash box broke we got a new flash box on sale at walmart on black firday rush morning we just need to get it started

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful/ update on lilly lu

This year we have alot to be thankful for and Lilly Lu said today was the day that we must say what we are thankful for before we dive into are ttucky sticky goodness with fishy flakes and chicken crubles.

I maxie am thankful for my new home. Some of you may not know this but the foster person who fosterd me keeped me in a bathroom with 6 other pepole. My hisotry go I was saved by a vet tec named Kerri from Clition, ma. She askd someone to help me get a home. The women was running a shelter out of her house. mama said she never seen so meany cats in her life and the place smelled like cat Urin. Thats when a certin cat lead mama Laura to me.

I have a great life i am thankful for iris my plate mate and parter in crim. I thankful for Lilly Lu becuse i like to follow he around and wesle wiff her food.

I thankful for warm cat bed. Mama said one of my freinds sent it to Lilly and Mu shue but I love it so.

I thnakful for no grain sticky goodness and the before grain compney who makes my food becuse it so yummy i cant help but keep my belly full. mama said my coat is supper soft and skilky and my eyes bright since i started eating it.

I thankful for chicken flavorted temp-tay-tion I dont think i get enough becuse mama calls them cat candy becuse they have grain in them.

I thanful for all of you being my freinds.

I got to hand the blog over to Iris now

I very thankful this yeat. I thankful to be alive and thankful to have toys thanks to all my freinds. You might rember I lost all my toys but you all came though like best freinds in the world. I thankful fo Maxie becuse he my best freind in the world. I thankful for a place to call home and great wonredful freinds. Okay is it time to play yet. I thankful Maxie and I have a place to call home and a toy box to empty all ovet the floor every night it loss of fun fun fun. Okay I got toys to play with balls and mousie . Maxie loves balls. I give to blog back to Lily Lu

I have alot to be thanful for I should have died more than once this year but you purr and pulled me though it. I thankful for my name sake Dr Lillan Cornjo. Becuse she the bestest vet int the whole wife world. I not just makeing it up she can handle fractiouis Max Max he hissed and he did not bit her she the only vet he never bitten. I thankful for My house and everthing I have. I thankul for freinds and food and thank everyone who helped me out i could never be here with out all your help. I foing to hand this over to mama who will update you on me.

Mamma Laura Here. I have a lot to be thankful for all your help got me were i am. Becuse of you my cats have toys bed and lots of things Every time I see lily drink form her fourion i am thankful. Now an update on Lilly Lu . I thought it was just one skin sore but it truns out there all over her back. Her skin has open sores there very tinny but i think they form dry skin caused by the steridos. The Great dr C is on vaction so she will see the Great Dr rogers at slades and if she thinks ther bad i will take her to tufts. The question is what has caused her skin to become so raw that she would have open sores.

Ps It not to late to get on The Lilly Lu hoilday card list we only adressed some we plan to do the rest later

Friday, November 21, 2008

ferice fighter firday : rembering Kayla and Mu shue

Today is the day we rember those who came before we rember the resion Max and I live here and we pay tubtie to Mu shue and Kayla My mama said she do this post with out leaking but so far it not going to happen she sits her with stream of tears leaking down here face. I also very sad as i miss mu shue but thankful for him.
This is Mu shue at the bridge Mu shue faught IBD, heart problms, Lyomphima, athma, hyper tyrido. And he was the most sweet loving cat in the world. Better then a brother he was a hero. He waited to go to the bridge to make sure all his earthly duitys were done. He saved me and iris, He then made sure the twins were safely home. He then came back and said good bye to me and Iris. And in his very last act of mu shue bravery picked out Maxie to live here. He the most bootfal angle at the bridge

This is Kayla Voitle Shy. Kayla was a tiny solder. And mu shue best freind in the world. He she is at the bridge. she had FIP. she faut bravely for 9 mouths. He earthly duitys were not done when she passed so she always sent sings in blue brids. And lead mommy to me. I am named after her Lillan Kayla Maire. But it shoten to Lilly lu. She was so brave and Mu shue was her best freind it was like they were ment to be we sure they toghter at the bridge. She was probley the frist to weclome mu shue.

This picuter was taken when Dr C. Yes my woderflu vet took care of all 3 of us and now maxie and Iris too. She said make lost of memorys so we did. mama loves this picuter so much. mu shue and kayla were always toghter.

This is one of the frist mu shue picuter ever. he climbed in mama pooh bedding and mama snaped the picture it one of her faviort mu shue it just so him. I sorry it so light. We lost the orinial in the fire. The pepole who brought out what lilly mama had left broke it and ripped it she cryed at them why why why.

Monday, November 17, 2008


some how last night a door to my apt was left slighly unlocked enough that mr max got out. I live on a long hall in a big building. With two fire doors I have no idea how he got though. I can not find him any. Frist mu shue now maxie I dont know what to do !!! MAXWELL MUFSA MILLON GET YOUR TAIL HOME RIGHT NOW


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man cat Monday with Me Maxie

It time for man cat Maxie monday. That means it all about me me me. I had a hard week Lilly Lu got mad i lost all her ice cream betting at the track she made me hand over the grizzy then me had to findsome were manyly to lay. Me manly ....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

man cat monday

After all the exment at the tracks I deseied to take a back and found this comfy place made just for a man cat

I think I sit her while i re calautaute my next move and try and save up a few temp-tay-tions for my latter vist to the track to night

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday at the tracks with Max

Maxie is spending all his free time and allonce money at the track he clams he can stop any time he wants but this is an mupital times day habit this is how it go poor Maxie I hope we can get him ovet the track
Track come out and shake paws
Oh look round and and I bet all my temptaion i can catch it
I bet all Iris temp-tay-tions and a gallon of ice cream form Lilly Lu
Must have Ball Must take nap
Maybe if i use glowing eyes I can make this siiton better I bet a whole bag of temp-tay-tion