Wednesday, May 27, 2009

telling the truth

When Maxie came into my life i was very glad becuse i was lost with out mu shue. But I had to be the alfa cat after all i older by alot !!!! Now that we moved and settled in i reslize that maxie not all that bad. That welll i may like him.... okay okay i admitt it Maxie my freind my best freind i be lost wiff out him. We oftern follow each other aroud and now that he a year older and wiser I relize that he become my best brother frind. That dont mean i still don't boss him around but i do. I just share more wiff him I let him uses things like my pink crown bed and the pong chair and window napper. Maxie I glad you came into my life your a great brother
Even if i did try to sell you on ebay it was nothing personal maxie


meemsnyc said...

That's so great that you two are best friends!

Elvin said...

Maxie is looking so beautiful! What a difference a year makes. I am glad you two are friends. I'm sure Maxie needs your guidance.

Angel and Kirby said...

Lilly, That is such good news. We are glad you are all moved and settled. That Maxie is one handsome mancat. We can see why you likes him as a brother!