Thursday, October 23, 2008

freindly firday

here i am alseep in my heated brtio cat bed. What am i dreaming about? Life with out Maxie and Iris? no Mu shue no. treat ? no Dairy well maybe i do have a soft spot for dairy. But yet the best thing in the whole world
The cards have been order the special stamps are on there way
Now all i need is adress for all my freinds
If you like a hoilday card form me send me a snail mail adress to
i love sending cards out so even if you dont send one back i still love sending them
I will start right after thanks giving and work my paws to the bone till right before x-mas
so don't delay get an Offial 2008 Lilly Lu hoilday card

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wordless wed

Tattle Tail Tusdeday ( Revevgen of The Pong)

Maxie : Laday Mom slave thing Fat cat is in my sepcail bed Get off that facebook and do something about it

Laura: Lilly what you doing in Maxie Bed ?

Lilly: Had too he stole my pong pluse I am Alfa cat and see my shaved leg form when you dragged me tutfs.

Laura: Sorry Maxie she has a point got to get back to face book.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Missing Mu shue the Real Man cat on monday

Mu shue Pooh king cat Fall

This year is different
We do not here your paws at the door
This year is Different
do not see you pose with your pumpkin
This year is Different
you no longer cuddle with me to keep me warm.

This will be Different
At the bridge your well your not in pain
This year isDifferent
Your romp and roll in the leaves like you always wanted to do
This year is Different
You happy and Playful

While this year is Different I miss you sweet Mu shue...
This year will be Different I will take joy know your free and Looking after me .....

In memory Of Mu Shue Wiford Pooh King angle Cat my forever hero, my brother and best freind

Mu shue gave taken yesterday thanks all

Saturday, October 11, 2008

october sox

there is nothing better then base ball in october!! Well one thing better RED SOX base ball in october.
Dont you think so JH ??

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Man cat Monday

I the Man cat around Here i got to so That Fat cat who keep saying everything hers that it not It belongs to the Man Inculding this pong chair Yup the pong chair was made for Me cuse I the Man I look super manly dont you think

Stay tooned for tomrow to see what Lilly Lu dose in revenge of the Pong Chair

easy like a sunday morning

Lilly Lu : hummm what this comfy pad doing here I know it was for Maxie but he sleeping in his bed I just sleep here. THIS DOSE NOT MEAN I LIKE HIM AT ALL. he still needs to learn all my rules.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


baseball in october yes my freinds it time for me to tell you about the best team in whole world. Yes I talking about my beloved boys My beloved red sox who speeped the angle in the play off. I furry excted I do love my boys i fell a free couch and bed in our fuuter when they sweep the world seeize I love my boys. Sorry JH but it time you start rooting for the right team. I got my pink red sox gear along wiff my burrpys.

Lilly I love my Sox Lu

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am home and max max big freak out

I came home yesterday i felling much better my mewo is back I on antiobitic but i a little mad.They shaved my paws for an iv for when they sadated me. The wash showed ifmation in my lungs so the great dr c put me on antibotics. I going to sue they runied my hoilday picuters.

Speaking of hoilday picuters it will be just me and mama this year No iris no Maxie. Maxie went besresk and ataked the photogoher during the sestion worst then the vet. He still a little upset he came home and refsed to mewo to mama and is acting very much like a fetal kitten wiff hissing at his own showod he dose not want to be touched. Very un Max Max Mama is very woried she runied her realtionship wiff him.

I need to hide it time for yukie medison

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lilly Lu is sick

mama took Lilly Lu and me to tufts yesterday I learning to socialize at the vet becuse I a little fractious and she feels that if I go to Lilly Lu appmenonts and nothing happens but attertion and love I will learn not to eat the vet and leave holes in her arms.

Lilly lu been coughing so they took chest x rays and found they think she has phomina from being on predsol for her calilum. So the plan is to try and get a clutre to get to grow so they know what they dealing wiff please purr for Lilly Lu. Iris and I miss her we love to tag team pounce on her iris takes one end of the hall i take the other we trap Lilly Lu in the center and iris pounce on her and chaces her to me were i pounce on her too. She one of our faviort toys. But this made her caugh.