Sunday, September 28, 2008

easy like a sunday morning

This Is maxwell other wise know as Maxie or Max Max He think sunday is good time to lay in this blue bed some sent us after are fire I let him have it becuse me own everything well almost every thing elase You see he has no shame what so ever he just lets it all hang out and the said he need cutie to come cuddle in his bed
He is me taking it easy in my speical bed It look magificet on me I have digitly unlike tha maxie cat

I so tired and it so much hard work being alfa cat and queen cat all wraped into one I just close my eyes and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Mom note : this lasted all of 10 point five second till Iris and Max Max Desied it was time for Lilly Lu to get up and play pounce cuse they need a 3.
PS Lilly Lu may need to go see the great dr C soon she devlouped a bad cough I thought mu shue was back at frist till i saw it was lilly lu

Saturday, September 27, 2008


do you think they celbrate at the bridge with boston market too. Mu shue favorit food was boston market when I leave it unattened for a min mu shue would have goobed it all down. I used to save it for his purrday. Also his wedding anypurrsay to his wife muffin would be the 29th.

He had lots of special days in september it was also the time his athama was the worst so this year i know he running around free not coughing. I miss you big guy. Say hello to Kayla I miss he too. Today is not a day to be sad today is a day to celbrate mu shue and all his style so go eat some chckhen and think of mu shue thats what he want.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mu shue on firday

We very sad here thats why we not posting. Tomorow would have been mu shue 18th purday and his 13 gota day. It hard to belive 13 years ago mu shue walked into mama apt and steped all over here heart. Mu shue was the furry frist pet she ever owned. While she love me, iris and Max she misses mu shue like crazy. The grass has grown over his grave and it looks like one. Mu shue has been at the bridge for 2 mouths since monday. So mama been trying not to think of the date. But it dose not work. The frist anulal mu shue pooh yard sale will be cancled due to rain. it going to pour a sing from mu shue him self you think. So we liked to sare some of our faviort mu shue memorys or picuters please share your mu shue memorys too. n Thanks mu shue for beling a freind, a brother, a sungle compain, hero and a just very speical cat .... Happy purrday big guy I dont know how you did it but you left your huge paw prints all over my heart

Saturday, September 20, 2008


mama was cleaninng up looking though stuff in grandma attick for the frist annnual mu shue winford pooh king cat monrmal yard sale when she came across my orginal papper work. Welll it seems Miss Lilly AKA Snow flakes brithdate was 3/25/01 I was 12 mouths old. They said to mama I was probely 1 mouths so if the may be may or june since I came into mama life in arpil of 02. I cant belive i missed purrdays for all these years Well how dose she make it up to me dose she give me any ice cream when i begg or any daiy No she just said she sorry Lilly Lu i try to do bettter with Maxie. Well How about me not that Max thing that play all day with that meezer Iris i mean do they ever stop ???

Rembereing Mu shue

I Lilly Lu the offical Alfa cat Would like to annacne the Frist ever Mu shue Winford Pooh King Cat Yard sale. All procdinde go to befeint the feline winnn foundation.

Who: was Mu shue

Mu shue was My biggest and best brother who went to the bridge on Juily 22, 2008 from Finine Lymophma. He also had heart deses and kidney disney and irated Bowal syndrom and Had High thyrodio that was fix. Mu shue was a Hero cat who saved me and Not so Babby Iris from a fire in our apt. His death left a huge hole in our hearts. Mu shue always wanted to help someone weather it was just making sure my hello kitty were taken care of while I was sick or saving a wofie even though he hated wofie. Or just being the best cat he was.

Why Feinline Winn: Feline winn Foudation is an helps other cats though recerch into cat deeses we hope by cureing cat desises that no Mama or sister or brother will have to feel the way we fell. Aslo if we can find a cure for cats we can find a cure for pepole

Where: Grandma House In Newton, Ma

When: September 28 , 2008 - The day after mu shue would have been 18 and lived her 13 years Rain Date 29th

How can I help : Doatone can be made in Mu shue memory dirctrctly to winn Feline foudation

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No more school for my burrpys

My mama has dessied it not going to work out she understands normal behavior. But she said some things she not willing to compezize and it not the job she left her boss changed since she been out. And all is not right with the childern there. There too meany things mama is not willing to compzie on and one is the care of her childern. So my burrpy were picked up and bought home yesterday morning were they will stay in the loveing arms of my mama for right now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alfa cat

That Maxwell is trying to be the alfa cat But It me this used to be mu shue chair it belongs to the alfa cat now that he no longer with him it All mine you here that Max thing MINE MINE MINE !!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

fairwell sweet pixie

it with a heavy heart we tell you sweet pixie has gone to rainbow bridge. We are sure mu shue and lots of other cat welcomed her with open paws she now able to do things she could not do her pixie was here on earth we will eat a banna in her honner and Maxie said he will play with his catnip nana right now

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teaxs last Dare

I hate feline cancer we hate Lymphima the most in the whole wide world it took great cats like Mu shue , Texas and Strom Well all week we been dreading what to do for mu shue frist heaven Gotaday / Purrday on septmeber 27. We went to were mu shue in burryed and cryed and noticed a big bookkay of yellow flowers in a pot right on mu shue grave with a note. You were love, You missed you were a ture hero happy purrday on the 27th. There was no singture from who it was from we wondered how they found him since his grave stone not been ordered yet. It hit us what to do to Honnor mu shue. What would Mu shue Do. Mu shue was always a lover, a helper a cuddler a bestfreind a hero Everone loved Mu shue. So for this purrday I am going to doated 234 to feline winn to help fight cat Lymophina. How did i come up with 234 you ask?? Well This would have been mu shue 13 gota day and he would have been 18 years old. You time 13 time 18 and 234. I can do with out if it helps just one more cat not have to go though what I feel what stroms parents feels what texas family feels. We dare you too to rember 3 great worrie cats and hero's in every sence of the would

Thursday, September 4, 2008

13 sencences heard at our house starting wiff Maxie

1. Maxie why are you all Wet

2. Maxie why are you drinking my warm bath water

3. Maxie why are you in the shower with me ?

4. Maxie No you cant dirnk the burps bath water

5. Maxie stop trying to get into the burpys tub

6. Maxie must you and Iris dump all your toys out i just put them away

7. Maxie and Iris why are there toys all over the place i just put them away

8, Maxie and Iris must you guys play Nastcar raceing at 2 am in the morning

9. Maxie Ummm Thats Lilly Lu grizzy it might not be a good idea to sleep on it

10. Maxie I sorry Lilly Lu paw punched you for sleeping on her grizzy

11. Maxie i just ordered you you own grizzy in blue and Yellow

12. Maxie it okay to jump on the furter

13. Maxie I love you so I so glad your my cat.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

wordless wed/ Burpy day

today is my burpys frist day of real school. Well okay it child care it were mama works she be just down the hall but they all ready they getting so big already and since this blog about us Maxie wants to show the way to catch a feather