Thursday, April 22, 2010

13 reson we love spring

1. Sun in my faviort pink crown bed - Awww I love this - LL

2. Screaned in pouches I can go out side more- Maxie

3. Brids - Iris & Maxie

4. Squrals - Maxie

5. Pretty flowers to look at - LL

6. Sun spots to lay in - LL , Maxie and Iris

7. Fresh nip - Maxie, iris

8. coote outfits come out fashinon show firdays - LL

9. Pepole are in a better mood

10. ants- Maxie i the utmimte ant hunter

11. Spring me new times- LL. Iris , Maxie

12. bugs- Maxie I like to hunt them

13. We getting a new suprize ................


Kea said...

Those are wonderful reasons to love Spring!

Happy Earth Day!

Angel and Kirby said...

Lilly, you are so beautiful in your pink crown bed! Those are very good things to be thankful for.

We see Mom fixed your comments! We are happy that we can say Hello, again.