Friday, April 22, 2011

NOT Fair by Lilly Lu

I just found out Mikey Iris and Maxie and Callie Rose  are getting more food then me it seems that since they move more than just to the food bowl and then back to the pink crown bed by playing and chancing each other they uses more enfery and get more food I do not think this is fair and I demaed larger sticky goodness Maxi and Callie Rose each  gets a whole large can and a 1/2 of evo mikey and Iris get two cans they eat out of the same bowl and a cup of kibble Mikey wil not eat out of any other bowl but the one iris has used and me i get one small can mixed with a very little bit of kibble to slow me down and 1/8 a cup of kibble and when i am done i am done no second no nothing Just empty dishes untill there cleaned . do yiu seee my point and injiustices has been done to my tummy

Lilly Lu


Sparkle said...

Lilly Lu, you can Binga should get together - you have the same complaint! Except Binga tries to go and steal more.

Angel and Kirby said...

It is unfair! They ate asking you to move more to eat more!

Athena said...

That is so unfair! I think you should start pouncing someone about this.