Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wrapped around our paws

We got mama laura wraped around are paws you see it goes something like this. as you head halo has desised to stop selling my chicken dinner sprinkles they so nummy they what i love most of all in the whole world well next to chicken crublebles. I wont touch food unless it has a heavy lay of chicken sprinkles on top.
mama when to esplely for pet becuse we out of evo even though we order more mama said it not coming soon enough well why she was there she found two bottle of my chicken sprinkles she found 20 on line yesterday but we need as meany as we can get.

so she grabed the last two. and went up to the conter.

Mamma excusise me do you have any more halo dinner party chicken flovored?

Sales lady: Umm no there discutioning this proditic i am sorry

Mamma: Could you call other stores and she if they have them and could pull them off the self for me i picke them up

Sales lady why are you so obsesed with the chicken dinner party

Mama; it my cat Maxie shows picter on cell phone. He wont eat with out a heavy layet of chicken sprinles.

Sales Lady: have you tryed liv-a-little

Mama: those have to be crubled my cat can't eat chunksy mama starts to cry

sales:lady you could put it in a plastic bag and uses a rolling pin

Mama: yea sure it would only add more time onto my 35 mins it takes to make his meals. I already getting to sleep at one after i am done with him i guess i could make it 1:30

you see maxie cant eat soild food he went to the dentist and they burned his whole espousous top to bottome he had a feeding tube but now he can eat can food with no lumps but he takes medication two time daily i have to grid them up and fouse him to eat it. Please can you help me with finding chiken sprinkles. Did i menton his gota day is on suday. I spent over 6,000 in medical bills on him. I just need him to eat Well i could cheek

she starts makeing phone calls too all the other stores telling them maxie story She said can I have an adress we like to ship them to you we located 20 between all the stores

Oh yes

it is

She then goes to the self and takes of 6 pakage of liv-a-littles and said to me these are on the house. Tell the little guy happy got-a-day from his freinds at espely for pets.

Mama: crying thank you for helping my maxie. you only charged me for the two sprinkles can i pay for the rest. No there from us to the little man the sales lady said.

Mama came home and give me my yummy lunch with a think layer of chicken sprinkels it great to have a maam who wraped around my paws


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow that lady is awesome! If we lived there we would totally shop there just from that story! And how great that you found a bunch of the chicken sprinkles!

We looked online and they are still listed on the halo site to purchase - we think you should try and buy all the ones they have left before they are gone. The link to the product page is Also try, because we saw it there and it wasn't listed as unavailable (all the other places we looked say currently unavailable)

Harry Spotter said...

What a nice lady. I am so sorry about your food. Maybe you find something you like even better. Keep us posted. Have a good night sweetie.

Katnip Lounge said...

There is something special coming up for that saleslady...good karma! It's so nice to hear about people being kind.

Angel and Kirby said...

That was a very compassionate sales lady and group of stores! WE are glad you are fixed up for a while. If Mom can tell us the brand name and we can check around here?

Ikaika said...

Good karma, indeed! And yay for Mama Laura! You kitties have a very special mom!

Keisha said...

Mmmm... chicken! :)