Monday, July 30, 2007

opppps caught in the act

well here the story it looks like i going to need Finny again. Mu shue was hogging the automatic litter box the one that lets you do what you want and then cleans up after words. Mama Had just goten home and was about to scoop my boxes. Iris had done her fing in three litter boxes. And well I could not wait for mama to get the bag so i squated and pooped out side the box Mama cought me in the act and thow me in the litter box and called me a bad girl. I tryed to blam Iris but mama said I was caught in the act she not fury happy wiff me she said no
temp-tay-tions tonight for me I am so sad.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Proveber meme

I was taged by the great skeexix for this meem I figeed i could not just do one so i pick two
So meany cute out fits so little time !!!
It a brid it a plale no It is Supper Lilly!!!
She can defief deaf in a single leap
she can eat more dairy in a single helping then one can finks
She can shopp heared then any cat

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thusday !3

Okay i must confess my love for Hello Kitty!! after she my best friend in a cat next to my rocky of corse

13 facts about Hello Kitty

1. Hello Kitty brithday is Novermber 1 1974

2. Hello Kitty is a twin

3. Her twin sisters name is Mimi they can be told apart by the bowes on there earse HK were a pink on on her left ear Mimi were a yellow on on her right ear

4. Hello Kitty mother and fathers name are Gorge and Mary

5. Hello Kitty is in 3rd grade

6. Hello Kitty lives in London Elngland I going to ask Fat Eric if he know her

7 Hello Kitty likes to say "one can never have too meany freinds"

8 Hello Kitty weighs as much as 3 apples

9. Hello Kitty is as tall as 4 apples

10 Hello Kitty faviort food is Apple Pie

11. Hello Kitty hobbies are traveling, music, reading, yummy cookies, making new friends and collecting lots of cute items like sweets and goldfish.

12. Hello Kitty was born in Japan

13. Hello Kitty wants to be a pote or a peeaious when she grows up

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of Juily

I hope every cat has a safe and Happy 4th of Juily
as a faishon modle it is furry importent for me to have an outfit for every major hoilday. I like to thank my fashion desiner Maria for all her hard work !!!!!!!!!