Sunday, April 17, 2011

I would have to save my self now - Lilly lu

Today Mamma was cooking for passover and dinner and she splashed something on the stove and it started smoking  and the smoke detor went off and I looked around and new that sound Maxie sleeped though the whole thing but me I crouched down real low and hid in the TV stand but I relized that if there were another emencey I would have to save my self  That supid Maxie and Callie Rose sleeped though the whole thing Mikey ran into the kirchen and wanted to know if he could get some food Iris keeped playing GEZZZZ these sibling of mine are good for nothing and that Mikey he runs into the face of danger I think they all should go and I should get there food.


Angel and Kirby said...

Sweet Lily! We think you would be the hero if you had to be!

Sparkle said...

considering your roommates, Lilly Lu, I think it's your dinner that needs to be saved!