Monday, February 27, 2012

The Acatdemy awards

Well I do not know why i did not for best acress for Lilly Lu give Maxie a Bath to show she rule  As you can see here

So I dreessed up and waited for my Limo  I wanted something that would show off my spots and highlight my white fur and black makes you look skinnny so i went wiff this number

It black veltet wiff White laces and flower on the belt wiff a little bling   I waited and waited for my limo and it was a no show  Next year I takeing a plan and i bying tickets inadvaced I think wiff a little more funding Lilly Lu Give Maxie a Bath to show she rules will be the hit of next years acdemeny awards

Monday, February 20, 2012

Down with that man cat I am queen cat hear me mewo

I found this great quilt but there was a fat ginger cat who sleeps on it so i kicked his tail to the floor ans i showed him who the queen of this house and it not him I am in charge

Friday, February 17, 2012

fahion show firday

Today for Fashion show firday I wanted to show you my pink hounds toooth dress this dreess is my winter dress i love the black blow it matches my nose and my spots pecfecty  I was so exicted for a fashion show i not had one in a long time

But I willl nit work under these condtion the Big Oronge fuffy ball is running my shoot I demaded better paymet and a  ginger free house hold  There must be Ice cream and Wipped cream on a spooon as I am a super moddle  Get rid of the Fuff ball now   

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To MY fussy vanitine ( Mama Lauta with ashyn help)

There is a cat his name is Max he can be a little bit caray and a Little bit Fracs
He can be so Silly and he love to chase Lilly
He Know he might fine fine and we glad the he Mine
Maxie we Love you

Monday, February 13, 2012

Man cat Monday with maxie

Just another example of how adored i am. About the vet LL need her shots now and I getting mine in April cuese thats when i due so LL get to go and I get to stay home

Sunday, February 12, 2012

this is not good - Lilly Lu

My Mamma made an apoiment for me to go to the vet something about yearly shots and an exam  Mama also made an apoiment for the vet to come to Maxie becuse he dose not travel well and eats the vet, The Vet sends email reminders now bad vet bad bad vet  My mama is nevous about this vet becuse we only used them once becuse are old vet called maxie the worst cat in the world after he made him sick and deined he did any thing wrong

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

she left us for 3 full week

Mama laura left us and wiff a cat sitter for 3 week she came back too late for my purrday and missed it I wanted to stay mad and I did for 5.2 seconds before i thow my self into her arms for a good old fash head rubbing and some chicken. Well i want to thank you all for my purrday wishes this year mama got my gift earlu and put it away so i could have it I got a glady Paddy in my most faviort collor pink it perfect for snoozy  I desed i be nice for 5.2 second to Lilly lu and let her cuddle wiff me on my new quilt  Do not worrie as soon as i woke up she got the smack down i just took a nap frist  I also got chicken treat my faviort freezed dryed chicken

Lilly Lu thought we should give mama what she relly wanted and need since she left us for so long this moring she gave mama a muti room hair ball

Mama when and visted some place in Mami called Mami ink she has a picuter on her back of Mu shue wiff halo and angle wings and it said forever my hero undened neth  she loves it so much i asked he if it would wash off and she said it there for her whole life and she wanted it for along time