Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy father day and another update

Frist off this be Iris updateing for LL as she is in a mood and a half she dessied that she no longer like royal chain s/o he special food and is being a royal pain in the tail about it She eats a few bits and acts like we posiening her she onlly been eating for two year so now she ready to be a pain in the tail since maxie needs attenton

Now that that is done we like to tell you about father day. Today I desided being a princess meezer was a good day to cough up a hair ball on J side of the bed. Yup he steped in it frist thing I did not get a thank you though i got an IRIS GRACIE MAIRE YUCCKY. I worked hard on that fur ball i dont know why he was upset

Then mama feed us food i goobled it all down while miss fussy acted like the world was ending more for me. Mama said she talk to DR C tommrow or Dr stone about LL.
Mama made maxie tube feeding and feed him cleaned up the kicken she need to change the linner and scub out Maxie box up stairs so she poor extra litter in the extra linner started cleaning up down stairs and said once she came back down to get maxie tubes cleaned she go get it. It was a fresh box a girls got to go in a fresh box s both me and LL went in Maxie box to test it out.

Mama Laura then got every one ready to go out for the day. They had bresfest wiff Grandpa and then off to the state park for some swim time. Then the sky opened up and lighting and thunder came out so the state park was cut short it was okay buscese they got home just in time to feed Maxie.

Maxie seems better today he still eating a little mooshed food. But all he could think about was out. That is better becuse he getting his spunk back it used to be all he thought about was napping. He very very loney in his room Mama has to call the great Dr C and the great DR Stone tomrow to talk about LL and Maxie they just tough work.

mama said she got to go cuse she needs to Make Maxie feed followed by fuilds for LL

Iris princess meeezer reporting


Angel and Kirby said...

WE are sorry you did not get a thank you for your furball! WE are glad Maxie is feeling better!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Very good report, Iris. We hope LL gets her appetite back and eats her food. Glad Maxie is feeling spunky. And we think it was very nice of you to go to so much trouble to give your dad a Father's Day present.

Sparkle said...

It sounds like everyone is a little stressed out at your house! I think that during any other time you would have been properly thanked for your hairball. Hang in there!