Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why we got Callie Rose and Mikey

It all started awhie ago with Ash she can be tough but inside she a sweet girl she very much loves amamamls hores pigs cats and care very deeply for all of them. All 3 kids love amammals. But asj seemed always worried about cats having homes she also seems to be blessed with a gift when it comes to maxie she tell me just what he thinking and she been right too. However she been asking for a new cat for along as i can rember she even got her sister My to ask for one there been drawing them none stop playing Kitty Kity. kitty tea party as well as other games all things Kitty, This year for x-mas i had the kids right letters to santa ash asked for a kitty and got my to ask for one too. How could santa not repond but the problem was we were going away for the mouth of Jauray also i do not belive in give kittys as gifts I wanted to make sure it was all right I wrapped up some food and some food bowls and a few toys and we told ash and my that santa had talked to us and when we found the right kitty we get it bit not till we got back they were happy with this answer.

as soon as we got back I looked at a shelter cats picked two out but never put money down on them and when we went back  one was adopted.  While sadden I told the girls it just santa did not think they were the right cats for are house,

I emauled Maire she runns the shetter Iris came from she meet all the kids and the cats she would know the right cat  she said she was so glad i emailed she had the cat for us. "buff" she said i thought it was a mu shue look a like and sweet. When we got there Buff would not give us the time of day But another cat who looked like Lilly Lu adopted the kids all of them I knew he was the cat I told Maire that our Mikey then another cat adopted me she sat in my lap . The girls said we want a  girl cat too. I said great I taking this one I love her she my cat.

Why now Lilly Lu is not what she was when she was a kitten she mostly sleeps unless Maxie and iris make her run but it was becomeing less and less Maxie was also  not the same play cat Iris so needs. Mikey was that answer I was worried how Maxue woukd haddle it an accoding to ash she said she reasueed maxie he number 1 he always be number 1 and Mikey is Dylan cat who Mikey adords Dylan.

Callie Rose has truned out to be purfect for Maxie she Very dosle and lets maxie do eveything he want  he always leads and she follows she very much looks up to Maxie , She rather sit in Lap then his speical pinl blanet or never on his grizzy when it quite and there a lap that where Callie Rose will be,

I glad she such a lap cat i not had a true lap cat since Kayla 10 years ago.


Angel and Kirby said...

That is a wonderful gottcha story for Callie Rose and Mikey!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Clearly Mikey and Callie Rose were meant to be part of your family!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

What a lovely gotcha story. Smoochies.