Friday, April 30, 2010

Floofy Friday

Mama Laura: LL why you sluking

LL: You called me Floofy it all fur you know

Mama Laura Umm LL the scale dose not lye your 14,8 lbs You out way Maxie by over 2 lbs he only 12,6
LL Welll if you gave us more ice cream on a spoon he be fatter.
Mama Laura: UMMM LL maxie dose not like ice ceam on a spoon that would be your faviort

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Maxie Report

Hiya all my freinds. I just wanted to let you know I am okay i recoved from my stabbing and dr rogges said i am a okay. She said I a scary kitty becuse i have a tendney to be all purry and cuddy then one on mewo one hiss and i am done done done and i got to being mr attack cat. She said she willing to try but have sadtion on hand next year.

Mama always wories when i get sadated i have weird reactions. Like i once was walking into wallls and this times i was vomting and poo and peed in my cage and my left eye did not fouce untill morning. But after a good nap sticky goodness and some chiky treats i was much better

By the way LL blood work came out well too


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Tamtic day

Sunday was My gota day did i get any gifts fashion like requested. NO not one Any ice cream or wippy cream on a spoon. Even a slice of cheeese NO.

At mindnight my food was taken away so Maxie could go to the vet. Then about 1;00 mama said LL want to play Fashion . Me OHHHH fashinon you got me a new dress.... Mama ... well no LL it not new but still cute. well okay I get all dressed up and start to pose thinking there ice cream for a mondling sestion. do i get ice cream no I get shoved in my PTU. and said LL your going to see DR rogers you need blood work

Then she lets the big Ginger thing out on the sceaned in porch and gets the Feline way and sprays and srays his cage. Then she closes the door puts on body lifting gloves and a winter coat and lets Maxie in and catches him quick and he fights going into his ptu but he goes in ,

Then we drove 30 mins to Dr rogers were they Stole blood from me and Pee too . The best part was watching them stab Maxie and steal blood and pee from them too.

Then I got shoved in a cage while mama ran eeerrons becuse Maxie need to wake up. Mama came back after an hour .

Then on the way Home I had to drive in a sticky car becuse Maxie pee poo and Vomited in his cage and it smelled smelled smellled.

When I get home do I get Ice cream for all my trubbles No nothing. Mama keeps saying Oh maxie i hope you feel better becuse his eye was crossing. He fine this morning

I so mad ....... It is not okay to treat me like this for my gota day ... I calllied The MSPCA but they laughed when i told them it was Lilly Lu abuse Mad mad Mad ....


Thursday, April 22, 2010

the very imporet phone call

It was a good thing maxie was sleeping beucse I over herd the conversition it went something like this.
Mama Laura: Yes Maxie he need his shot I would like him to see Dr Rogers. Yes only Dr Rogers. No I dont want Maxie seeing Dr Lenord only Dr Rogers please. He need sadation ... yes we do always do that... yes maxie dose get very upset over the vet do you want him to hurt Dr Rogers he done it before. Yes thank you Monday at 1:40 would be great. Yes blood work, and his shots. Thank You Okay nothing to eat or drink past midnight on Sunday yes. Okay we see you at 1:40 on monday. Thank you
I tryed to tell maxie but he said No Lilly Lu mama Laura know I don't do the vet she know it very tamtic for all involed
LL: But maxie I know what i heard
Maxie: Lilly i telling you... It not going to happen I fillp out at the sight sound of a PTU

13 reson we love spring

1. Sun in my faviort pink crown bed - Awww I love this - LL

2. Screaned in pouches I can go out side more- Maxie

3. Brids - Iris & Maxie

4. Squrals - Maxie

5. Pretty flowers to look at - LL

6. Sun spots to lay in - LL , Maxie and Iris

7. Fresh nip - Maxie, iris

8. coote outfits come out fashinon show firdays - LL

9. Pepole are in a better mood

10. ants- Maxie i the utmimte ant hunter

11. Spring me new times- LL. Iris , Maxie

12. bugs- Maxie I like to hunt them

13. We getting a new suprize ................

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Man Maxie lays down the rules on Monday

Dear mama,

As the man cat here i feel it time to lay down the rules.

I am the Man cat I am the ruler you do what i want, ( that means more cat nip treats and sticky goodness)

Every thing belongs to the man cat I just let your and Lilly Lu and iris uses it

any questons see rule 1 ..... Seee that was simple
Love You BMC ( Big Male Cat) Maxie

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thusday 13:13 good flower names for a girl kitty

1. Daisy
2. Pansy
3. Rose
4. Cherry blossom
5. Daphidale
6. Black eyed Susan
8. Sunny P. Flower
9. Hydrdrida
10. Morring Glory
11. Lavender
12. Marigold
13. and of course Lilly and Iris

Just saying .......

Monday, April 12, 2010

New house For tusday

This is our new house this is Mama and and Mr BG dreem it in a great nabor hood and build just for them I told them it should be pink but they no listen to me In the back ther a screen in porch for maxie mama made sure he have it. It Just around the connor from Grandma we hope to be in it by June but we moveing to grandma for a few weeks. Every one going to get there own rooms no more sharing I told Maxie I may let him keep his pong chair.

LL who wants to Live in a Pink house

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Hero-Versry Mu shue

Two years ago today mama went to work kissed us on the head and told us she loved us and left us in our compment. She never went back into compent. She came home around 3 to find out we were trapped inside and a Fire was raging though the building. We went missing for a few days why the world prayed something happened.

Mu shue my big brother and the man cat of the hosue picked up then babby iris and helped me get out of the compemnt to a safe place I was not feeling well as I just had sugery to remove stones . About 3 mouths latter our hero went to rainbow bridge but before he went he found us Maxie who We love (most of the time) Iris has a freind in Maxie and Maxie truned out to fill big paws and has truned out to be a man cat.

Today the building we used to live in sit vaction all the conctroton has stoped all the Lights are off and it is dark with a big gate around it. The compmey that owed it went bank curop and sold it then that compney went bank croup and sold it again. How ever they cant knock it down due to it attached to another building

But today we rember Mu shue Has the hero he was and always will be. We sure he watching over us. Mu shue we had enough rain we get the idea Now stop the rain. we miss you. Happy Hero versy I sure if there is a boston market at the bridge your probely eating your chicken with a side of Nip up there wifff your wife Muffin and your sole mate Kayla.