Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Momma On Monday

Furom Maxie

Dear Mama,

I do not care if your arm is tired i love the zoom groom use your other arm and keep brushing. I have Matts in my furr frum the lack of zoom grooming. So stop doing everything and start grooming

Thank you for your attetion to this matter


Furm Lilly Lilly

Dear Mama,

I do not care if i love Royal chain s/o for 3 years and you have a half a big big bag of it left I no longer wish to eat it and only want hills. We gone though this before if you by a large amount of stuff i will no longer eat it. I like my food bought daily I do not care if this means daily trips to the vets to by my food and lots of green pappers on gas I am worth it I am a queen after all and should be treated in such a mannor

Lilly I want Hills not Royla chian Lu

Frum Iris

Dear mama,

I have been a neglted meezer there has been a lack of feather on a stick and a lack of feactch being played and a lack of nip being spred for me to roll in i dont care if your trying hard to keep up with every one needs I have needs to that are not being meet in the form of play


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update On Maxie By Maxie

The better I feel the less contrable i am Today Maam came in and i had taken off my foo foo close and i had manged to get my elzbethen collor off Maam tryed to get me dressed back up less just say there was blood drawn and it was not mine. Then after I ate a bresfest that i downed I then down some wet kibble and spent the rest of the day scarching and mewoing and thowing a fit to get out out out. After 5 or six time drawing mama blood while trying to put on my collor she gave up good thing there was not much skin left and she need that catnip shower gell stuff. mama said Fine I give up I down a second bresfest and then a Lilltt lunch at four used the box and then played mewo at the door Finaly i escaped and I found Lilly frist thing i did Sit on he while she was in what she clams is her pink crown bed but we know the truth it mine mine mine. Mama said I can be free till meds at 11 followed by diiner good thing it time for my Maxie snack

maxie who need his tube out now now now

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thought of The Day

Why do vets and people who make me made not bath in catnip ? it would make them taste better when i have no choice but to eat them alive.

Just a thought


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maxie here TT.... things that piss me off

Hi everyone I am ready to blog a bit today I wanted to tell you things that make me mad about everything I been though

1. Vets who say I have" Issues" ( I do not have issue i just do n0t like them)

2. Dr Stone ( he my buddy) He needs more salt for when i try to eat him alive

3. Dr C I like her too but she needs more sugar for when i try and eat her alive ( she always said Maxwell I love you no matter how upset you get. )

4. When I demand mama go and get her. I don't care if she not around FIND HER

5. why cant i have my grizzy at tufts I know they said they afraid they lose it.

6. The cone this is a big one I HATE THIS THING

7, being locked in a room/ cage is no fun I just want to go be free free free

8. Mama always shoving food in my face yes I eat it but please how would you like food in your face

9. Lack of treets ( I don't care if Temp-tay-tions are hard for me to eat I still love them

10. where is the chick.hen

11. This A/D stuff yea i eat it but dose not mean i dont want my evo any more

12. All this talk about the bridge make me have to put the Bitey on pepole

13. Did i tell you how hourble this cone and how bad it is to have a tube sticking out your side

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mu shue dose it again

true story.

A few days before maxie started to eat last week I prayed. I always been praying to god but this time I tryed something diffent I tryed praying to Mu shue, It went something like this. Mu shue I miss you so much thank you for maxie. I know i could have been a better mother to Maxie I tryed I love him so he become a member of my family. You saved the girls once I know i am asking the imposbule but please if you have any pull up there save Maxie then it started to rain by the time i got out of the car it had stoped. That was the day Maxie started to eat. While he still can't eat dry food he can eat can food. he starting to come back to me lilttle by little. My babby lion cub Thanks Mu shue with your beafule angle wings and you heart of gold thanks for loveing us


Hi everyone Maxie meet his can 1/4 requment yesterday and he up to about a 1/2 can today he still need to eat more. I am giving him collor brakes for eating and he seems to be enjoying those. The vet had the neve to put the charge for Maxie dental on my mastercard. Well i called the creit card commpney and despouted the charges. I have to call tufts i think i been dubbled billed but not sure. Sometimes it just takes a phone call with them.

I should also call Dr C with an update but i think i am going to wait one more day Idon't want to jinks anything. The big issue i have right now is meds. Liquoid vis pill i am trying both. Pill is a bit harder but easyer on Maxie as I have to make sure he eats the small amount of food. So his six am med was given more like 7:00 am

I feel like i the summer is almost stoping with out me. It hard to bevlie the twins will be two in so little time

Ashlynn they say has the vocabulary and mental abitly for a child two to three times her age. She talks non stop about anything and everything she even talks for dylan.

Dylan phical abitly amizes everyone he can thow a ball with great acrecy and kick one too he loves sports but most of all he loves amamimals he very kind and gental with them and looks at every book about amimals. said he wants to be a "cat dr" to "make maxie better" however he still wants a "live horse" "real cow" "live goat"
"live pig" - Aka dylan wants to live on a fram. We talked about it not for me.

Ashlynn Loves amamls too she loves cats and dog and most of all Maxie. She always wants to help amamals and dose not understand why "every cat cant have a good home" she loves to go to the shelter and bring gifts things the cats don't use she has plans to adopt or get homes for each and every amamla she meets

Becuse of there love for amamles they having a brithday party on real live farm with a petting zoo. They having about 10 freinds come down. Then there also going to have a family party at the beach with fireworks.

Ahslynn thinks the american flag is her and dylans "brithday flag" so cute

well i got to cal tufts and deal with the bad vet. I try and update on maxie latter


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

quick Maxie up date dont stop the purring

Hi every one Maxie ate almost a full can of food yesterday this morning not so much but he ate some socked kibble he seemed to be something he relly liked he ate it with out vomiting. His tube seems to stoped working all toghter so i am going to be giveing him his meds by mouth insted of tube please purr. Please purr he is able to eat. Today I let him have a little freedom he went into his cat room found his toy box knocked it over and started to sort his toys cat nip and no catnip then layed on the catnip plie before sleeping in one of his faviort spots

LL is still being fussy dr C is doing some reacher for me she may just be a socal eater and land up eating sokeing wet kibble as well. As last thing we need is her stones back.

Keep purring for maxie to eat a can to can 1/2 a day

Monday, June 21, 2010

Purrs for eating a small tube

keep purring for eating for Maxie Dr C put on a 3 way valve and got a small funtiobul tube for medication only she precibed an abitite sumatiante for maxie every 3 days and some soft food he ate the small amount offered to him he seemed like he liked it he must remained coned at all time his eating is he must eat small meals and socked kibble maxie said he wants his kibble soked in catnip he sleeeping on his grizzy he needs to eat a can to 1/4 can a day if not more purr for eating

Purrs for eating

the crack tube can only be replaced sugerglicaly this is major sugery however this is not what we want right now. The plan is to take him how watch how he eats for the next two days if he eats well the tube comes out next week if he eat nothing then we have no choice but to do the tube. The problem is the tube can not be done with endocpicly like the last one due to the strickters they dont even want to try that as at this point it would do more harm then good. But if he'll eat with out reguation then we in the clear.

As for LL she said she thinks she maybe feeling the stree in the house and by lettting maxie be more of a cat she maybe feeling better. Please purrr for eating well....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the ememncey room

Maxie feeding tube cloged then after it cloged mama got it uncloged with coke and water after it uncloged it cracked almost in half we went to tufts ER since we can not go to Vicon that 10 mins away since they cant do whats needed. Funny thing is that right before it happend mama said I do not need to go to tufts to night, Ugg the tube will have to be replaced in the morning the estmetie is 1000- 1500 ugg.

Happy father day and another update

Frist off this be Iris updateing for LL as she is in a mood and a half she dessied that she no longer like royal chain s/o he special food and is being a royal pain in the tail about it She eats a few bits and acts like we posiening her she onlly been eating for two year so now she ready to be a pain in the tail since maxie needs attenton

Now that that is done we like to tell you about father day. Today I desided being a princess meezer was a good day to cough up a hair ball on J side of the bed. Yup he steped in it frist thing I did not get a thank you though i got an IRIS GRACIE MAIRE YUCCKY. I worked hard on that fur ball i dont know why he was upset

Then mama feed us food i goobled it all down while miss fussy acted like the world was ending more for me. Mama said she talk to DR C tommrow or Dr stone about LL.
Mama made maxie tube feeding and feed him cleaned up the kicken she need to change the linner and scub out Maxie box up stairs so she poor extra litter in the extra linner started cleaning up down stairs and said once she came back down to get maxie tubes cleaned she go get it. It was a fresh box a girls got to go in a fresh box s both me and LL went in Maxie box to test it out.

Mama Laura then got every one ready to go out for the day. They had bresfest wiff Grandpa and then off to the state park for some swim time. Then the sky opened up and lighting and thunder came out so the state park was cut short it was okay buscese they got home just in time to feed Maxie.

Maxie seems better today he still eating a little mooshed food. But all he could think about was out. That is better becuse he getting his spunk back it used to be all he thought about was napping. He very very loney in his room Mama has to call the great Dr C and the great DR Stone tomrow to talk about LL and Maxie they just tough work.

mama said she got to go cuse she needs to Make Maxie feed followed by fuilds for LL

Iris princess meeezer reporting

Saturday, June 19, 2010

another update on Maxie

Hi every one we had one regation problem today but it was more my fault i was giving him kibble a big no no and he seemed to be doing okay then he vomited. He is still eating some moshed can food it hard to tell sometimes he eats it all some times nothing. He has a new habbit like to sleep on a pink blanket. He has a new habbit he takes the pink blanket puts it in his mouth and starts to kneed it. He never done this before but only dose it two blankets one that belongs to ashlynn.

Friday, June 18, 2010

quick updare

Hi everyone i going to make this a quick update. Every thing is about the same, Maxie is starting to eat some can food but as i said the process needs to be slow but it also needs to adjust his feeds as before we did not want him to feel hunger but now we do it a proccess of trile and error .
I just wanted to share with you what maxie braclets are going to look like. Ashlynn said there need to be the paws on both end and helped me with the collor they are the same collors used in maxie grizzy.
alot of my time is spent taking care of Maxie it takes about an hour to get a feed ready. his tube feed need to go in the blender then though a strannor then they need to be put in sringers . The gets sringers of water and cokie for just in case a big sringernge to cheek how much he has in his tummy and then draw up his meds. He gets between 4o to 60 tube food every i hours along with medicantion. then we look fot pain sing chewing of his mouth extra swalllowing if we see any a dose of pain meds we also have amazet for under the skin injection if he looks like he naunauous.
that means my day starts at 5 and ends after midnight by the tjme the last load of laurnry is in
I like to thank all the kind pepole who have helped us with maxie shirt and vet bills it means more than you know,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New update

Hi every one we sorry we not updated things are about the same maxie made an emency trip to tufts for a blocked feeding tube that once we got to tufts was unblocked. Maxie is starting to eat mush by mouth with out vomiting it has to be given very very slow in very very small amount. He can eat by mouth cunches one or two at a time but the dr said no to do it as it could make things worst. Right now we hopeing for the best but being prepared for the worst. Dose any body know where you can get cute long tee- shirts for pets cheep. Maxie need to were a shirt at all times becuse of the feeding tube. I found a few so i can wash one but i think Maxie would aprashite a few other clean shirts that were not so pink. LL is very jellous she said she wants a new dress I found a few cute ones but i am looking for a size medam for Maxie

He spends alot of time sleeping on a pink blacket on my bed or under the bed in the guest bedroom . It like he can hardly stay awake. Today he did enjoy an open window for a few mins.

Maxie braclets were order there will be only 100 so act fast they will be selling for 10.00 usa and 15.00 interntial for a doation to maxie fund then you will be diricted to go to what we are calling Maxie pray/purr blog where you can take picutes were the braclets or cats with them. We going to try and get a picuter of Dr stone and Dr C with maxie mercials braclet too.

VIP pet insurnince came to there sences they gave us 1000 to his 3,000 pet bill but they still a few more they saying no to. they wont tell me if they cover the stent but they did say if we cover the concdition that caused it then we may cover it.

Maxie is going at spot 13 like there no tomrow

LL said she not a Baske ball fan but go celtis !!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maxie Update

I thought i was going to post good news. Yesteday Maxie seemed to be on the road to recovery we were granted a 24 hour repeve he was eating well cruches even no vomiting nothing this morning i gave him a few crunches and he vomited and it looked like it had blood. Not an emncey becuse his ephousss is so ulrated. He did have a few licks of wet food and no thowing up but from his history he still scaring and soon he wont be able to groom him self and will need to be in the elizbethan collor at all times. right now i am keeping him out of it when he with me.

I did talk to dr C she informed me the stent needs to be payed for upfornt and it 2,000.

I told her that I get back to her. She said okay let me know how he doing and what you deside. the 2,000 is not including the cost of placement and other fees. This knocks me out for Imom now becuse they want the 2000 up front and they said they will not do upfront and tufts said we can't negiasahed on something like this becuse it needs to be payed for.

So right now I am in a demlema I would love to give maxie his merical but i spent 6,000 already do i spend a 6,000

As for going after Dr Lennord We are trying so far all he done is walk away. He refuses to admit neglet and I told him I going after his Linncess and he said I did nothing wrong. I told him you hated maxie thats what you did.

Today We cut a few bad matts out of his furr he smeed very gratful he used try and bite me but i think he know he feels better when it done we also used the zoom groom on him that he loves he purrs though it . We love Maxie

I also like to anonce a little fund raiser I am doing It called Help Maxie get a miracle. They are going to be blue and yellow slicon braclest we selling them for a 10.00 doation to Maxie miracle. this will incindeing shipping for the USA if your interntianl we ask 15.00 . They will be here in 6 -10 busssness days.

Every one who has one we ask you take a picuter or you or your cat with the braclet. We like you to post the picuter on Maxie purr/ pray blog I will be sending info with each braclet.

We like to thanks for everyone for there help. And everyone who has helped We Pray/pur for Maxie to get miracle

Saturday, June 12, 2010

VIP Pets Insurince I was a good human

Vip pets : Vip pets how can i seave you and your pet today ?

Mom Laura : May cat maxwell very sick i like to talk about his clam

Vip pets: Ceritlly can we have his policey number

Mom Laura: sure it is F-xxxxx

Vip pets; can we have your adress and phone number

Mom Laura : sure it is XXXXX RD XXXXXXX ( XXX) XXX- XXXX

Vip pets thank you let me look up your clam It looks like you gone though all your befits for this problem you see vip pets take an advarage amout it accouss the county it should take to fix the problem It seems like tufts is very expisve maybe you should shop around for a cheeper vet

Mom Laura: But you did not cover his eys or any thing else i sent you the reccords

Vip: You see you need to make sure everything is down on the form very deitaled you know.

Mom Laura: But maxie needs a stent no other cat has had one and only 5 dogs how can you help me

Vip: you see i relly can't approve I don't think we cover it.... let me see nope not listed Shunt are listed but not stents not covered sorry pluse as i said you used all your befits for this clam I am sorry. You can go ahead and do it and smittet it we wont know if we cover anything till after it done i am sorry. I think you should shop around for a cheeper place to do it.

Mom Laura: but this is the only place there is no were else do you not understand it never been done before it the cats last chance I put in more in then i got out

Vip pet: I see you only put 153 dollora a year

Mom Laura: Strage i have a charge of 500 a year I have the suprior plan you know the one with the high coverage look if Maxwell dose not get this he'll die do you not care.

Vip: I am sorry you fell this way I am just the messager. we will cover 60 dollors to ethanathia though

mom Laura: whome should i adress the picuters of my dead cat too do you want them faxed or mailed maybe i do both when he dies i want you too feel my pain too. Maybe I send you a picuter of my two year old daugher at his grave sight

Vip pets; I see your up set why don't you talk to someone else. I put you on with my suprivizer. Click

side note; I relly love the 76 dollors you gave me for all maxie over 6,000 vet bills i chocie vip pet in case i should need it now i do i find out you dont want to help.

Friday, June 11, 2010


We don't know what to say. Maxie sugery showed it was no better but no worst howeer in his vomiting eposeds he re burned his ephousous. There is one last thing that can be tryed a stent. No other cat has had one and no garteees it would work. But it cost 6,000 mama dose not have that on top of what she already payed.

Choice two takle him home keep him coftuble and then put him to sleep with in ten days. Mama takeing choice two giving us a little time to just be a family and make memmorys. Take picuters and love him. she going to try I mom but is not hopeful. We ask that every one please give us a few days just to deal with our greif


LL and family

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miracles for Maxie

please cats we need purr for Miracles for Maxie

please tweet this post it as your face book stats and on your blogs

Laura , Lilly Lu Iris

Monday, June 7, 2010

Maxie dose man cat monday - I am bad to the bone

It man cat monday with me Maxie. I want you cats to know thanks for purring for me. I am feeling a lil better today this was taken this morning when i was trying my harest to enjoy a sun beam while doing the Q and mama stick her camra in my face whats with that.
So why am I so bad to the bone well i am always a little on the fisty side for a cat so this motning mama did not clan my box and they been making me were a shirt i manged to get it off and pop on it after all I no LL here. Then i manged to get my elzibethien collor off and well a man need a clean spot 13. when she tried to re dress me in foo foo stuff i bit her mama laughed and said that my maxie. I feeling much better today However i still need to go back this week and hiss and growl and then kiss dr stone, It a game i pay with him First i try and eat him then he rubs me the right way and i melt into purring.

Well i just thought i do an update since LL seems to taken over my blog hay I not see my girls in over a week and i miss them

Sunday, June 6, 2010

MAXIE update

we sorry for the lack of update mama had sugery on her babby toe and has been in some pain so her and maxie have been comsertiong toghter

Maxie is a very differnt cat he just seems so lony when anyoene comes into his room he wants to be with them but other wise he spends alot of time under the bed.

He has to go back to tufts on wed for onther endspoy to deal with his ephouougs.

The good news is Dr C specialty is ephouous and infections desses in cats. she said that Maxie maybe a pininer and get a stent. This is used alot on hummans and only on a handful of dogs in unversty of pensvanina maxie would be the very first cat. The vet pepole from phinlla want to come to tuffts to meet maxie please putt this is very expisvie but hopely will work.

I like to thank the few have helped us wiff maxie vet bills.

Lilly lu updateing for maxie and maam

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Please purr

Maxie is awake in doing well but mama is starting to stuggle with how much to do since this is getting very very expsive we already have over 4600 in vet bill and she hate to say enough. The vet said 80-88 % of cat recover from this with some will be able to eat again and some will only be able to eat scrpition food thats canned mama is truely starting to think about the money part of saving maxie. She loves him but she also has to think about the rest

A very sad