Sunday, August 28, 2011

this could be a good thing

How you ask this tree fell down blocking anyone from comming or going on are street so now  mama Laura is stuck home and can't go any were expect by foot and she be foused to cuddle wiff us more and more treets. The city said they on the list they get to it with in a few days  hummm

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Yes she did

well as you know a harrcane is a comming well mama relized we we down in type of are type of food and it starteding pooring and worst of all we were almost out of nip so i had to send mama down to the store for some emencery  food and nip while she was there she picked up some some treets for callie and me to enjoy well okay more me then calie rose then she said Maxie it a good thing i love you guys becuse i would have never been out if i did not love you. Well my question is lets there food run low when you know you might not beable to get it  so it her own fault


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feed me

Dear mamma laura

I am straving my food bowls are empty it is along time till morning my belly is growling i do not care if i ate it all. Do Not try and lock me out again i learned to open doors  by wrapped my paws around the door knob and pulling my large white and black spotty body up till it truns I am hunngry do something. and one more thing  My litter box was used by Maxue today thats why i used the rug I told you i need two boxes of my very own

I expect you to take care of all this

Lilly Upset Lu

Sunday, August 7, 2011

sometimes - Callie rose

Sometime the other cats play rough with me. I hate this becuse i am a gental cat by nautre i am a lover not a fighter.  I have no claws and i sometimes get picked on So sometime when my tail gets a little frazzed and i can't fight back becuse someone declawed me before mama Lauta had me I have no choice but to uses my mouth. Mikey I told you to stop picking on me I do not like it. We come from the same sheter and you should play nice with me. I know sometime your little spots trun into devial horns and your bord.  I am sorry about your tail. but i do not have claws to fend you off

Saturday, August 6, 2011

getting more food by Lilly Lu

Do you evere hear the words your a little chubby i am rashitoning your food 
Have you been heard that the word no more food?
Do you have a rubbley tummy ?

Well cat I have purrrfected a metond on getting extra food. I get feed in the am and the pm so this is what i do

Morning: wake up with earlyest riseing humman ( in this case it mr bg and Dylan ) Mewo at them to give you extra food give sad eyes. do this two to 3 times getting more food each time. Finaly when they say no LL we can't Mama Laura will kill us go up stairs and wake her up paw in the blatter, and blocking nose and mouth and paw poke work every time. Alrate methods for day so for monday wed firday uses blatter trick tuseday thusday uses blocking air way trick ( some how mama said she like to breath so this one can only be used a few times aweek, All other day do claw poke where you uses one claw and poke and when they think they going back to sleep you poke again just enough so they know your hurgry then go aroud to ear and Mewo in it

Mama will get up and feed you your extra half of can food

In eving once your feed ear at fast as you can leaving norhing act up set when plate and place mat not cleaned

Mewo to unspecting humman  that your straveing glup down food mewo again to have everything clean no one will succpect a thing

During day consetly mewo for treeets and uses sad eyes and paw on lhummand leg till treets apprere once get treets repeate sevral times day till dinner

I hope this help cats get the body i have it took alot of work to puurfect this rrootine and to become 14.8 pounds of fluffy sppottyness

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Mom - Lilly Lu

Dear Mama,

I do not feel you understand my needs so i will once again tell you my needs and the rules you must foollow

1. Food- there never seems to be enough i am hugry takeing my food splitting it in half and giving me half in the morning and half in the evening will and dose not work for me i loke food left out at all time to crunch on and you should be giveing me dobble posion i did not became a 14.8 lb body with out work and i do not want to love any of my lilly love in the tummy.

2. Treats - I love chicken flavored greenies i demaed more i should not have to do tricks for treets just leave me the bag i take care of it

3. Uses of the front door, I love to look out it i do not like the window or anything else I am tired of heraring Lilly Lu i am not paying to ac the out side i closeing the door

4, Nap spots There are not enough good one that i can have peace i deamade more spots !!

5, silbling I had it since you took away my stamps and magic set I have no choice but to put them all up for sale on ebay there driving me nuts Maxie will not let me lick his ear and then you take his side mikey and iris chace me  i do not like this one bit and mikey has been invadeing my treet time and getting my greenies this must stop i can not stand mikey and i am hunrgy i do not like to share

If you do not follow my rules i will hack up a hair ball in your shoes

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My gata day cellbration

Well the loot was plety rainging from treets to toys every one gave me a little something. LL after her stamps and boxs were confasted said she was going to thow me a party wiff a and she would be the main star doing a magic show and since it was my gota day me and mikey could help out. I was so touched by her offer then she told us she was going to make us disaperee and I told mikey LL is up to no good agan and we mewoed her out to mama and she lost her magic wand and magic set mama explaned to he she need to be nice becuse she not letting any one of us go. LL stomed off for a nap and only appred for her dinner and her 3 bresfest and treet time.

Thanks for all the gota day wish


Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy got ya day maxue

Dear Maxie

3 years ago  my world was caving in mu shue had passed away my house burt down i was had just had twins. I got you.

It took me along time for me to toatly fall head over heals in love with you. I always had dioice cats with no wild side that you seemed to posssess. You were not a real cuddler at frist I would beg you to jump on funcher make your self at home. I rember one day you got out of the aparemnt and got though the heavy fire door of the hall but some how that never relly suprized me.

One the way home for the frist time you escaped you carrier and bolted out on in the car on a major high way I wonderd how i get this beast into my house had i done the right thing.

I ran to pet smart and said what do you have that chew proof and cat proof they assured me on one moddle i now had to buy this same ptu two times due to your dislike for it you can chew thew plastic. You earened your self the name Hoodine as you seemed to be able to get of anything you were put it

I quickly learned you tend to over stumalte very fast. And dislike the vet so much you earned the name at one vet " The worst most agressive cat ever" 

even though you have this wild side to you it like light and day at home you learned to be the best cuddle you love  your head rubbed. You will do anything for your girl from being put in a high chair a babby cargige sleeping on her feeet and purring her a lulbuy when it time for her to go to bed

Now if you just let me coam your fur.

You love the out side so much but will not uses a harness you have to stleetle for your screaned in porch or looking out the front door.

In meany ways you are a gift form mu shue I know it. Mu shue was loved feet sticky socks shoes. You seem to love them even more every time i take my shoes and socks off you come rinning

Mu shue loved chicken. your faviort treats are the ones mu shue loved so much. when every i want to know were you are or just a cuddle all i have to do is shake the bottle and you come running

Last year when i thought we were going to lose you i think this was also a gift. I belive with everything bad something good must come. With that i think you learned just how much i loved you. I used to question if you got sick and need to stay at the vets would you even want me to vist you or would you be so off the wall that it would be hard. The answer is yes you did need me just like i need you.

i know LL is trying once again her box trick but there would never be an ocean i would not crosss to keep you home with me. I love you so much my little Lion king Happy 3rd  Gota day