Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we forgot about hero day

Lilly Lu Gather Mikey  Maxie  Callie Rose and Iris

Now listen Maxie, Mikey and Callie Rose Iris and I want to tell you a story.  I will start 3 years ago the lived a cat named Mu shue thats why Maxie and Mikey you names both start with an M becuse your named in honner of him  He was a old cat when Iris came He said he never liked me very much and often tired to boss me around but when push came to shove he did love me alot. He take good care of my stuff when i was sick and never complained when he was sick. He was mama Frist pet and the reson were all live with the best mama in the world becuse he showed her how to love. His pictures still hang on the wall,  3 years ago there was a Fire in Mama compment she left for the day and never thought anything of leaving she kissed Me Mu Shue and Irirs good bye only to come home at lunch and find her place was on fire. The Fire was the worst in the unit accoss the hall from us are place was smokey no one could find us for 3 days. But never fear we were okay. Mu shue saved me and Iris that day, We asked him what happend and he told us in his own words.  That it was very loud and smokey and he need to make sure we be okay Mamma desk had a hinding spot just big enough for him and iris but he had to help me frist so he helped me hide way far back under stuff  in the closet. Iris did not want to go and he Draged her by the skin of her neck saving her into the draw then he sat on top of her so she stay safe. He said he was just doing his Job but he was doing more thats the type of cat he was. He became very sick after with Lemphomia and ran off to the bridge with his sole mate Kayla where he is healed and Happy he stil sends down sings. He helped us find you Maxie. And last year when you were so sick Mama prayed to him and asked him to save you and said she could not stand the pain of loseing you and you got better. Mu shue was just that type cat he never wanted to see mama sad. He loved her the most  Mikey you know that Green Grizzy you took over well that was Mu shue his favort quit he went to the bridge wraped in it, And I know he be glad your useing it  So when it raining tomrow look up to the sky and think of Mu shue  Wiford Pooh King cat.

Lilly tucks the Kitten Mikey in his green grizzy and said goodnight to Maxie Callie Rose and Iris 


Sparkle said...

After the past few days of spats and adjustment, I think you guys needed to hear that.

Furkidsmom said...

Sweet Mu shue is missed by many.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Angel and Kirby said...

Our Mom remembers worrying about you three when she heard about the fire! You are so lucky to have a big brother hero!