Friday, July 31, 2009

Faishon show Friday I am LL the sailer cat

sung to the toon of poooie the sailer man
I am LL the sailer Cat toot toot
I am LL the saier cat
mw eat all your ice cream so me can big and strong
I am LL the saler Cat toot toot .....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

13 things i plan to do on my gota day (sunday)

1. open lots of gits

2. eat extra sticky goodness

3. play my faviort game make lilly lu do the nascat 500 ( and not get yelled at)

4. steal lilly lu pink crown bed

5. dive bomb Lilly Lu ( You can't be yelled at on your gota ya day)

8. play feather on a stick

9. play with my catnip apple

10. play with iris at 3 am in the morning my other faviort game ( Lilly Lu in the center) this is were i take one end of the hall iris take the other and we make Lilly Lu run like her tail on fire

11. play in my water bowl by stanging in it

12. sleep in my pong chair

13. write my thank you note to hellina she the women who took care of me before mama

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

tatle tail tusday - theres some cat stole my pink crown bed

some giger cat stole my most faviort pink crown bed and he refuseding to move ....
one year ago mama meet maxie for the frist time and desed to make him part of are family ......
what was she thinking ????? His real gota day ( the day he came home) Is augest 2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

rembering Mu shue Winford Pooh King cat

we miss you alot.. One year ago you could not fight any more and you earned you angle wings and few to the bridge. Yesterday it rained and we see you in the rain rembering the frist time mama Laura saw you. Thank you for the gift of Maxwell Maxie. He defitefly provides hours of enternment to this house. Mama thinks it funny he eats his sticky goodness just like you only he wants it in the eveing. Sometime when he stands on your porch out side right were you would stand it hard to belive he not you. When know you sent him to us and he is a good choice. You taught us so much about how to rule and be a big sister. However nothing can take your place. we miss you. Tomrow mama will Lay pink Lilly and Purple Iris on your grave from us. And some ornge flowers from her and Maxie

We love you and misss you

Lilly Lu and Iris

Monday, July 20, 2009

tummmy and toes tusesday

warning this is what happens when you hitt the Yowal cattip apple a litte too hard mama keep callling this
the maxie yowl catnip appple Q

Monday, July 13, 2009

man maxie cat for sale on monday

for sale one Giger male cat who clams to be part coon

For slale on ginger male cat who clams to be part coon. He loves windows and follwing around his big sister to the point of drivig her nuts. He a bit fracutious sometimes eapely whe haveing to go in his vet or in his prison tranportion unit. He in good heath wiff only one cavity. He likes to play play play all night long. he enjoyes pounceing on his sisters. He come coved for one full year wiff a gilouius insuince plan. Mama picked him up last year for 150 but he a year older now so he two starting price 1.00 how ever will take less or ice cream

contact : Lilly Lu

Lilly Lu note i tryed to place this add on cragis list and laded up in time out wiff a LILLY LU NO WE WILL NOT SELL MAXIE NO MATTER HOW MEANY TIMES YOU ASK

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fractious Friday Staring Fractie Maxie

I may look cute and cudly but handler try and put me in a PTU or to the vet I a diffent cat. I a bit frcouious I even earned my self a nick name Factice Maxie.

My dental proceder went well i have a broken fang and a small cacivty but they said they only do flouild rince for cavitys. So they keep any eye on it next year.

They let me go a little sleep home mama liked that becuse i was quite the whole way home and since it was just her pickig me up that ment she could listen to her audio book in peice geeesh

what do she not ejoy my consted howling and trying to get out of my PTU.

When we got home i was very dizzy i keeped walking in circles and into the wall. Mama called the vets office who told her it was the anstistia it should be better in the morning. Mama did not expected that so she demaded that cheek me again. They finely said they call back in an hour to see how i was. By the time the called back i was feeling much better Just relly wide eyed and glassed.

They argreed to tourcher me again next yeat WHY I only bit hiss and growl at the dr office and when i have to go into that ptu


Thursday, July 9, 2009

13 things heard around here this morning

3. J... were the frist aid kitt Max bit and sractched me
4. Maxie i sorry your upeset about the dentist this is for your own good
5. Ashlynnn and maxie no want dr
6. maxie sad ... we go home?
7. maxie you brave cat me brave girll
9. OUCHHHH ..... but ashlynn the dr not touched you yet
10. dylan give her back her stupid cat
11. form J " Laura I was not sure who the shots hurt more me or the kids"
12. Not happy cat for dentist cleaning.... good luck
13. when we get my max cat ?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what is she thinking wednessday

Today I practing being my real man cat let my self hang when the phone rang Oh nothing past 8 okay dental maxwell 8:00 am drop of no problem yup yup Okay We see you in the morning what chocie did i have but to run for cover. Then the phone rang again Mama Laura nswered it . Ashylnn and Dylan yup 9:00 am Dr L yup yup ... shots yup yup ,,, okay I make sure there there.. Yup i have my list of questions . Now mama said that she going to put two screaming burps and a screaming howling yelloing cat into a car and take us all to the vet WHAT IS SHE THINKING................... she said she thinking of investing i ear pulgs

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thusday 13

it time for the 13 thing heard around are house this week.
1. You can come on thusdayto take care of maxie and Lilly
2. yes resvertion for iris Princess mezer I know you love her.
3. yes I know are closets look like a toy store exploed
4. Hawani Lu in cape cod yes of course with a red white a bule theam
5. Great yes 2 little cakes and two big cakes ......
6. Lilly Lu no the ice cream will not be for you
7. Maxie don't I just got ashlynn and dylan clean you dId not need to jump into the bath tub
8, Maxie I told you a millon times if you pouce on Lilly Lu she will retrun it with a paw in your face don't come look at me like you did not know that.
9. Maxie ... i found a gray hair and it has your name writen all over
10. Maxie Bitter apple spray is deined so you will not like it why must you lick every thing that it sprayed on
12. Maxie You have a toy box .. get out of my sock draw