Monday, January 9, 2012

Man cat Monday with maxie

Dose this ever happen to you there you are sleeping in a bed on the big bed and mama watching tv and see that stupid ASPCA commertial wiff abused amaimals and she become alll mooshie and starts kissing you and making you all wet. It hard to be a Adorded and Worshiped Man cat But i could do wiff a little less slime

Sunday, January 8, 2012

YES by Lilly Lu

Yes I must thow up on your bed for the second day in a row you did not learn your lesson yesterday i was hungry at 3:25 am and it was even latter at 8:30 i am straving i do not care your tired just becuse you have that sleep apena thing and were a mask so i can not block your air way any more dose not mean i should not be feed.

Lilly I am Starving Lu

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Mama Laura By Lilly Lu

Dear Mama Laura,

It is all your fault i thow up all over your bed you see i was so hungery for bresfest that i gobbled it down so fast that i had no choice but to thow up all over your bed if you would have woken up at 3;25 AM when i was hungey and feed me insted of waiting till 7:00 this would not have happened. Now that My tummy is hurgery it needs to be filled up again so get of your Lazy back side and  FEED ME MORE


Lilly Lu  The Starving 17lb cat