Thursday, May 15, 2008

a light at the end of the tunnle

JPI is not letting me into the old place they clam they have a "magic list" of everything we owned and what is and not savagble and that i can see this list today at two and a moving compney will be able to just come on to the property at 8 am on sat to get my stuff out of my building they will not be doing moving as it will all be brought down for us to see. so they say I not relly sure what to make of the whole thing.

Lilly Lu has to go back to the vet also her popping out of the box is back she refuses to pop in the box at all !!! popping every were a box is not. I dont want to lock her up causeing more emotinal stress on her. She runs away as soon as she is decoved and tends to try and hold it till it dark and quite. Mu shue may need to go to the vet soon too.

I am almost ready for the cats last few things we need food bowls, and i need to get fenline way for stress, and a heated cat bed for the BG and i say I be ready to give it a shot next week


NinjaCat said...

We hope things start to turn around for you guys now! Good luck on your move and all the best!

Brenda & Ninja

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

We also hope things turn around for you sweeties. Good luck!