Thursday, September 15, 2011

I think not Maxie

Dear mama

you been spending too much time with those ginger kittens there is only room for one ginger cat in this house and i am it

Maxie I dont care how she love gingers

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

almost wordless wedneday - Kitten adistion

daisy anne-maire  and  Mickey  Eric

Honeysuckel Sunshine  Maire

Sunflower and Kittens came home she is trying to nuse them but her milk has not come in so we are helping her with bottle feeds. and weigh each one after each feed. So far so good we been warn the Sunflowers may not come in becuse of her c setion or she may reject one are all the kittens so far so good.

I not sure if i giveing up the kittens LL can deal with it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


we been busy since my last post.  mamma opened her door one day and found a  cardbord box with a gray striped female cat. Mama did not know what to think so she called the great Dr C  who told mama she take a look at her for her.  why examing  Dr C said well i know you have a no kitten policy at your house but you might need to change that. Mama looked dumb founded she said who ever dumped this cat did it becuse she very pregent she going to have kittens real soon. Some test were done and there were 2 kittens she said one looked large. she said your going to have kittens soon i say by the end of the week. Mama called shetters to get the sander i am full line did you know it kitten sesoon.

this cat warmed her way into mama hart and became a sungggle bunny till money when she started nesting and licking her self often Dr C said you should see kittens by the end of the day. Monday came and went still no Kittens Mama called Dr C this morning who said drop her offf i take a look at her. By this point we Named her Sunflower Joy  notice the flower them.  Dr C said she in Labor and if we don't get the kttens out then will die and then she pass them. We could not due that so a C-section Sunflower had. She had 3 Kittens. and got spayed while she was there so she have no more kittens.

Dr C knows everybody and one of the Tech at Tufts had lost there beloved cat and Dr C said I know the perfect person for sunflower who seems to lover her.

Sunflowers kittens  were two girls and a boy.  Girl one who was giving sunflower alot of trouble we named her Honeysuckle Sunshine Maire  she a ginger girl they are rare ( Notice the flower theam) Girl 3 who  was hiding behind the other two is a white cat  who we named Daisy Anne-Maire  ( i rinning out of flowers)  the 3 is a ginger boy with a white belly and well Mu shue was ginger with a white belly and i am in love his name is Mickey Eric ( Notice the M name) Mu shue, Maxie, Mikey Mickey 

I have a feeling I getting new kittens no matter how i feel

Lilly Lu