Sunday, September 13, 2009

brakeing News

Brakeing News: Lilly Lu Pluse sized Cat modle ansnaces she will be thowing her paw in to the rase for sentor ted kendy seat. she said she is a bron and raised in the state of Ma kitty. And she running in the cat-o-cratic party. He platform unsvesty vet care for all.
She fells that vet care should be coming to call cats no matter of there stats she plans to try and reforem vet care. She calls the other candiates a bunch of quacks. Lilly has the endoroment of Bo obama dog. as well as the Great sender ted kendys dog Splash and form sox the cat

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cellbrateing Maxie One year latter

Maxie this is a year in your life. This was the very frist time i met you I gave you a toy you loved it. Look how skinny you look there and so kitten like. I never wanted a kitten when i took you i found out you were only one latter. I fell in love with you the frist time I saw you. I knew mu shue sent me you. The frist night and mouth you settled in under a desk you were afrid to jump on any funrture.. I used to begg you to come out and sit near me but you were on your best behivior

right around the time of your second brithday you started to relax. I love you so much. I am sorry for all the mean things I said about you not being mu shue. Maxie you never have to be Mu shue you just need to be my little Lion my Maxie

Maxie you grown into a man cat. You have taught us more than any one could imainge. You make me happy just to have you and letting me love you so. Ashlynn would be lost with out with out you, I would be too. Your the best Maxie there could be. I leaned so much from you. They say you need to under stand cat boady langue to take care of a cat. But to take care of you we had to learn Maxie.

Maxie lanuge is very special. A flop on the side mean leave me alone. Q ing mean i hot trun on the Ac higher
mewo means i getting up set
Hiss= I am over stumated if you don't go i will and have attack
Purrrrrr =I love your stinky feet take of your shoes so i can rub my head agaist them
Stand out side the kitchen= It must be dinner time
Stand at the fridge = Why have you not feed me yet.
Running man by your water bowl= I want you to clean my water bowl again and reflill it with poland springs
Standing out side my your litter box= ummm excise me i neeed to uses the litter box could you please scoop it before i have to pee on you shoes.
hiding behide furter in crouch pistion = Waitig for lilly lu to walk thought that door i bord and it time to make her do the Nascat 500.
Laying at the end of the hall with iris at the other= were is Lilly Lu? We bord and want to play Lilly Lu in the center
Laying in a pink bed. = Every thing should be mine I am cute
Stand on the table.= Were Lilly Lu I read for some entrement I ready for a good dive bomb
Maxie My little lion my life would be borning with out you Thanks for being part of it. Happy Gotya day

It all started one year ago today

One year ago today it all started I showed Lilly lu and iris this picuter. They were both very depresed over mu shue lost and did not know what to do one year ago i told the girls they be gettig a ginger suprize at 7pm the next sight. The girls were lots with out mu shue very depresed today marks the start of good thing
Maxie My little ginger boy your no longer that little lion cub your now my full gown mighty lion and i love you so Tomorow is his real gota day the day we welcomed Maxie home. The day he went from Rusty to Maxwell Mufsa Millon our Maxie
One year ago toady I showed

Friday, July 31, 2009

Faishon show Friday I am LL the sailer cat

sung to the toon of poooie the sailer man
I am LL the sailer Cat toot toot
I am LL the saier cat
mw eat all your ice cream so me can big and strong
I am LL the saler Cat toot toot .....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

13 things i plan to do on my gota day (sunday)

1. open lots of gits

2. eat extra sticky goodness

3. play my faviort game make lilly lu do the nascat 500 ( and not get yelled at)

4. steal lilly lu pink crown bed

5. dive bomb Lilly Lu ( You can't be yelled at on your gota ya day)

8. play feather on a stick

9. play with my catnip apple

10. play with iris at 3 am in the morning my other faviort game ( Lilly Lu in the center) this is were i take one end of the hall iris take the other and we make Lilly Lu run like her tail on fire

11. play in my water bowl by stanging in it

12. sleep in my pong chair

13. write my thank you note to hellina she the women who took care of me before mama

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

tatle tail tusday - theres some cat stole my pink crown bed

some giger cat stole my most faviort pink crown bed and he refuseding to move ....
one year ago mama meet maxie for the frist time and desed to make him part of are family ......
what was she thinking ????? His real gota day ( the day he came home) Is augest 2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

rembering Mu shue Winford Pooh King cat

we miss you alot.. One year ago you could not fight any more and you earned you angle wings and few to the bridge. Yesterday it rained and we see you in the rain rembering the frist time mama Laura saw you. Thank you for the gift of Maxwell Maxie. He defitefly provides hours of enternment to this house. Mama thinks it funny he eats his sticky goodness just like you only he wants it in the eveing. Sometime when he stands on your porch out side right were you would stand it hard to belive he not you. When know you sent him to us and he is a good choice. You taught us so much about how to rule and be a big sister. However nothing can take your place. we miss you. Tomrow mama will Lay pink Lilly and Purple Iris on your grave from us. And some ornge flowers from her and Maxie

We love you and misss you

Lilly Lu and Iris

Monday, July 20, 2009

tummmy and toes tusesday

warning this is what happens when you hitt the Yowal cattip apple a litte too hard mama keep callling this
the maxie yowl catnip appple Q

Monday, July 13, 2009

man maxie cat for sale on monday

for sale one Giger male cat who clams to be part coon

For slale on ginger male cat who clams to be part coon. He loves windows and follwing around his big sister to the point of drivig her nuts. He a bit fracutious sometimes eapely whe haveing to go in his vet or in his prison tranportion unit. He in good heath wiff only one cavity. He likes to play play play all night long. he enjoyes pounceing on his sisters. He come coved for one full year wiff a gilouius insuince plan. Mama picked him up last year for 150 but he a year older now so he two starting price 1.00 how ever will take less or ice cream

contact : Lilly Lu

Lilly Lu note i tryed to place this add on cragis list and laded up in time out wiff a LILLY LU NO WE WILL NOT SELL MAXIE NO MATTER HOW MEANY TIMES YOU ASK

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fractious Friday Staring Fractie Maxie

I may look cute and cudly but handler try and put me in a PTU or to the vet I a diffent cat. I a bit frcouious I even earned my self a nick name Factice Maxie.

My dental proceder went well i have a broken fang and a small cacivty but they said they only do flouild rince for cavitys. So they keep any eye on it next year.

They let me go a little sleep home mama liked that becuse i was quite the whole way home and since it was just her pickig me up that ment she could listen to her audio book in peice geeesh

what do she not ejoy my consted howling and trying to get out of my PTU.

When we got home i was very dizzy i keeped walking in circles and into the wall. Mama called the vets office who told her it was the anstistia it should be better in the morning. Mama did not expected that so she demaded that cheek me again. They finely said they call back in an hour to see how i was. By the time the called back i was feeling much better Just relly wide eyed and glassed.

They argreed to tourcher me again next yeat WHY I only bit hiss and growl at the dr office and when i have to go into that ptu


Thursday, July 9, 2009

13 things heard around here this morning

3. J... were the frist aid kitt Max bit and sractched me
4. Maxie i sorry your upeset about the dentist this is for your own good
5. Ashlynnn and maxie no want dr
6. maxie sad ... we go home?
7. maxie you brave cat me brave girll
9. OUCHHHH ..... but ashlynn the dr not touched you yet
10. dylan give her back her stupid cat
11. form J " Laura I was not sure who the shots hurt more me or the kids"
12. Not happy cat for dentist cleaning.... good luck
13. when we get my max cat ?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what is she thinking wednessday

Today I practing being my real man cat let my self hang when the phone rang Oh nothing past 8 okay dental maxwell 8:00 am drop of no problem yup yup Okay We see you in the morning what chocie did i have but to run for cover. Then the phone rang again Mama Laura nswered it . Ashylnn and Dylan yup 9:00 am Dr L yup yup ... shots yup yup ,,, okay I make sure there there.. Yup i have my list of questions . Now mama said that she going to put two screaming burps and a screaming howling yelloing cat into a car and take us all to the vet WHAT IS SHE THINKING................... she said she thinking of investing i ear pulgs

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thusday 13

it time for the 13 thing heard around are house this week.
1. You can come on thusdayto take care of maxie and Lilly
2. yes resvertion for iris Princess mezer I know you love her.
3. yes I know are closets look like a toy store exploed
4. Hawani Lu in cape cod yes of course with a red white a bule theam
5. Great yes 2 little cakes and two big cakes ......
6. Lilly Lu no the ice cream will not be for you
7. Maxie don't I just got ashlynn and dylan clean you dId not need to jump into the bath tub
8, Maxie I told you a millon times if you pouce on Lilly Lu she will retrun it with a paw in your face don't come look at me like you did not know that.
9. Maxie ... i found a gray hair and it has your name writen all over
10. Maxie Bitter apple spray is deined so you will not like it why must you lick every thing that it sprayed on
12. Maxie You have a toy box .. get out of my sock draw

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tatle tale tusday

Did you know you can't sell maxie on ebay ? !!! I tryed something about live amiamls so i come up wiff another sulotion
Lilly Lu sarts sing to the song how much is that doggy in the windwo
How much will you pay for that Maxie in the window?
The one wiff the Gingery fur
I know you dont want a doggy or a kitten
And that maxie for sale........

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fashion Show Firday At Last

My 80's Look

This is a brad new dress it was my purrday gift from mama my burps and J....
You see the top has gold lettering that say FABLOULOUS ... becuse well i am
the pink goes wiff my noise and of course i love pink mama said she almost choice pickolous but a famous cat wore it for his spelling beee. Pluse you can never go wrong wiff a jean skirt and look at the trim yes they are spot they just so meee.............. I call this my 80's look i tyed to do big fur for this look too

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

13 things heard at our house this week

1. Maxwell don't do it

2. Maxwell Don't do it

3. I sorry maxie you started the fight with Lilly lu she had every right to pouce back
4. Oh my pet insuince for maxie covers rotine dential
5. That's right teeth cleaning Maxwell
6. Thusday Juily 9th that would be pefect
7, Yes i understand no food and water before Maxie come in

9, do you think you could slip him a little something for the ride home?

10. Maxie don't do it
11. Maxie don't do it
13. Why dose my pocely not cover behavior meds if you meet Maxwell you ask too !!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Meezer Iris Monday

I went on a vaction and maxie and Lilly had to stay home..... I went on vaction and maxie and lilly had to stay home.

My mom said one thing about haveing a meezer and a wooofie is alot alike. Well thinking about it the meezer is harder. You can't leave her alone untened for 48 hours like you can other cats. So when she left for the weekend at grandma I got to go Mama AT frist put me in a PTU but since i good meeze and she had the pet fence up she let me sit in a bed

while at grandma i got to use the outside porch. Maxie and Lilly were going to go to but Maxie though a Maxie sized fit and well he went under the couch and was hissing and growling and you dont touch maxie in a mood.

It was great at grandmas.

I got to climb all her shelf and then i tryed butter i see why lilly lu like dairy there was wippy cream and pizza for me to try too.

Well that all form me


Sunday, June 21, 2009

HApppy Fatherday

Happy fatherday .... even though we got aboned mama took iris wiff J and the burps to grandmas.

J,,, You came into our life and and learned so much we love you like a daddy becuse you let us do things we do your aways there wiff a pet or a cuddle an arm for endless hours of feather on a stick. Trust me he play better then mama laura he dose a mean feather on a stick. For you creative ways your sneeking us chick hen even when mama Laura told you know you helping us me maxie get extra sticky goodness,

"You kow he only ate a few licks I think i give him more cuse he did not want it at 6 and it 10 now and he hunry you can't let the poor guy go hury"

Your adding extra halo topping to my sticky goodness... "well you know if a little is good more is better your so right when it come to chik-hen-topping"

Your red sox loving ways even if they are loud your letting me Lilly Lu help you read the sports section of the paper watch red sox games wiff you and the sport cast

We love you..... J happy fatherday to you and all the other father our there

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Internatioal box day wiff Maxie

Today I going to tell you about my two faviort boxs in the whole wide world !!!!!!

My Play Box were i keep all the good toys

love , Maxie

Thusday 13 things heard around my hose

1. Maxie plasitc is not for licking / or eating

2. Maxie why did you knock over the grabage can again

3. Maxie what is this new odstion with plastic

4. Maxie way did you tip your watter bowl over

5. MAXIE TP IS EXPESIVE DON'T WAP IT IN TO THE TOITLE AGAIN ( espilly non clorine recycled tp)

6. Maxie Don't attack you sisters

7. Maxie why must you run like you buts on fire

8. Maxie no the feather on a stick are not always attached to my arm (Well it should be)

9 . Maxie I trying to eat dinner I don't care if you like you stickgoodness at 7PM sharp. Get off the table

10. I sorry your hunrgy Maxie I gave you sticky goodness before I went to my meeting at 6:00 and you choice not to eat it. It now ten I not making you more sticky goodness ( Note She did make more just the way i like it )

11. Maxie why must you stand in the middle of the hallway so i tripp over you

12. Maxie Please I trying to sleep 3 am Is not the time to runn though the house like your tail on fire

13. Whoooo look at you Lilly Lu you look so cute in your new brithday girl out fit you don't like a day over six.. But I am sorry Firday is box day and Fashion show firday will have to wait

Monday, June 15, 2009

Taitle tail tuseday : Lilly share mamma seecrects

since my mama laura been home she had to cook. This is not good she dose not like to make dinner but now that she the stay at home parent she figgeres she ows this to J. Well Mama Laura Found the answer CROCK POT COOKING she made lazunina for din din and it was good.


6 whole wheet lasuna noodles

1 pound of ground beef ( optional)

2 table spoons of itian sesoning

1. pint of cottage cheese

1. packes of shreaded mazzlan cheese

1. pacake of cut musroooms

2. 16 oz cans of hunts tomto sause ( this is the most naurtal of them all mama read inreadnce)


Cook meet with itian sesoning
layer lazan nooodles
Cootge cheese
the marterazla

reparet till till used up all ingrinance

thow in tomto sause

cook on high for four hours

mama seved it with green beans

Yummmy ... J... almost thought she slaved over it for hours LOL not my mama

Man cat Maxie Monday

Maxie : Sings his new theam sog

I bad to the Bone ... Ya i bad to the bone

Things Maxie done.

I played hard with Lilly at 3:30 am It was fun the runnnig and mewoing could be heard though out the house.
I played hard in my tent...... I might need a new tent

I got up on the self and wacket TP ... a brand new rool in the human litter box
I knocked over the trash can 3 times to get plastic to lick
I knocked over my water bowl by standing in it
I shered a rool of papper towals

I love to run run run like my tails on fire

I jumped on iris.... all a fair in the game of feather on a stick

Yup..... I bad to the bone sing my new them song.... bad to the bone

But i also have cuteness on my side


Saturday, June 13, 2009

sunnny snooozy saderday problem with maxie

It a good thing maxie back on that pong chair of his becuse he been nuts nuts nuts. You know when i said maxie my freind. I take it back I putting him back on ebay to see how much i can get for one Maxie. Maxie problems started a few days ago he started acting like his tail was on fire and playing hard very hard with me and iris that got him placed in a quit area to calm down. He did that night but his brain must have gotten noknocked o something why he was in time out. Yesterday Maxie for the frist time knocked over a trash can his thing of chocies plastic wrapper mama found it in his mouth as he was licking his lips she was able to get it out of his mouth. Then he did it again same thing. Then yesterday he was alseep on his pong chair and i walked into the room and he let out a mewo howal thing that mama did not know he even made and went into hunter maxie mode were he pounce on my head. while i was on the floor. Then after another time out latter that night he did the same thing to Iris from the 3rd leaval of the cat tree. Maxie also loves feet . He rubbs agist them and and the other day maxie bit mama laura feet while she was on the phone. Mama Laura been tryig to play more feather on a stick maxie faviort game but poor maxie he just get coufesed he loves to play feather on it in his tent.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Brithday Lilly Lu and Iris .
Today Lilly Lu is 9 years young
and my kitten is 2 wow time flys
We love you girls
Love, Your Mama Laura, Maxie, Evertt the dog, and
Ashlynn and Dylan ( your burps )

Monday, June 8, 2009

tatle tail tuseday

My mama is has a seecret she cheep. and she said she also dose things that our for being green. She trys and feed our burps natuial and ornginc food she dipers them in orngic dipers and uses orngic wipes. She said this is a gift she gives them. Well going green dose not always mean spending lots of money. My mama makes her own Laurday detrinte she said it works and saves lots of green peppers.

How dose she do it

quart Water (boiling)2 cups Bar soap (grated
)2 cups Borax
2 cups Washing Soda
she adds 1 scooop of oxi clean and 1/2 of backing soada
Add finely grated bar soap to the boiling water and stir until soap is melted. You can keep on low heat until soap is melted.
Pour the soap water into a large, clean pail and add the Borax and Washing Soda. Stir well until all is dissolved.
Add 2 gallons of water, stir until well mixed.
Cover pail and use 1/4 cup for each load of laundry. Stir the soap each time you use it (will gel).

saves lots money $$$$

Muti pousous cleaner

2 table soops on dish soap
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
Mix together in a spray bottle, and you'll have your own multi-purpose cleaner. Most useful in the bathroom and kitchen on surfaces

Being green dont have to always coast you money


100 % Man cat + 100 % Maxie = ready for cutie for cuddle

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finely Firday wiff maxie

wow I worked hard this week and it i glad it firday. I love haveing mom and my buprs home all day but it make more work for me. Becuse I saved the day Ashlynn used her alllownce to get me a new red yowla catnip heart she wanted and apple since it my faviort but they were out so she settled for the heart. becuse the sales lady said they all the same he probely just likes red. I been sleep on my pong wiff my heart close to my head becuse it a gift form my girl. nothing i rather sleep on then a good pong chair with my grizzy makes me look manly dont you think this is how i plan to spend snoozy saterday too

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Maxie saves the day

yesterday or Burp Ashlynn had i icky tummmy and she got her icky all over her blanket and her "max cat" ( an oronge stuffed cat that she drags all over the place and calls her max cat) and mama had to put it in the big washing michen moster to get it clean. Well Ashlynn has a flair for the dramtic she thows her self in a huge tantrum screadming my max cat my max cat my baba( that means blanket ) she even though her dud dud ( Thats ashlynnn for pasifire ) across the room and was just screaming at the top of her lung crying crying crying. Well mama had about given up and guess who gets off his pong chair and cuddles wiff the snot filled teary eye burp. He maxie he gets off and starts to head bop her. soon her tear were put away and she was petting him saying maxie my maxie why petting him. He stayed there till she just layed down on the floor and took a nap. and he sat right next to her when she woke up she got her balnket and max cat back,

Maxie: ahhh Lilly it was nothing I just had to help my babby burp she need a little maxie time After all she my girl and her love for me go no bond. Like i said bup like cat both nuts

Lilly Lu reporting here

Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Inteview with our Burps Dylan & Ashlynn

Lilly Lu: Hello Dylan ad Ashlynn it been a long time since you guys have been here ad well my public wats to see you. and get to know you.

Lilly Lu : the frist question dog or cat?

Dylan: Both but dogg more I love evertt

Ashlynn: Cat Maxie cat I love Maxie cat

Lilly Lu: sigh were did i go wrong ?

Lilly lu: next question frist words ?

Dylan: Ball ......I love balls

Ahsylnn: Max Cat....... I love Maxie cat

Lilly Lu: I know this is hummateing but when she get older she love me better than Maxie .

Lilly Lu your faviort sunggly thing

Dylan: My base ball quit wiff the blue background ( His grizzy)

Ashylnn: my purple cat blanket that DMM gave me gave me. wiff my maxie cat of course.

Lilly Lu: Boston Red sox or New youk yankies

Dylan: Lilly I hope this is a trick question we can only root for the red sox we Luff them!!

Ahsylnnn: Ummmm Lilly I think you tought us we BOSTON BABBYS

Lilly Lu: Good job Burps I kenw I rubed off on you. It was a trick question

Lilly Lu Faviort Books ?

Dylan: My boston red sox book

Ashylnn: Goood night Boston and my book called Gobla Babbys

Lilly Lu: Sleeping Patterns

Dylan: I take a quick 30 min nap around 10 then anouther maybe 45 to hour aound 1:00 then I asleep by 7:00 and and wake at 5:00 and think everyoe else should be awake wiff me

Asylnnn: well now that we don't go to play place any more my sleeping habbits are much more like me. I like me. while dylan is just taking a nap I just getting up for the day. I take an hour nap around 2 or 3 then I like to be up till at least 11:00 or 12:00 I must be in my crib by 8:00 but i sit quitly and enterntain my self. I just like my Maxie an Night owl.

Lilly Lu: new compmet or Old compent

Dylan: new it has a play ground and room for us to have but i dont think mama like the 3rd floor walk up and yesterday we went into are pool for the frist time

Ashlynn: New I love the plool and the plaground swings I like to play in the sand box Like i did at old play place.

Lilly Lu: Any planes for the summer

Dylan: Just swinmming and being out side I heard we going on a vaction And there going to be a big Party wiff Cake I never had cake and Fire works and presents and bloons

Ashlynn: Mommy said she going to hire a mother helper for the summer and we going to play in the pool more
I cry when she leaves but then i okay. I heard about the party and Vaction too I can't wait it will be fun.

Lilly Lu: Thanks for posting on my bog

Aslynn: Were is Maxie Cat I love Maxie Cat

Dylan: I hear Bresfest I love food

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

telling the truth

When Maxie came into my life i was very glad becuse i was lost with out mu shue. But I had to be the alfa cat after all i older by alot !!!! Now that we moved and settled in i reslize that maxie not all that bad. That welll i may like him.... okay okay i admitt it Maxie my freind my best freind i be lost wiff out him. We oftern follow each other aroud and now that he a year older and wiser I relize that he become my best brother frind. That dont mean i still don't boss him around but i do. I just share more wiff him I let him uses things like my pink crown bed and the pong chair and window napper. Maxie I glad you came into my life your a great brother
Even if i did try to sell you on ebay it was nothing personal maxie

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh No it can't be ( Maxie)

It can't be this time again. It just happened last year. It time for my aunual shots and appments and there going to steal my pee.

I been labed "Fractouis" That why they call me "Fracey Maxie" It not that i mean it. I just get over stumated and boom I go nunts There hiss and growing and bitting and be not nice there for a i need sauation to knock me out. Mama said she wonder if they could knock her out too.

Maxie I don't mean it I just get over stumatied

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day

Happy Mothers day..... I am furry lucky cat I have mama Laura for a mama. Well we all moved and stellted in rember how i wated my own closet I GOT IT for my gota day gift. In the new apt mama gave me my furry own lilly closet I can hang cute out fits climb on the selfs. Uses the box and she even putt a morra down so i could see my boootfal self all the time.

Now onto sad things Mama Laura lost her job. You see she went and got a master dreege and insted of a raise they said they could get someone to do the job 1/2 price wiff no education that they did not have to give free burpy play place too. So my burrpy no longer have a play place and they sad.\

My mama has started her own compney ... Yup you heard that right mama is going to work for her self. She so excited pluse she can take care of the burps why doing it. No more play place for them

Today Mama is getting to gether wiff her mama and taking her out to lunch then Grandma commming over to see us ..... well maybe us and the burpys I promice to be around more

Lilly Lu

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A safe easter Lilly

I know you all heard the ASPCA so you should not have easter Lilly becuse they dangous well I am a safe easter Lilly enjoy

I do have a new easter outfit but it got packed i one box so i did not want to miss my yearly safe easter Lilly

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One year ago

One year ago the unthinkbul happened. My compment building of 3 years had a fire. That day mama Laura came home for lunch and could not get back in to her house she tryed she noticed new cures she asked what was going on some told her there was a fire in the bick building. She said I live there witch one. There two attached It truned out it was her building. She begged them to find us but they would not. It was not till late 2 days latter we were ressused. Mu shue saved me and Iris today I decated as Hero day to rember mu shue pooh king cat who will aways be my hero.

The question Yes we our moving we moving out of framingham mama is furry sad to an apt in Marlbrough it has a great school systm and a play ground walking distences and we got a new furry family member

Please help me cellbrate hero day

Sunday, March 29, 2009

what the heak

I thought he was going to go live Jh with maxie what he still doing here.

Name Evertt Willson

Thursday, February 12, 2009

thusday thirteen

snice it was my purrday in feburady i thought i should tell every one 13 about me Maxie

1. Me Love feet the smellyer the better.... this make mama Laura Laugh becuse mu shue used to have the same habbbit and she thought it was strange.

2. Me love my sticky goodness but only eat it in front of mama Laura NO OTHER PEPOLE

3. Me furry Notrenal me only eat stickygoodness at night and me love to play at night

4, My favort toy is my feather wand i play for hours

5. I just leaned it okay to be on funcher and in the bed and that it make mama smile and bring out treets

6. Me only eat grain free food. Mama thinks grains are bad

7. My name is Maxwell Mufsa Millon. ALL the M were for mu shue but When mama picked me up the lady said I thin he can be the mightly Lion he wants to be now. So me got the name Mufsa from the lion king and Millon cuse Mama said me had a millon little holes to fill.

8. Me love to be called Maxie or Max Max. Maxwell is to formal and Max is to short

9. MY nick name is Maxie Waxie

10. I only like thing on my trems I can be very very dangous if me hiss that me me done

11. When me go to the vet me let out on mewo one his then me go to CRAZY CAT state me hurt the vet and the photo go . Me get over stumalated

12. My faviort clorols are yellow and blue Yellow like my yellow banket on my pong and bule like my pong chair

13. Me in love wiff me sock kitty me sleep wiff her all the time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tatle tail tuseday

I asked maxie about vaitnitnes day and he did not understand at all he said he going to ask his sock kitty tutlila to be his vlaintine ........ sigh is ther any help for him !!!!! Plaese some set him streight

I asked a very creinten handsom yankess lover Joba hater cat to be my vatintine for the 3rd year in a row and he not asnwered me yet and I ASKED HIM 3 TIMES. sigh

Monday, February 9, 2009

Man Cat Maxie Monday

Who ya calling wide body it all fuffy on this man can !!!!!! And yes this Grizzy dose blognong to me no green looks good with my fur and mama said it makes her heart fell good that i on it

Thursday, February 5, 2009

looking for home

Well some of you might rember that Jefferson that the mangment compmeny that own are building gave us are home last year after the press got involed. Well we cant belive it been a year but it has now it time to move on in April. We looking now. They want to raise the rent by over 300 and the compeny went got taken over again cuse they had no money. My mama is finding new place for us to live please purr rember last year we had a hard time adjusting only adjeted becuse of mu shue. Mama very worried about Maxie he dose not do change well at all. It takes him along time to adjst. Mama has a few leads on great apt that even better then this one for a little more green pappers but they huge huge huge.

Lilly Lu

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

easly like the day before maxie purrday sunday

Well Maxie it maybe almost you brithday but i figger it still time for a reminder I own every thing !!! In cudling your bed Mr Maxie ....moooo Ha Ha.... What do you have to say to that Mr Maxie??

What ever Lilly Ye sleep on the bed on the floor .... I moved up into a pong chair made for a prince
Tmorow maxie truns 2 yup ....

That can oly mean one thing Fling am -ming string party !!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


we wanted to post this on the 22 but the internet were mama abanded me to was bad and she said it would have to wait till she got back so here it is.

Mu shue passed on to the bridge six mouths ago. His stone is set in place. Mama feels like she finaly is at peace Iris and I have one last mu shue favior to ask as you all know mu shue was a hero he never wanted to be called that he just thought he was doing a man cats job. Dragging Iris out and saveing us from smoke. We nomated mu shue for best fur sibbling plase vote mu shue it mean so much to us
She said All that can be done here on earth for mu shue has been done. A hero/king has been given a space fitting for him.
She said Now she contrates on building a better reationship with Maxie. Knowing Mu shue wants that
We see you at the bridge big guy....... we love you .... and always will

Friday, January 16, 2009

about Lillly Lu on Firday

It all started with the fling a mam string I loved it but i never worked so hard in my life so mama noticed i was caughing a little and seemed breathless. So she called the worderful DR C at tufts who felt i need an x-ray and a lung wash. I had this doen about 3 mouths ago. The wash show infation and hemrging at the microscopic leval so she put me on clovmox. She also wants to test me for Heart worm. It is very rare for cats to have this but Fatle if they do all you can do is control the symtoms in cats. She going to call today to talk to DR C. She also going away south to get out of the cold. in =5 framingham Please purr that i dont have heart worm Mama said she could not take another mu shue right now and lose me too

Lilly lu

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fashion show Firday

Well i not had a good fashion show in so long. Right before maxie came and You know what I sorry. I am the creater of Fashion show Firday so I should be doing it I have only a few outfits but today is all about my new hat. My seecert paws Toolhouse gave me a home made Hazle Lucky taquiltly hat and collor. Hazle is on of my most faviort caster she runs the cats in need of purring list.

I normal do not do hats i do not like my ears touch but this is the one expection i love this hat i give it four paws way up. I love it almost like i love my fling aman ming string...... well maybe not that much

Thursday, January 8, 2009

l love fling a ming on a string

sata paws broght this gift for maxie and irs but it must have been mislabled becuse it my new faviort toy in the whole world and every thing belogs to me becuse I THE ALA QUEEN CAT. I was here frist. I DO NOT play with toy i stop playing meany meny years ago but this is the best toy I love it this is a few min into my 45 min play sestion i must have every morning before my morening nap Maxie and iris only play with it when i say so. It so hard beening queen

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

worldless wedsday wiff Maxie ..well almost

Hi all it maxie here. I sorry Mama been in a mood she been missing mu shue like nuts she read dewy the Libary cat and it his persnalty was alot like mu shues. so she cryed buckets. And Lilly Lu was going to blog but well she additced to Fling a Ming on a string. Yes my freind Lilly Lu is playing. Iris and I love it too But miss Lilly Bookers over it she play for hours on end and wine for more. so it me today. Good news becuse she so busy this is what happend. MY GRIZZY MONE