Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maxie Funk

Maxie seems to be in a funk the last few days not relly sire i can put my finger on it his appptite is way down he only eating about 1/2 what he normaly dose and he just seems off. I do not know if it becuse of Mikey and Callie rose or if theres something else he just seems to be in some sort of funk

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why we got Callie Rose and Mikey

It all started awhie ago with Ash she can be tough but inside she a sweet girl she very much loves amamamls hores pigs cats and care very deeply for all of them. All 3 kids love amammals. But asj seemed always worried about cats having homes she also seems to be blessed with a gift when it comes to maxie she tell me just what he thinking and she been right too. However she been asking for a new cat for along as i can rember she even got her sister My to ask for one there been drawing them none stop playing Kitty Kity. kitty tea party as well as other games all things Kitty, This year for x-mas i had the kids right letters to santa ash asked for a kitty and got my to ask for one too. How could santa not repond but the problem was we were going away for the mouth of Jauray also i do not belive in give kittys as gifts I wanted to make sure it was all right I wrapped up some food and some food bowls and a few toys and we told ash and my that santa had talked to us and when we found the right kitty we get it bit not till we got back they were happy with this answer.

as soon as we got back I looked at a shelter cats picked two out but never put money down on them and when we went back  one was adopted.  While sadden I told the girls it just santa did not think they were the right cats for are house,

I emauled Maire she runns the shetter Iris came from she meet all the kids and the cats she would know the right cat  she said she was so glad i emailed she had the cat for us. "buff" she said i thought it was a mu shue look a like and sweet. When we got there Buff would not give us the time of day But another cat who looked like Lilly Lu adopted the kids all of them I knew he was the cat I told Maire that our Mikey then another cat adopted me she sat in my lap . The girls said we want a  girl cat too. I said great I taking this one I love her she my cat.

Why now Lilly Lu is not what she was when she was a kitten she mostly sleeps unless Maxie and iris make her run but it was becomeing less and less Maxie was also  not the same play cat Iris so needs. Mikey was that answer I was worried how Maxue woukd haddle it an accoding to ash she said she reasueed maxie he number 1 he always be number 1 and Mikey is Dylan cat who Mikey adords Dylan.

Callie Rose has truned out to be purfect for Maxie she Very dosle and lets maxie do eveything he want  he always leads and she follows she very much looks up to Maxie , She rather sit in Lap then his speical pinl blanet or never on his grizzy when it quite and there a lap that where Callie Rose will be,

I glad she such a lap cat i not had a true lap cat since Kayla 10 years ago.

Monday, April 25, 2011

In Memory Of a great freind

I like to poston my gota day celbartion and take a min to honner a great Cat. My mama meet Mom paula last summer when maxie had just been given his merical they talked about mu shue and this day if and when it should come how mom handed mu shue day, last night we told mi shue the sweet Preinie would be joining him and to  give her a speical welcome Today it rained mu shue sing of i love you . She at peace nw but we pray for mama paula who idid the harest thing and give her one last final gift

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the easter loot Happy Gota Day Lilly Lu

Well the easter bunny left us each a basket. So we start bloging about them

Lilly Lu - that stupid bunny left  me toys and sugested i stop sleeping so much and maybe play with them  My eggs were empty and I got a pink blanket and a  ball for my dinner kibble  why would i want to work to get my food I perfur it right out in a blow  bending down is enouch work wiff my

Maxie- I got eggs full of teats  and a bag of teats and nip a catnip apple and a banna I also got a new toy bug to play with

Callie Rose- I got a basket full of treats but maxie said i should give him all mine and i did I got a catnip apple again Maxie said I should give it to him and since he wanted it I gave it to him a new bed Maxie said he should test that out and he got his furr all over it I also got a lazar toy Maxie said he wanted so he took that But I got a cool basket for my self maxie said i could keep it

Iris- I got treats Balls Fuzzy mousie a coool bug toy  and  a nipp nanna  and a nipp apple

Mikey I got the same as Iris with eatra mousie iris and I played played played we also got a new track toy that is so cool  I love Iris she the coolest

The Burps each got a basket and went on easter egg hunt it was a fun day then the went over to Mr Bg house for dinner mama brought her own since she on this vegan deit kick she said LL you should try it I lost 15 lbs

Side note LL was brought home t day 10 years ago at  9 mounth old she was sent to me by Kayla and she a great cat I love her

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hoppy easter

Callie Rose - Maxie Maxie wake up the easter bunny stole lilly lu pick crown bed and is sleeping in it.

Maxue- No  Callie Rose your wrong

Callie Rose- But i know what i saw it has bunny ears and it sleeping and Lilly Lu bed  and it huge just like lillu lu

Maxie - Nope Callie Rose look closer it just Lillu Lu I put bunny ears on her to see if she wake up and she just keeps sleeping mubleing somthing about why was her eater basket not filled with green and just some toys and a note saying she shoud excises .

Callue Rose- Oh good i got scared Maxue my basket was full of treats i coud share wiff Lilly lu

Maxe- Nope callie Rose do not do that this is the voice of expincince share treats wiff lilly lu your never get any for you self then  only time she fast is when it come to eat and sleeping that what Lillu Lu dose best

Friday, April 22, 2011

NOT Fair by Lilly Lu

I just found out Mikey Iris and Maxie and Callie Rose  are getting more food then me it seems that since they move more than just to the food bowl and then back to the pink crown bed by playing and chancing each other they uses more enfery and get more food I do not think this is fair and I demaed larger sticky goodness Maxi and Callie Rose each  gets a whole large can and a 1/2 of evo mikey and Iris get two cans they eat out of the same bowl and a cup of kibble Mikey wil not eat out of any other bowl but the one iris has used and me i get one small can mixed with a very little bit of kibble to slow me down and 1/8 a cup of kibble and when i am done i am done no second no nothing Just empty dishes untill there cleaned . do yiu seee my point and injiustices has been done to my tummy

Lilly Lu

earth day tips

Lilly  Lu  Earth day tip- Always by the large size in treats like geenies and temp-tay-tions  you be saving the pacgaking and fill up my tummy more

Maxie eath day Tip bubba Love  catnip come in a blulk one pound bag save the paging and get more nip it orongic so it not grown with cemicals and  grown right here in the USA

Iris and Mikey Tip there are lots of fun eath freindly toys that you can by us are favorit is the Church

Caliie Rose it never hurts to use a recliced nap spot for examle when maxie is done napping i just uses that spot it still warm  and works just as well

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Common Ground - Maxie

99 % of the time i can not stand that Mikey he been loving on my mom and my girl and stole iris from me and uses my post . But last night i was nice to him and we found common ground, He is a plastic licker just like me he loves it we both spent time licking the same plastic bag  on the dry cleaning goo figger Plastict


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am speical by Iris

I beem noticeing  my name is a little off

There  is Lilly

they al end in the E sound and Iris just dose not I mewoed to my mama about this and she said do not worir my little munchkin you do have and E sounding name  your middle name Is Gracie and becuse you were named after one of my favort flowers i never hand thought of a better name for such a speical Meezer.

Then I mewoed If i am so special why do i not get more treats and always yelled at. Mamam answer was iris munchkin you make life instresting and are family is better for you and if you want I start calling you Iris Garcie  No i like just Plan Iris

Monday, April 18, 2011


well tonight was passover and my mama was incharge lots of  yummy smells every were she was haveing 15 pepole for a sader she had each of the kids learn one of the four questions in herbrew and she had paracted the 4th her self she had a vegaratrin , a vegan, omvorises over and she was going to have a huge sader  she started cokking yesterday and today she made the strawary soup and the walnit salda and last she started on the carrort percimmime she had to adopt this respes for her great grandmothers she landed up almost chopping off her mudde figer with a bender and landed up in the ER wiff four stiches frist she thought she go to her dr and they told her no go to the hospital well today is also boston marthon day and we live right by were all the running is and they aksi run by the hosputal where she was going Grampa would not stop and tell the cop she need to go to the hosputal so they laned up takeing a very long way to the hospital in two towns over tonight mr BG had to feed us he not as good as mama he dose not open the can right and mix my food 6 times to the left and fold a 1/4 ciup of kibble in it slowly making sure that all the chicken touches the kibble and he did not make sure i got my aptizer of a little bit of stones kibble in a blow that i get while he make my food.  I am very up set I need my mamma figger to be better

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I would have to save my self now - Lilly lu

Today Mamma was cooking for passover and dinner and she splashed something on the stove and it started smoking  and the smoke detor went off and I looked around and new that sound Maxie sleeped though the whole thing but me I crouched down real low and hid in the TV stand but I relized that if there were another emencey I would have to save my self  That supid Maxie and Callie Rose sleeped though the whole thing Mikey ran into the kirchen and wanted to know if he could get some food Iris keeped playing GEZZZZ these sibling of mine are good for nothing and that Mikey he runs into the face of danger I think they all should go and I should get there food.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

That is it Mikey Has got to Go By Lilly Lu

That Mikey Cat has got to go I am united with Maxie on this one He stole my pink crown bed today and sleeped in it.  Maxie used to do that but he learned PINK CROWN IS MINE and MINE alone. I relly let him know who in charge I wapped him big time and  even bit his neck Maxie said Good did i get rewared with greenies no I got the spray bottle and told i have to share and that maybe I should not be so posisvie of the pink crown this is the last paw that Mikey needs to find a new home  one that he can have his own pink crown and not steal mine

Friday, April 15, 2011

living life Mikey Style

Hi It me Mikey  I like to tell you all about me me me and how i spend my days. Frist thing I do is find Iris and we play play play our favort game is to wait for that Lilly Lu to come in a door way and pounce on her and make her run run runn iris helped me by pouncing on me. Then it nap time for me and Iris Iris said you just need to leave the maxie alone. But not me he fun to pick on too I love to push him out of sun spot and off the bed Iris said I am cureing for a bursing becuse that Maxie he growling hiss and swats at me  every chance he gets He said He hate me and he hates me Loveing on his mama who now my mama too and i tryed to steal his girl and I am not taking his sun spots he sure spends alot of time hissing he wont even take treets when i am in the room. Oh well his loss there lots of fun stuff here today Iris showed me the brids we we just at the window and i was going nuts  Mama always said I look just like LL and I should be nicer to her becuse she my twin Frist off i much skinnyer and faster and more fun then she is. Mama said she was a kitten too one can you belive that. LL is getting ready to celbrate her gota day she asked for  4. one money for  feline winn 2. no me 3. no Maxie 4. no Iris  she said Callie rose can stay along as she dont touch her food

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Callie Rose update

Hi every one it me Callie Rose I just wanted to do an update I love my new home there so meany laps and That Maxie he relly just a big ol softy if you let him do what he wants you just need to know not to take his stupid pink blanket . Thats fine with me I sit right on a lap insted of a pink blanket I no longer locked up i around to go all over the house I try and stay way from mikey and Iris I love nip but not with Maxie as he become a diffent cat on nip. 

I am a very peaceful cat I rather be a lover then a fighter a lap sister then a blanket sitter a  greenie loveing food gobbleing cat.  It hard to get food that LL eats very fast so she has her own space to eat and Maxie needs to eat alone too something about it habbit since he got hurt,  He dose not look hurt to me he gobble down a blow of cunchies almost as fast as that LL . I Know i going to like it here I glad i got adopted by the best family ever

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we forgot about hero day

Lilly Lu Gather Mikey  Maxie  Callie Rose and Iris

Now listen Maxie, Mikey and Callie Rose Iris and I want to tell you a story.  I will start 3 years ago the lived a cat named Mu shue thats why Maxie and Mikey you names both start with an M becuse your named in honner of him  He was a old cat when Iris came He said he never liked me very much and often tired to boss me around but when push came to shove he did love me alot. He take good care of my stuff when i was sick and never complained when he was sick. He was mama Frist pet and the reson were all live with the best mama in the world becuse he showed her how to love. His pictures still hang on the wall,  3 years ago there was a Fire in Mama compment she left for the day and never thought anything of leaving she kissed Me Mu Shue and Irirs good bye only to come home at lunch and find her place was on fire. The Fire was the worst in the unit accoss the hall from us are place was smokey no one could find us for 3 days. But never fear we were okay. Mu shue saved me and Iris that day, We asked him what happend and he told us in his own words.  That it was very loud and smokey and he need to make sure we be okay Mamma desk had a hinding spot just big enough for him and iris but he had to help me frist so he helped me hide way far back under stuff  in the closet. Iris did not want to go and he Draged her by the skin of her neck saving her into the draw then he sat on top of her so she stay safe. He said he was just doing his Job but he was doing more thats the type of cat he was. He became very sick after with Lemphomia and ran off to the bridge with his sole mate Kayla where he is healed and Happy he stil sends down sings. He helped us find you Maxie. And last year when you were so sick Mama prayed to him and asked him to save you and said she could not stand the pain of loseing you and you got better. Mu shue was just that type cat he never wanted to see mama sad. He loved her the most  Mikey you know that Green Grizzy you took over well that was Mu shue his favort quit he went to the bridge wraped in it, And I know he be glad your useing it  So when it raining tomrow look up to the sky and think of Mu shue  Wiford Pooh King cat.

Lilly tucks the Kitten Mikey in his green grizzy and said goodnight to Maxie Callie Rose and Iris 

Monday, April 11, 2011

That Mikey By Lilly Lu and Maxie

Well I Lilly Lu am still not a Maxie fan on the rate of Maxie or Mikey I going to have to pick the big ornge goof ball . Why he still  not nice to me all the time he far better then that Mikey and he do not like Mikey one bit eather . so  Maxie and I hang out togher in his room. Iris is in love with Mikey they always toghter she calls him her New BFF they cluddle toghter and play togher.

Callie Rose is okay we all like her , But I going to let maxie tell you about the other day with mikey

Maxie here yesterday Mikey had the never to play with my track ball toy i not played with it in a while but it still mine sometime i lke to rub aggest the card board ,So when he played with it I whent nuts and well after i got him to run off I batted at the track ball once just to show im I still could and then walked away that Mikey needs to know he can not play with my toys love on my mama or my girl and he cant take my nap spots and steal my best freind

Friday, April 8, 2011

grummble grummble hiss growl - Maxie

You would not belive what they did to me I was the  head of this house hold it was good to be the man  Cat i had my girl my mom my pink blanket my own room my own bed  my own sisters who worship me and i can bug well every thing changed I could tolaralr a  new sister he naame is callie Rose she okay but when she try to take my sun sopts of sleeps on my side of the big bed on the pink blanket then watch out but she learning but this other male cat he invateigng on my space he loving on my mama and my girl he stealing my best pay mate he scartching my pole that i worked hard to get just right he need to go. Mama said Maxie get over it Mikey is here to say Well not if i have anything to say about that, I have now taken to showing who boss i will not eat sticky goodness well only a little and will on eat crunchy just to show her who the boss also i only get treats when he around well i don't what them then becuse i am too mad at him

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet MIke

HI I am Mikey  I am a 9 mouth old male who loves to play and be around pepole and other cats I am a pretty mellow boy with lots of engery . I love my new Family I knew I would when they came into the sheter to look at Buff I would not let them leave with out me there   I purrd loved clamed rolled i showed my tummy i made biskets on there leg i jumped into there arms Maire she runs the sheter she said UMM I think Bascscoti loves you and they chose me however they also chocie my sister who was Cara but now is Callie Rose  she alot less engery then me.

I worked hard to come to this family. Guess what there a long fur female verson of me with a few extra spots and a black tail  she calles her shelF Queen Lilly Lu Iris and I are best freinds she taught me how to play Lilly lu in the center we cant get enough of it poor Lilly but Iris is right she makes the best toy,

There a male cat who all hissy at me something about he dose not want me loveing on his mamma and he the man and i just the thing and that i cant love on his girl eather so he hiss at me every time he sees me

well that it from here


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Callie Rose

Knock Knock is this thing on, I hope so My name was Cara but now I got a new name called Callie Rose Muffin Maire but you can call me Callie Rose The other girl who lives her "lilly Lu said so you be able to call me CR but for right now why i get to know my new name and home I like Callie Rose.

Let me tell you about my self I am 6 years Young calico Long fured cat I had a home were my owner died i when she die the family did not want me and instend of finding me a home left me out side to fend for my self this was very hard since i been declawed lucky a shelter voltree found me and took pitty on me But i was never at home there I like other cats but there were just cars every were. Two days a go a nice family walked in I could tell this women loved cats and I could tell this family loved cats. The women was nice she spoke quitly to me and i head bonked her and sat in her lap I was sad when the family choice Biscotti over me as he was way out going and going overbord to get a home i just sat silightely and knew that moment would come and then the women said I want this one she'll be my Callie Rose and next thing i knew papers were filled out and Saterday I got a forever home. I am still very shy this house now has me and my freind from the shelter who was Biscottti but know loves his knew name of mikey much better and A cat who plays alot A cat who sleep alot and a Oronge cat Who dose not like mikey one bit he mewo he rules the house . All i know is i am thankful for a warm bed a kind heart and a forever home

Callie Rose

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big chages

Hi all it Lilly Lu Iris and Maxie we going to tell you what beeing going on. Well we lets start wiff the smaller stufff two of are post were well warn out very well loved and they need to be replaced mama looked and looked for fun post you see me and maxie do not like Sisla to sratch purr carpet for us so mama found lots ones with sisla and so she found a few relly cute one on line well maxie took to them right away making sure he sracteched and scrached them.

Then are computer blows up smoke came flying out of the thing mama had never seen anything like it well i had to help mama pick out a new computer with pink spots becuse i love pink spots

I been smelling like poo alot becuse of the melarlax builds up in my systym and i get direada mama thinks she figered it out now but i had to go to the groomers

Now yesterday mama took the family to the shelter she used to voltree at the one Iris came from. It inside a pet store so she was to pick up a toy for us too.

If you rember maama told ashlynn she coudld get a cat for x-mas after they came back she almost adopted twice but they just did not seem like the right cat.

Mama when to meet a cat name Buff he an oronge guy Maire who runs the shelter was sure mama would love love love him. Well there was a cat an LL look a like but pure white who would not leave us alone buff could have cared less but Biscotti care lots all he wanted was mama and the kids as his family every time mama would touch another cat he run over and seek out mama frist thing he did was put his paws though the medle cage as to say take me home pick me no way your leaving with out me. So we called Daddy who the cat loved more and ashlynn said I wanted a girl cat well there was a beatful clam calico mamma just spent along time patting her and her purrr was like a moter she just semed to mesh she a lap cat for sure. Ans mama has SUCKER printed on her head,

So the new names are Mikey Tigger Dougless - Why this name well we wanted an M name for a boy you know it been Mu shue and Maxie and mamma could not brake so an M name it was she was thinking Mickey but then thought about Mikey due to the great dr stone at tufts who saved maxie and all boy cats have disey middle name Mu shue Winnford pooh Maxwell Mufsa Millons so she let the girls pick between Tigger and Woody and then buzz came up the girls whated tigger. and mama just like dougless

The girl is going to be Callie Rose Muffin Maire

Callie is named after Arsty cats Callie who went to the bridge LL is still best freind with Rocky. hopely arty catsy will come back soon. rose becuse he faviort flower is roses and Muffin afrer Mu shue wife who now is at the bridge with mu shue and Maire beacuse all girl cats are Maire at heart.

They comeing home today