Saturday, July 31, 2010

is it time yet ??

Maxie: Is it my gota day yet Lilly you know the day were we cellbrate me

Lilly: Not yet Maxie in 24 hours

Maxie Oh ... yet ?

Lilly No that was 24 seconds Maxie

Maxie... How about now

Lilly . No Maxie

Maxie ... oh... how about now is it time yet?

Lilly gets up to leave

Maxie: were you going Lilly ?

Lilly: To get your gota day gift

Maxie: What ya get me ?

Lilly: Postage stamps to attach to you for the next time you ask if it time yet.

Maxie: Oh so is it time yet?

It satday Blog hop with our new freinds from nip and bones

Thursday, July 29, 2010

To My Little lion club 2 years after i frist met you

Dear Maxie,

thank you for letting me take over your blog today. I know what you siad about nick names but i am sorry You will allways be my Little man Lion club no matter how old you get. Two years ago today I frist set eyes on you. I rember falling in love with you right away. I rember getting home and telling the girls your getting a new brother. I would not be able to pick you up for a few days due to the fact that you need to go to the vet for a cheek up. I left you with a long tailed mousie that day and you loved it. It was the frist time you had catnip.

During this past two year we goen though alot you and me. I came to know just who you were and love you so much. I often wonderd what i do if you get sick how i mange all your needs. Your need to be so indpent you need to try and express your self with your teeth and claws. You seemed to mellow alot this year and just settle in and let us know how much we love you and how much you loved us

What I learned is I would rise to the occcation I would ask for help I would learn new styles of taking care of cats. Iris LL and Mu shue are all mewo no bit but you on the other hand well your all bit very little mewo.

I love you more than words can say. I still feel bad that I aloud this person to touch you and betay both of our trust. You trusted me I messed up I wish a millon sorry would slove it take away your pain you have and make it all better.

Maxie I sorry I never make it all better you can not have curchies ever again but maxie we both learn to adjust and lean new ways and lean to love each other even more. I make one promice to you maxie here two years after i saw you for the frist time You will alway be my little lion club and i love you with all my heart. Thank you for being part of my family.


Your humman slave Mama Laura

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wrapped around our paws

We got mama laura wraped around are paws you see it goes something like this. as you head halo has desised to stop selling my chicken dinner sprinkles they so nummy they what i love most of all in the whole world well next to chicken crublebles. I wont touch food unless it has a heavy lay of chicken sprinkles on top.
mama when to esplely for pet becuse we out of evo even though we order more mama said it not coming soon enough well why she was there she found two bottle of my chicken sprinkles she found 20 on line yesterday but we need as meany as we can get.

so she grabed the last two. and went up to the conter.

Mamma excusise me do you have any more halo dinner party chicken flovored?

Sales lady: Umm no there discutioning this proditic i am sorry

Mamma: Could you call other stores and she if they have them and could pull them off the self for me i picke them up

Sales lady why are you so obsesed with the chicken dinner party

Mama; it my cat Maxie shows picter on cell phone. He wont eat with out a heavy layet of chicken sprinles.

Sales Lady: have you tryed liv-a-little

Mama: those have to be crubled my cat can't eat chunksy mama starts to cry

sales:lady you could put it in a plastic bag and uses a rolling pin

Mama: yea sure it would only add more time onto my 35 mins it takes to make his meals. I already getting to sleep at one after i am done with him i guess i could make it 1:30

you see maxie cant eat soild food he went to the dentist and they burned his whole espousous top to bottome he had a feeding tube but now he can eat can food with no lumps but he takes medication two time daily i have to grid them up and fouse him to eat it. Please can you help me with finding chiken sprinkles. Did i menton his gota day is on suday. I spent over 6,000 in medical bills on him. I just need him to eat Well i could cheek

she starts makeing phone calls too all the other stores telling them maxie story She said can I have an adress we like to ship them to you we located 20 between all the stores

Oh yes

it is

She then goes to the self and takes of 6 pakage of liv-a-littles and said to me these are on the house. Tell the little guy happy got-a-day from his freinds at espely for pets.

Mama: crying thank you for helping my maxie. you only charged me for the two sprinkles can i pay for the rest. No there from us to the little man the sales lady said.

Mama came home and give me my yummy lunch with a think layer of chicken sprinkels it great to have a maam who wraped around my paws

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Mom on Monday

Dear Mama Laura

today we all have one message MORE FREZED DRIED CHICKY. Yes to halo chicken dinner party Yes to Halo liv-a-little crubled on our food or soked in water yes yes yes. Yes to chicken crubles yes to chicken did we tell you we love chiken by the way Iris and maxie say yes to Nip too

Thank you for your attenton and investing in chick-hen we love it so by the way pet-co you off the list becuse you no longer caring my chick-hen dinner party

Lilly Lu, Iris and Maxie

***** I just found out that halo has discoued maxie dinner sprinklers i spent the morning bying out 3 stors of all i could find of dinner sprinkles Maxie would strave if he dose not have this

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whats going on on wesday

Well It seem that LL has been snacking though out the day. LL who never liked stick goodness when left for her now wants maxie sticky goodness and has pushed him out of the way to get it. we will start to ween her of cyrporohepine part of me loves having he on it becuse she so freindly but she now only thinking of food food food.

This means were back to stage one on how much Maxie is eating. Yesteday he ate a half can on evo and a half can of core at night. He seems like his engey needs are being meet however i will call dr c just to be sure when she come back next week.
He alSO need a fur shave as one side of his furr his so matterd beusce of all he went though.

Iris licked one of her scabs off her sores on her back but it seems okay she went to the new vet for a cheek up.

Other new we heard from the bad vet. They gave us back the Money from the dental for maxie and said they pay 1000 and want to look at his reccord and might offfer more. They said that they would offer care there for life but felt follow up care from a new vet practice was not okay there for said no to anyone but them. i will not take maxie back there. I also got the frist I am sorry of this whole time it came from the offce manger she also said she knew for a fact that no one ment to hurt maxie and that dr lenord feels very bad to i am so agery at him.

I will never take maxie back there it not fair to him to have to go back. I can not trust he be safe there and I need to think about whats fair to Maxie

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Mamma on Monday

Dear Mama Laura,

We have a few things we like to say. We do not like all the nick names coming out of your mouth like Prince ginger Fussy Tail and his sister Princess strees meezer and Fluffy spotty, and Mazie , And Iris do you have to be so loud? Maxie you cost a Millon

The nick names should be

Queen Lilly You can feed me more kibble Lu

Prince Maxie you can have any food you, and all the nip want Millon

Princess Iris yes I get the mousie for you and play with you more Meezeir Garcie Maire

Thank you for you attention to this matter

The Royal cats of the house

Friday, July 16, 2010

F stands for Fussy and Finkenie on Fiday

Maxie aeems to be doing okay LL had a clean out day but is back to need another laxtive as what worked once now is back to not working again. She eating okay I not too worried about her.

Maxie on the other hand he likes somthing one moment the next he hates it. He figered out i put his meds in his food and thinks i am posineg him. If he not 100% I am going to talk to Dr stone who maxie loves on monday

Iris had a slight raise in her Prozic and spent time with her cat shrink. I always wonder if she meezer he dislike but seem better with some nip and has been having some nip party with Maxie and some puple mousie that the both Iris and Maxie have landed belly up in the middle of the living room more than once

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why On wedsady

Why dose chicken toping only tast good as a toping not mixed into food - Maxie

Why dose the ball never come out of the track on matter how hard i try- Maxie

WHy dose the zoom groom make me drool but i hate thr fur emaatior = Maxie

Why dose the canip banna not as much fun as the catnip apple filled of the same nip?= Maxie

Why can't there be more play time? - irs

Why food tast so yummy after LL has eaten from the bowl - Irs

Why cant I mama arm dont have barrrys for endless howrs of feather on a sirck - Iris

Why dose te air tast better at the back door but i want nothing to do with the sreaned in proch ?

Why dise the water in the fountin tast better after maxie washed his feet in it ? - LL

Just some questins on are mind

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Maxie apptie seems way down in the last few days he licks the chicken topoing off his food but nothing more he eats a little. I gave him his stumatie today but i wonder if he burned his ephoughous when he got into what i thought he could not get into and regaated he doing his little tough thing more. I not sure if it becuse i am also shoveing food on him at every turn becuse i want him to eat so badly and dont want to go back to tufts. Gosh maxie just eat you food and stop asking for the curchies. We almost had a near disater with curchies. Lilly Lu was begging for dinner and I had locked up Maxie for the night and I went to feed her dinner No sooner then i put her curnchies in a bowls Maxie come running in. J did not know why he was locked up so he unlocked him when he said good night to him. But no harm was done no chunchies were ingested by the wrong cat.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Ode to Crunchie

Crunchies crunchie chunchies
I would to muchie munchie munchie
soking you till your soft is not same
I wish we would never part
I dream of chunch chunch i wish i could munch munch

Side not make can not eat any dry food that has not been pre soked due to his struchter and he could chock and he could reguate eating it. However this is all he thinks about he tys to get it at every trun he just wants to have it

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Whats up in are house

i lL got draged to Dr C yesterday i had only been eating a few bits I used to eat more. She said normal she admitt but since I am LL and she know me she put me on Cyproheperide and a new laxtive I ate some yesterday I even mewoed to mama that i wanted food/ Mama thinks I am a Nibbler and that prart of my problem since Maxie cant eat kibble and I can only eat Kibble. Mama wanted to make a kitty door for me but thats not going to work out pluse that fact maxie is Hudnni he can get out or into anything. He said it his taltet.

Maxie is cone free for the frist time in a long time since 5/20 this morning he got him self in a mood and got his tail all in a knot and climb under the bed

Iris has blad spots from over grooming she stop short of licking her self to she braking skin. She very sentive to change Mama said to iris if you dont stop your going for coach time. Thats iris behavioal dr. Mama called them and he agreed iris need to be back on prozac becuse she a sensitive meezer who dose not handle change. Iris said she dose handle it by Meezing at the top of her lungs

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It Lilly Lu turn ....

we been in the middle of a heat wave here and we only have window ac and LL refuses to to stay in a room wiff AC and she only eaten a few bits mama caling Dr C. also pleae purr a meezer in my nabor hood she gone missing and we seen sings at the super duper market that coytos were around and two cats were missing

Iris ( Who is the only cat in this house not sick and staying in side at all times)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Mom On monday

Dear Mama,

I like to call to your attetion that you have two hands one should be suching my ears at all time while. There has been a lack of srunching going on and my ears love scrunching


Dear Mama,

I know you just bought two bags of hills but i told you if you by too much food i will change my mind and not eat it. I know it was on sale at are vet but i like my food gotten daily do we have to repet this again. Also will you do somthing about the big ornoge fur ball in my crown bed expect for saying he had a hard time he can sleep any were .

Dear mama,

Last we we talked about feather on a stick. But this we need to talk about feather but mousie there behind the couch and i am too little to move it. Please get my toys also more feather on a stick and more food I do not like this feeding thing becuse of maxie it makes me mad


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 2nd brithday

Happy 2nd brithday to my faviort set of twins and my girl ashlynn I love you I be here to help read you a story at bed time I be the ornge cat on your pink blanket sugling your feet

we start off brithday weekend with ice cream sunday party

Topmmrow we hit the beach for a cookout and a brithday firworks.

On monday we have a splash park/ Fram party

Friday, July 2, 2010

Maxie a tube feed gradate

Maxie went and saw dr C yesterday. I waraped him in his grizzy and off he went to tufts and to see dr c so she could pull out his tube and clean off his sight. He now has a boo boo and he came home and ate and then ate around a can of food. He seems like he getting fusser I might just give him some soking wet kibble or some of his old foodleaned with chicken on it he always seems to ejoy that. He was all about cuddling for a while he still has a pretty nasty sore so he needs to be keeped in side. I just have to wipe it down i almost freaked out becuse was bleeding but dr c insured me all was okay and as long as it was just ozzing to wipe it down and not to panic. We getting a new kitty door with a lock out on it for all cats but LL since she needs to eat speacal stones food and iris eats at times and sticks her noise up at her food. LL is such a grazer she eat a few bits walk away eat a few more birs.

Maxie like that but i am hopeing with access only to can food this is what he be happy with.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Want to be a Part of Maxie Miracle ?

Okay cats here the deal Mama is were the very frist One. The are her Blue and yellow just like maxie quit. The look like the Live strong bracelets we selling them for a doation of 10 green papers for a braclet each braclet will come with a picture Of Maxie and instutions on how to get to the Mericals for Maxie blog and take a picuter wereing the braclet or near it so we know who purring for him So hit up are doation button and order one and make sure you leave a adress so we can send you the info