Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hi everyone Maxie meet his can 1/4 requment yesterday and he up to about a 1/2 can today he still need to eat more. I am giving him collor brakes for eating and he seems to be enjoying those. The vet had the neve to put the charge for Maxie dental on my mastercard. Well i called the creit card commpney and despouted the charges. I have to call tufts i think i been dubbled billed but not sure. Sometimes it just takes a phone call with them.

I should also call Dr C with an update but i think i am going to wait one more day Idon't want to jinks anything. The big issue i have right now is meds. Liquoid vis pill i am trying both. Pill is a bit harder but easyer on Maxie as I have to make sure he eats the small amount of food. So his six am med was given more like 7:00 am

I feel like i the summer is almost stoping with out me. It hard to bevlie the twins will be two in so little time

Ashlynn they say has the vocabulary and mental abitly for a child two to three times her age. She talks non stop about anything and everything she even talks for dylan.

Dylan phical abitly amizes everyone he can thow a ball with great acrecy and kick one too he loves sports but most of all he loves amamimals he very kind and gental with them and looks at every book about amimals. said he wants to be a "cat dr" to "make maxie better" however he still wants a "live horse" "real cow" "live goat"
"live pig" - Aka dylan wants to live on a fram. We talked about it not for me.

Ashlynn Loves amamls too she loves cats and dog and most of all Maxie. She always wants to help amamals and dose not understand why "every cat cant have a good home" she loves to go to the shelter and bring gifts things the cats don't use she has plans to adopt or get homes for each and every amamla she meets

Becuse of there love for amamles they having a brithday party on real live farm with a petting zoo. They having about 10 freinds come down. Then there also going to have a family party at the beach with fireworks.

Ahslynn thinks the american flag is her and dylans "brithday flag" so cute

well i got to cal tufts and deal with the bad vet. I try and update on maxie latter



Jan's Funny Farm said...

You sure have your hands full! Glad Maxie is able to eat enough for the moment. Hopefully he will be eating more soon. It must be a big adjustment for him.

We hope all works out with the dental bill and Tufts .

Amy and The House of Cats said...

That is great that Maxie is eating on his own! Have you talked to the vet about possibly compounding his medicine into an ear gel - sometimes they can do that and you just rub it into their ears - that way it is absorbed but doesn't upset their stomach. A lot of people don't know that it can be done (I learned about it on another blog a few months ago).

And that stinks about the billing - we hope it is easy to get it straightened out - the last thing you need is more headaches with the cost of vet bills!

We are still purring and praying for Maxie!

Harry Spotter said...

Good news about Maxie. YOur twins sound like they are a lot of fun. The party at the farm will be blast. Enjoy it all. They grow so fast.

Anonymous said...

WOW~ You sure are busy! We are happy to hear Maxie is eating more and we hope this continues.

The Lee County Clowder said...

We want to second the idea of the ear gel. Luna used that for a while for some of her medications. You would probably have to clear it with your good vet, but any compounding pharmacy should be able to make that mix.

The only problem with transdermal medications is sometimes the dosage is not quite as exact. On the other hand, 'some' versus 'none' is an even bigger difference ;).

Hang in there, Maxie. Eat! Eat!

Angel and Kirby said...

THe twins sound very caring! keep up the good work Maxie!