Sunday, May 25, 2008


Iris here Let me tell you what Lilly did. at 3:30 am she jumped on the bed and keeped walking all over mama and mr BG. after meny no Lilly stop it just did not work. So she picked her up opened the door and tossed her into the hallway and guess what I walked out to see why she was being thow out like that and was greated wiff a slamed door. I had no choice but to yowal I can not be spreated from mama Laura becuse you never know when the worst might happen like your apt might have a major fire. So it my job to be next to her at all times. How ever Miss Lilly Lu then went to grandma door got it opened and jumped on to her to walk all over her. Grandma picked her back up and Said Laura Lilly wants to be with you and closed us back in. That started everything all over again. Mama got up to feed her and she dessed she did not want breskfest any more. Mama said bad words about Lilly then to pay her back Lilly caughed up the biggest hair ball you ever seen in your life. I not kidding this this was two Iris and a Mu shue. Speaking about the big guy he earned him self one those cone collor last night he was furry glad to see mama Laura and made at her for leaving. Mama was worked becuse it seemed hard for him to drink wiff this thing on his head and his cone was a mess from food.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Moveing on .....

I just cant wait any longer for stuff i may never see again. I am living in what could have been not what is. There are 24 of us left. in the worst part of the building. I am one of the last 24. I have desied that at this point it all trash. I cant live in what was. I have a new apt and i not even spent one night there are becuse i am still getting it ready. I need to brake out from under my mother's wings. I am going to have a family soon I can stay her while doing it. Right now it all up to insunce pepole and lawers who battle it out on our behalf. I am hoping next sunday will be the magic day the frist night there.

Iris here Guess what did you know that yowling in the ear works best to not only wake up your fur sibbling but your mama and Mr BG too. I get hungery in the middle of the night and need a little snack I need someone to come watch me eat so i have no choice but to yowal at the top of my lungs.

I have a wapping lesson. Did you know if you wap your mama engment ring off her browwor and try and play with it and then get it hidden under the broww that he face will trun red very fast. I wonder if Sammy done that !!!!! I have to ask him. Oh it also get you put in time out that leads to more yowling. Lilly said she wants to were her first post fire outfit the freinds At CB gave her to Karl and Russ wedding. Beucse it the most love filled outfit yet !!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Light truned out

no moving will happen this weekend Mu shue stressed out Lilly beoned streested I took her to the new place for a few mins frist thing she did is run into a closet and the door fell off the track almost hitting her. I had no idea it was that losses. Now she may never uses the box again sigh

a light at the end of the tunnle

JPI is not letting me into the old place they clam they have a "magic list" of everything we owned and what is and not savagble and that i can see this list today at two and a moving compney will be able to just come on to the property at 8 am on sat to get my stuff out of my building they will not be doing moving as it will all be brought down for us to see. so they say I not relly sure what to make of the whole thing.

Lilly Lu has to go back to the vet also her popping out of the box is back she refuses to pop in the box at all !!! popping every were a box is not. I dont want to lock her up causeing more emotinal stress on her. She runs away as soon as she is decoved and tends to try and hold it till it dark and quite. Mu shue may need to go to the vet soon too.

I am almost ready for the cats last few things we need food bowls, and i need to get fenline way for stress, and a heated cat bed for the BG and i say I be ready to give it a shot next week

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy mothers day and one month.

How to let this day to all the mothers out there. We love you you all the best mothers to your furbabbys. A special mothers day wish goes out to all the first-time mothers may your first Mother's Day be filled with joy and happiness.

Today marks one month since the fire broke out in my apartment. I have not been allowed back inside and it looks like I may not be allowed back in in the foreseeable future. It's very sad to me because I believe my stuff with nonfat damage but I have no access. This required me to have to replace stuff. It sad thinking I know my burrow is fine but yet i cant get it and i need a place to put stuff. I was able to go to Ikka and they gave us 500 gift card we then spent about 500 more. Let me tell you I never going back there again. It takes two hours just to walk the floor then you have to go pick up your own stuf it was 4 hour trip. We did get a Pong chair just like Kazie Chase and Latte. My mom also saw a cute cat hut she almost got for mu shue. He used to have a wicker one he loved. I like to say I sorry for the lack of updates and thank you all for the gifts. Iris want you all to know she loves loves loves her new moucie and her long tailed purrple and bule mousie and her catnip pupple and bule one. I saveing one set for her to play with her grizzy quit. She loves to hide mousie under things then go in for the kill. I was able to exachange some rewards points of my creit card toget a digtal carma. I all need is bartttys and a memmory card and I good to go. I try and put new picuter as soon as i get it up

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tulip did it Not me I still cute iris you got to love me !!!

Good news tuilp iris alrta has show up again. I not seen tulip since the fire. But last night tuilp was at it again. In the atick were staying there is a chest of draws we have I put my purse and cell phone there and some other things last night i woke up to tulip dropping things on my head. and today Tuilp was yowaling in lilly lu ear when she been sleeping too long and wanted to play. And she pounced on mu shue. every time I try and tell Iris no she gets all kingy and cute and then craws or purrs agaist my leg as she purrfect. Well i know she is ......
New apt update I grabed the keys and found that the bathroom floor was flooded. I taked to the maintince man the problem is my naboiors upstair tub needs to come out. They need a plummer. My aswere to the I not putting anything in there till thats done. And Please don't burn down another building. I move in next weekend with some stuff. I only got a very little. So far no access to the frist apt. The worst thing is the memorys gone. Mostly of kayla are the one i am upset about. I only had those in there. Also Tiddy cats wants to help us out how cool is that !!!You were all right I moved a box to the conner were she was pooping so she went to the other conner. Now we have boxes in all four conners of the room and the two in the center for mu shue. She always goes to the conners. I guess she just a conner girl. No new litter was used. The only litter she goes on is world best kitty litter. She has this problem off and on I think it stress

Thursday, May 1, 2008

wiat one second mu shue (iris)

i been so lucky this week i got mousie and other toys as you all know all are toys were in are mousie shaped toy box in the fire. sigh so they no good any more. But this week i got some new ones I LOVE TOYS yesterday the best toy came one those long mousie with the tail. Oh it was so much fun. I love to play catch wiff mama and there i was playing and Mu shue came long and grabed it by the tail and dragged it back to his hideing place. I was so mad. He stole the most wonderful toy in the world from me. My mama said to just let him have it. But we talking a long long tailed catnip mousie i love this thing I had no choice but to pounce on him. I got sent to time out and i yowaled and yowaled becuse mama Laura shut a door on me and i do not like to be away from her for one second. But in the end she pulled out the zoom groom so mu shue and i could both be groomed and we were happy. I need another long tailed mousie though

Oh yea i have one more thing dose any cat know how to get lilly lu to stop doing her poop in the connner of the room insted of the box. She dose manged to pee in the box but refeing to poop there.