Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Maxwell

Dear Maxwell Muffisa Millons,

I am making my list and cheeking it twice and your going to land on the nauty list real soon if you do not behave your self i saw you beat up Lilly Lu this morning over a pink bed I saw you bit her very hard I also saw you trash your room  I saw you have the indent with the TP and Knocking over the bathroom trash again and dragging it out all over the place. There is still time to land on my nice list but you better try harder



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mama Laura's Report Card

Maxie here as the offical man cat I taken it upon my self to do mama Laura rport card I will rate her the esselicals

Giving us dinner on time -  B it mostly around 9 but last night it was 10:30

Petting me all the time- C- this is becuse she has to stop to leave me or do other things

New toys every day D we get toys but not every day and i think this needs to change

Play Time- C  again she said she must do other stuff 

Treets when every i want them  D I want them all the time she lets my chicken run low and i only get the nip once in a while

Telling me she adores me and loves me  A she dose do this all the time 

Letting me do what ever i want and not getting upset about it D- I am sorry but your always telling ,me No Maxie stop that Maxwell

Note: over all Mama Laura is great at telling me she loves us but she has meany area that need alot of imporvent

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what i should not do by maxie

This morning I was having a great time and i was chaceing Lilly Lu and she ran and found mama laura right as i was making the move to the pounce bitty in the back move and i got yelled At Maxwelll Mufsa Millon how meany times do i have to tell you to stop that.

so she said Maxwell i going to tell you all the things i do not want you to do

1. Chace Lilly Lu

2. Bit Lilly Lu

3. Trash the bath room

4. Knock over garbabe Can

5. trash your room

6. Leave yout toys in the middle of the stairs so i trip over them

7. lick and eat plastiic

8. put holes in my new jeans

9. Scratch the Ladry Hamper

10. eat though a bag of unopen Lilly Lu treats

I ask you if i cant do any of these things then what do i do for fun when i get bord. This is what make a maxie a maxie cat she would not want to take away the esssess of my cute gingner persaltly would she

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maxie runies a good time the move By Lilly Lu

this viido make my point Maxie is not a nice cat  and should get coal in his stoking

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dear santa paws

Dear Sata Paw
it me Maxie. I have not been bad i just done things that need to be done such as the bathroom trashing and the thowing around my curnchies that were not fresh. Also the room trashing of last night it need to be done i got bord And about Lilly Lu if you did not want her to be pouncied bitten on why do you make her so pounced and bittyful. Now onto the List

Plasitc - I know mama said No know but i got to ask
more cat sticks
Treats in chicken
A new mr red dot the old one hit the dust

I expect these things under the tree


Dear Sata Paws

It me Lilly Lu I have tryed to be good but sometimes when a girl got a rubbley tummy things happen  so witht that help my tummy feel less rubbly with some greenies and some chicken sticky goodness

Love Lilly Lu

Dear Sata Paws

I tryed to be good with my new best freind Mkey but sometime Tlulp get looses and things happen plants get over truned and cats get pouned on and lamps get broken all not my fault

I like some catnip
amd some mice and a balls a new fether wand the old one hit the dust when maxie runied it



Dear Sata Paws

It me Callie rose

Please bring me any thing that maske maxie happy since he will steal all my gifts like he always dose also if you could talk to about the bitty thing he dose each moresing when he flops on his back dose a full monty in ftont on me and the uses his paw to put the bitty on me i do not like this but maxie seems to love to do this to all the girl cats in the house

Love Callie Rose

Dear Santa

it just like Iris said some time the too of us get together and things happen not are fults things get knocked and over truned  Totalty not are faults and abount that Lilly Lu pounung Like maxie said it just fun it not like i am the only cat to do it I mean Maxie dose it too and Iris too

I like cat
and some mouse
treats in chicken

Love Mikey

Dear Santa Paw

We are kittens. We are Cute. We are Ginger stuff happens

Please send toys

Honey suckle and Mickey

Monday, November 28, 2011

Not me monday By maxie

Dear mama Laura

It was not me who knocked over the trash can in the bathroom looking for plastic and draged the trash out into the hall. It was not me who had a great time  playing with the TP going though the brand new full role of tp for fun of unrolling playing with and then shredding and it was not me who bit the hole in your shower curtin just Becuse i am the only cat who is not crazy to love plastic dose not mean i did do it I am cute  so you can't stay mad at the face for very long and when your done being made you can say your sorry with chicken treats

Love Maxie

Saturday, November 12, 2011

it been too long

Wow we cant belive it been so long we so sorry but we had alot to do I lilly lu am going though a stage i never been though before it a running and playing and starting fights espely wiff Maxie who been in his second kitten hood chaceing knocking over trash cans for plastic it soo bad mama has replaced all trash cans wiff heavy metal ones wiff lids

Are kittens are beening ween and sunflower is going to live wiff her new mom who is head over heals in love wiff her and Daisy the white cat is going to go live wiff a freind of mama.

But Honey suckle and Mickey will stay her becuse mama never meet a ginger she never loved. I thinking of dying my furr ginger  But mama said don't you dare LL i love you just the way your are your my Lovely Lilly.

Now on to mama the reason we not bloged. Mamma been depresed  for year daddy has been saying everything too loud . Mama went to a nerlougist becuse she has very bad migran and he was so annyed wiff he he made her get a hearing test.   mama been asking her real dr for year who told her she too young.

well it truns out mama has a sever hearing loss and the pattern shows it congetial and perment she need hearing aids and has to have the kids tested every year and her self too. It looks like dylan maybe following her pattern it not bad yet but they need to keep an eye on it

The dr wrote her a note so she could be condered for a hearing doggy. the doggy would respond to 7 sounds.

1. mama name being called behide her back

2. Phone ringging - Mama has it hoced up to the tv now so it flash but often miss her cell

3.  her almarm clock- mama dose not need one

4,  fire alram- they may replacce this one becuse she hear high stuff very well

5. fire, police and amlincess sincrenes

6. she get to chose the last two

However i not sure i going to like a doggy helping mama i mean i already help her I mewo my slinget mewo when i higry i jump on her to wake her up cuse i hugry i beg for treats cuse i hurgry what more dose she need to know

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things i don't under stand by Maxie

There are things i do no understand  and i have tryed very hard to figer them out

1. why would they make plastic so yummy if they no want me to eat it

2. Why do i always get yelled at Maxie Stop that when i chaceing Lilly Lu around  I though i should excize more

3. If i  should not chace LL around why is she so chaceable all the other cats thing so too.

4. Why is it not okay to ashlynn pink blaket iur pull wool wiff it

5. Why can i not have more treat I love treats

6 why dose Mr red Dot stay hidden and only come out when mama not too trired to play with him

7 , Why dose mr dot drive me so craxy

8. why cant i get the ball out of my track

9.  why is it not okay to bit LL eaven after she started ut by gooming my ears

10. what dose LL being old have to do whit the fact he very very chaceable

11. Why cant er hve a hoilday Natinal Chace LL day or Notnal Nip day Or National plastic lickers day

12. Why do sun spots make me so sleepy anf night time make me ready to chace LL

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plastic By maxie

I love plasitc. There nothing better then plastic bags i love to lick them my favort it the dry cleaning bags i been seen trying to eat it there something so yummmy about plastic.I been know to kock over trash cans to try and get it.  I just love plastic and i see nothing wrong with it but my mama dose

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maxie second Kittenhood

When Maxie was sickened he need medison to make him hungry He took this medison for over a year with no hope for weening . Mama went to weigh maxie for his revlotion she relized that Maxie was 17 lbs. Well this was not going to work Maxie went from a large can 5.5 oz to 3 0z a  small can every day well he gobbled that down wiff out his medison. He now off his medison and rid of the sleepy side effect now he going though a kitten time again he go go go he loves to run play jump get in trubble. The other day Maxie jumped on a top of a book self and she had no idea how he did that. He no longer happy being locked in a room he wants to be free and run he has to play lazor for his 30 min a day and begs for more he a crazy cat. all over again

Saturday, October 1, 2011

the meany sides of Maxie

Maxie suffers from MPD. He has two very diffent maxie He has sweet Maxie and Fracs  Max ( short for Factious)

Sweet maxie loves to cuddle go out side and sits in windows have his chin rubbed  sleep on his pink blanket is great with kids loves Callie Rose and is kind to other cats and is just a good sweet boy.

Frac Max Bits pepole lays on his side when he annoyed he chaice his sisters espely LL he bits LL and pounce on her. He licks and trys to eat trash bags he stands at the door and mewoes for hours  He chaces abything that moves he bits toes and is not very nice at the vet to the point were he need to take a nap ASAP,

Also summer is truning into fall were seeig more and more of the Fracs Max but after his fun is over will retun to sweet Maxie. He now requireing and demenind 30 min play with his faviort toy MR Red dot every night and will mewo untill his play time. He dose not play will with other as he tends to attac them during his play time and even bit LL so hard he put a whole in her side.

We love Maxie no matter what we just think it cute there two sides to him

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I think not Maxie

Dear mama

you been spending too much time with those ginger kittens there is only room for one ginger cat in this house and i am it

Maxie I dont care how she love gingers

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

almost wordless wedneday - Kitten adistion

daisy anne-maire  and  Mickey  Eric

Honeysuckel Sunshine  Maire

Sunflower and Kittens came home she is trying to nuse them but her milk has not come in so we are helping her with bottle feeds. and weigh each one after each feed. So far so good we been warn the Sunflowers may not come in becuse of her c setion or she may reject one are all the kittens so far so good.

I not sure if i giveing up the kittens LL can deal with it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


we been busy since my last post.  mamma opened her door one day and found a  cardbord box with a gray striped female cat. Mama did not know what to think so she called the great Dr C  who told mama she take a look at her for her.  why examing  Dr C said well i know you have a no kitten policy at your house but you might need to change that. Mama looked dumb founded she said who ever dumped this cat did it becuse she very pregent she going to have kittens real soon. Some test were done and there were 2 kittens she said one looked large. she said your going to have kittens soon i say by the end of the week. Mama called shetters to get the sander i am full line did you know it kitten sesoon.

this cat warmed her way into mama hart and became a sungggle bunny till money when she started nesting and licking her self often Dr C said you should see kittens by the end of the day. Monday came and went still no Kittens Mama called Dr C this morning who said drop her offf i take a look at her. By this point we Named her Sunflower Joy  notice the flower them.  Dr C said she in Labor and if we don't get the kttens out then will die and then she pass them. We could not due that so a C-section Sunflower had. She had 3 Kittens. and got spayed while she was there so she have no more kittens.

Dr C knows everybody and one of the Tech at Tufts had lost there beloved cat and Dr C said I know the perfect person for sunflower who seems to lover her.

Sunflowers kittens  were two girls and a boy.  Girl one who was giving sunflower alot of trouble we named her Honeysuckle Sunshine Maire  she a ginger girl they are rare ( Notice the flower theam) Girl 3 who  was hiding behind the other two is a white cat  who we named Daisy Anne-Maire  ( i rinning out of flowers)  the 3 is a ginger boy with a white belly and well Mu shue was ginger with a white belly and i am in love his name is Mickey Eric ( Notice the M name) Mu shue, Maxie, Mikey Mickey 

I have a feeling I getting new kittens no matter how i feel

Lilly Lu

Sunday, August 28, 2011

this could be a good thing

How you ask this tree fell down blocking anyone from comming or going on are street so now  mama Laura is stuck home and can't go any were expect by foot and she be foused to cuddle wiff us more and more treets. The city said they on the list they get to it with in a few days  hummm

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Yes she did

well as you know a harrcane is a comming well mama relized we we down in type of are type of food and it starteding pooring and worst of all we were almost out of nip so i had to send mama down to the store for some emencery  food and nip while she was there she picked up some some treets for callie and me to enjoy well okay more me then calie rose then she said Maxie it a good thing i love you guys becuse i would have never been out if i did not love you. Well my question is lets there food run low when you know you might not beable to get it  so it her own fault


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feed me

Dear mamma laura

I am straving my food bowls are empty it is along time till morning my belly is growling i do not care if i ate it all. Do Not try and lock me out again i learned to open doors  by wrapped my paws around the door knob and pulling my large white and black spotty body up till it truns I am hunngry do something. and one more thing  My litter box was used by Maxue today thats why i used the rug I told you i need two boxes of my very own

I expect you to take care of all this

Lilly Upset Lu

Sunday, August 7, 2011

sometimes - Callie rose

Sometime the other cats play rough with me. I hate this becuse i am a gental cat by nautre i am a lover not a fighter.  I have no claws and i sometimes get picked on So sometime when my tail gets a little frazzed and i can't fight back becuse someone declawed me before mama Lauta had me I have no choice but to uses my mouth. Mikey I told you to stop picking on me I do not like it. We come from the same sheter and you should play nice with me. I know sometime your little spots trun into devial horns and your bord.  I am sorry about your tail. but i do not have claws to fend you off

Saturday, August 6, 2011

getting more food by Lilly Lu

Do you evere hear the words your a little chubby i am rashitoning your food 
Have you been heard that the word no more food?
Do you have a rubbley tummy ?

Well cat I have purrrfected a metond on getting extra food. I get feed in the am and the pm so this is what i do

Morning: wake up with earlyest riseing humman ( in this case it mr bg and Dylan ) Mewo at them to give you extra food give sad eyes. do this two to 3 times getting more food each time. Finaly when they say no LL we can't Mama Laura will kill us go up stairs and wake her up paw in the blatter, and blocking nose and mouth and paw poke work every time. Alrate methods for day so for monday wed firday uses blatter trick tuseday thusday uses blocking air way trick ( some how mama said she like to breath so this one can only be used a few times aweek, All other day do claw poke where you uses one claw and poke and when they think they going back to sleep you poke again just enough so they know your hurgry then go aroud to ear and Mewo in it

Mama will get up and feed you your extra half of can food

In eving once your feed ear at fast as you can leaving norhing act up set when plate and place mat not cleaned

Mewo to unspecting humman  that your straveing glup down food mewo again to have everything clean no one will succpect a thing

During day consetly mewo for treeets and uses sad eyes and paw on lhummand leg till treets apprere once get treets repeate sevral times day till dinner

I hope this help cats get the body i have it took alot of work to puurfect this rrootine and to become 14.8 pounds of fluffy sppottyness

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Mom - Lilly Lu

Dear Mama,

I do not feel you understand my needs so i will once again tell you my needs and the rules you must foollow

1. Food- there never seems to be enough i am hugry takeing my food splitting it in half and giving me half in the morning and half in the evening will and dose not work for me i loke food left out at all time to crunch on and you should be giveing me dobble posion i did not became a 14.8 lb body with out work and i do not want to love any of my lilly love in the tummy.

2. Treats - I love chicken flavored greenies i demaed more i should not have to do tricks for treets just leave me the bag i take care of it

3. Uses of the front door, I love to look out it i do not like the window or anything else I am tired of heraring Lilly Lu i am not paying to ac the out side i closeing the door

4, Nap spots There are not enough good one that i can have peace i deamade more spots !!

5, silbling I had it since you took away my stamps and magic set I have no choice but to put them all up for sale on ebay there driving me nuts Maxie will not let me lick his ear and then you take his side mikey and iris chace me  i do not like this one bit and mikey has been invadeing my treet time and getting my greenies this must stop i can not stand mikey and i am hunrgy i do not like to share

If you do not follow my rules i will hack up a hair ball in your shoes

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My gata day cellbration

Well the loot was plety rainging from treets to toys every one gave me a little something. LL after her stamps and boxs were confasted said she was going to thow me a party wiff a and she would be the main star doing a magic show and since it was my gota day me and mikey could help out. I was so touched by her offer then she told us she was going to make us disaperee and I told mikey LL is up to no good agan and we mewoed her out to mama and she lost her magic wand and magic set mama explaned to he she need to be nice becuse she not letting any one of us go. LL stomed off for a nap and only appred for her dinner and her 3 bresfest and treet time.

Thanks for all the gota day wish


Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy got ya day maxue

Dear Maxie

3 years ago  my world was caving in mu shue had passed away my house burt down i was had just had twins. I got you.

It took me along time for me to toatly fall head over heals in love with you. I always had dioice cats with no wild side that you seemed to posssess. You were not a real cuddler at frist I would beg you to jump on funcher make your self at home. I rember one day you got out of the aparemnt and got though the heavy fire door of the hall but some how that never relly suprized me.

One the way home for the frist time you escaped you carrier and bolted out on in the car on a major high way I wonderd how i get this beast into my house had i done the right thing.

I ran to pet smart and said what do you have that chew proof and cat proof they assured me on one moddle i now had to buy this same ptu two times due to your dislike for it you can chew thew plastic. You earened your self the name Hoodine as you seemed to be able to get of anything you were put it

I quickly learned you tend to over stumalte very fast. And dislike the vet so much you earned the name at one vet " The worst most agressive cat ever" 

even though you have this wild side to you it like light and day at home you learned to be the best cuddle you love  your head rubbed. You will do anything for your girl from being put in a high chair a babby cargige sleeping on her feeet and purring her a lulbuy when it time for her to go to bed

Now if you just let me coam your fur.

You love the out side so much but will not uses a harness you have to stleetle for your screaned in porch or looking out the front door.

In meany ways you are a gift form mu shue I know it. Mu shue was loved feet sticky socks shoes. You seem to love them even more every time i take my shoes and socks off you come rinning

Mu shue loved chicken. your faviort treats are the ones mu shue loved so much. when every i want to know were you are or just a cuddle all i have to do is shake the bottle and you come running

Last year when i thought we were going to lose you i think this was also a gift. I belive with everything bad something good must come. With that i think you learned just how much i loved you. I used to question if you got sick and need to stay at the vets would you even want me to vist you or would you be so off the wall that it would be hard. The answer is yes you did need me just like i need you.

i know LL is trying once again her box trick but there would never be an ocean i would not crosss to keep you home with me. I love you so much my little Lion king Happy 3rd  Gota day



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hi LIlly : Lilly ^Mikey

 mikey : Hi Lilly lu what you doing

LL: I am working on maxie annnal goata day gift

Mikey: Is that why you put all those stickers on that box

LL: Mikey you have so much to learn those are stamps

Mikey why would you need those

LL: To mail Maxie far far away I need your help chacieigng him into the box

Mikey:  wow lilly Do you think he will fit

LL; UMmm good point go test  it out

Mikey: Okay LL I do that

Mikey  ( Gets into the box)

LL: Were just going to test it for hight

MijeyL Hay LL I cant get out what that sound

LL Packaging tape I might get a two for all  in my work  quest to be top and only cat in this house HA HA HA

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It almost here - Maxie

Maxie: Callie rose you know what moday is

Callie rose: No maxie why dont you tell me for the 1 milllon time

Maxie: Callie Rose it my gota day the day were we cellbrate me wiff nip and treets and toys and everyone stop and drops and said they love maxie

Callie Rose: Oh maxie i thought you wanted that every day

Maxie; Yes but on monday it a day everyone get no treets but maxie  and I get toys

Callie Rose: why dont you just take toys like you try and do every day

Maxie: No this time i get new one so irs and mike dont attack me for takeing toys

Callie Rose; What ever you say Maxie i tried can i get back to my nap now.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Purdday 3 purrday to Ahslynn and Dylan Interviwe

Maxie: Hello Ashlynn happy purrday. Can you tell is how old you are

Ashlynn: Rolls her eyes DuH Maxie I this old holds up fingers
Maxie: Ummm Ashlynn i do not count too well

Ashyllnn: Rolls eyes again at Maxie FINE I a, 3 years old. Maxie you need to learn to count beccuse i can count to 12.

Maxie: Ashlynn can you help me slove a problem . what food is more deliouis Wavivia or EVO

Ashylnn: Hands on Hip MAXIE i do not eat cat food (DUH)

Maxie: I guess that mean I can keep your brithday gifts green and temp-tay-tion

Ashlynn: ,MAXIE THIS NOT YOUR BRITHDAY I would like a doll house and dolls and a cooking set

Maxie: since you not able to help me wiff that problem maybe you can tell me what you
Ashylnn; I love cookies i like ice cream and strawberry and watermelon

Maxie: No catnip in there?
Aahlynn: Watch It Maxie

Maxie Can you tell pepole how you help wiff are care

Ashlynn: I help put dowm the food blows after mama fills them up I help with water I help wiff patting and brushing but Maxie you only like your head burshed so you going to go to sleep and get a buzz cut

Maxie: Not true no buzz cut for me a few matts never hurt  a cat
Ashylnn: Unha................... you getting buzzzed cat I telling you

Maxie: Ashylln can you tell us what you want to be when you grow up

Ashlynn: I want to be a vet to help doggy and cats

Maxie: I no like vets so I out of here

Ashylnn; Wait Maxie I got treats Temp-tays and Greenies

Maxie: treats well she not a vet yet so i think it safe PURRRRRR head bonk ashlynn I luv you ashlynn espicialy when you give me treats

Mikey Intewies Dylan with help form Lilly Lu

Mikey: Hi Dylan happy purrday

Dylan : Hi mikey want to play

Mikey: Play time !!!!!!!! Interview over


Mikey: thats how I do it  lily lu
Lilly Lu : Fine your fired  Mikey

Mikey you can't fire me I quit

Lilly Lu: sit down dylan lets get this over with

Lilly Lu: Name ?

Dylan: Dylan

Lilly Lu : Age?

Dylan: 3

Lilly lu ; occupation

Dylan: HUH

Lilly Lu: Job ?

Dylan: Oh playing I like should be now wiff mikey

Lilly Lu: Not so fast Young Dylan. Food?

Dylan: Thanks for asking Lilly Lu I am hingry i  take a hot dog wiff all the fixing and a slice of pizza  

Lilly Lu: NO DYLAN you need tell us what your favorite food is.t

Dylan: I like BBQ like hanbugers hot dogs pizza chicken wings, I also love any deserert

Dylan: Lilly I getting hunngry I got to go


Dylan: i am out of here your too bossy Lilly lu I going to find food and Mikey

Dylan: Leaves

Lilly Lu: Well I guess this will have to do for my inteview wiff Dylan who just like Mikey

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A quick update

Are Burp M is home after her big sugery she had lots of dr appoiments and test and will prpbely need another sugery in the fucher I Iris have to take speical care of her I need to lay on her head and Purr when she sleeping to make sure she okay. Beccuse I been told My Purr is the best medison I have to be very carful of her chest becuse that were the Dr did her sugery I have to have  Mikey  on her feat so she stay in bed when she sleeping. I also I have to keep track of the Lap sitting  becuse we need to make sure that her lap has a cat in it at all times. Then  I have to make sure if ther no cat that one is sitting next to her My Job never ends.  She can't ride a bif wheel or a Triyical or go swimming take a sokeing bath for a whole mouth.

Are anther two Burps who are no longer Burps but now littler girl and boy are truning 3 on Monday so we having a Party. This is the frist real freind Party When she asked them for there imput on a Party Ashylnn said Amimals with princess crowns and pink  and Dylan said Water sports running around and Blue cake. So Mama found a Farm not far from the summer place witff a splash pad that even M can get wet in cuse she just cant be soking in water but she can get wet wiff a petting farm too. She doing a dubble brithday Party  Then she doing one for Family on Monday she fund the cuest dresses in Red white and Blue for ashlynn and M. and a cute tee shirt. Stay Tuned for Monday were Maxie and Mikey will team up and Intewivw them. Maxie will take his girl Ashynn and Mikey Will take his boy Dylan.

The Lilly Lu news Starting Lilly Lu

Hi Cats Yes it me good old Lilly Lu well after my four teeth were extracted I am acting like a diffent cat Mama alsmost called the Vet to Make sure she got Llly Fritz back not Lily Fitz since we were both whiteand Black and next to each other . No fear I just fealing Great better then i felt in year I deecover this game Iris and Mikey play is kind of fun when you not the chacey so i  started to chace Callie Rose  Maxie get mad And I land up Pounced on I also decover I love love love the out side. I have a sceaned in proch to go out on but  there also a dec and mama found one those pop up tents for 20.00 and I love it Mama thinking of re investing in a stroler for me I also desied I no longer Like the food I ate for the last year I love crunchues now so I no longer want the wet food so when she offer that brand I just tip it right over Mama said That fine LL you just be hundgy but I have a feeling I wont becuse i know there going to be Ice Cream flying around her in the next few days. Today for the frist time in a very long time i played so feather on a stic then i was so tired I took a nap

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day and an update

we just want to wish a happy fatherday to all the daddy out there espely mr BG we love you Mr BG.

LL had four theth extracted and seems no worst for were. Mattter of fact she acted worst to her Vacinince then she did her theeeth being pull only now she relly needs to poop she not gone in a few days. And she fells she should be alould seconds in can food becuse she was getting it for a few days but now she back to cruchies and she wants that and her extra can food standing by the fridge door mewoing.

Are Burp M is feeling a little bit better.  She has some heart problems that she was born wiff and she got phomina and quickly became very bad landed her in the hosputal for her heart she needed sugery to make her heart a little better so she has to spend some more time at the vet getting better before she can come home. We are hopful that she will be home soon and Iris said that it her job to nurse her brup and that she can do a good job at it and Mikey can help take a shift if he very gental wiff her.  Yesterday they wanted her to walk and she was saying no no no so they got a dogggy and they said will you walk the doggy he needs his walk and off she went.  when they asked her if she liked doggys she said yea but I love my Iris.

Funny Story from Tifts about LL

LL came home wiff picuters it turns out she was placed in a cage next to a Lilly Fitz and she is Lilly Fritz and Lilly Fitz is white and black too so they started to take picures and LL started poseing and begging for treets

Monday, June 13, 2011

LIlly Lu over night at tufts

mama took Lilly Lu for a deltal conlet to have her teeth cleaned she need her theeth cleaned  they put her on fuilds the nifht before becuse she has kidney problems. They said that they will have to extract  2-4 theeth please Prurr for LL and Purr for my mama to keep her mind she scard after what happened to me last year. Also are brup M need sugery too tomrow


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thanks for the purrday wishes

Hi every cat thanks for the purrday wishes we just going to share a little bit about what we got. Our Bup M is sick so we did not get as much time as we should have but mama came home and gave us are gifts

LL - I got a new pink heart shape bowl wiff my name in side it, I love it becise it wide enough not to streess my wiskers  I also got a new pink bed I alrady naped in since this is my speitely. A big bag of greenues chicken fkavored my faviort I had a few yesteday and I not sharing, and I got the most exciteing gift yet. It might not be to the rest of you but to me it was. A brand new litter box so i can pee in one an poop in the other and i do not have to uses the floor becise one is dirty it hard sharing your box wiff 4 other cats yes we have 5 litter boxes so this is a spare just for me. Also it has a strudy fram so i can rest my front paws up on it and they dont have to get littery while i do my busssenss. I was so excited i used it insted of the floor last night to do my busssess

Iris i got a new foution that has a light to kill germs a new track ball mama said she found a star chacer for 3.50 on at pet smart so she grabed it since she knew it was miss marked and then they gave it to her for free becuse it was muss marked and then becuse she saved money on that she got me  mousie called a woolue bully and and another a catnip ball and a yowal cat nip banna that mikey got to before me and well ut now has holes in it . But it okay Becuse we gave Lilly lu a good brithday chaceing for my brithday maxie Mikey and I desied to give Lilly Lu a run for her food we even go Callie rose enoved at one point it was the most fun  LL was compling that it was her purrday to and we should have just lefte her to eat and nap what fun would that be.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Purrday Lilly Lu and Iris

Today is Lilly Lu 10th purrday Mama got her back in 2001 when she was a kitten just 6 mouths old she tells the story of how Kayla lead her to Lilly Lu . Lilly Lu today we cellbrate you wiff you. Today your going to get your faviort things in the whole world chicken flavored greenies chicken flavored sticky goodness and a new pink bed .

Iris we got you as a tiny kitten and to us you always will be a Kitten This year you relly blossomed and showed us a side of you we never knew you had you adopted your own brup when she came into the fkamily makeing sure she had a fuzzy freind  you also took Mikey under your paw with out you i do not think poor mikey would have a single cat freind you tcat who creates peace between Mikey and Maxie as they both are your best buds and often your parters in crime. You still Yowal like we never belive espeicaly when tit come to food and toy time, Yes Iris i know your toys are still under the couch So i get a broom and fish them out for your brithday and I give you your feahter on a stick time as well as some new toys

Happy Purday Girls we love you

Ps can you please purr for are adopted bup M. she is sick and it taken alot of time away from us

Friday, June 3, 2011

we are fine

Some of you might have heard about the deadly twister that hit Ma on Tuesday Night we are fine we live much father to east over 100 miles there were so very bad thunder and lighting stroms but that was all. We also stay for the summer very far east so we did not get hit with as much. but are thought and purrs go out to those who live out west and lost everything. One women pushed her child into a bath tub and piled on top of her when the house collopsed on they she died saving her daughter who lived. No buddy took warning sesouly since Torondos just do not happen here in Ma.  We used to blilzers we even had a microbust last year but nothing like this in over 65 years.

We are all enjoying the summer cottoge it has 3 room and a loft and a 3 seson porch and a patto it nessled in the heart of this summer resort wiff losts of fun things for are burps and humman  Mr Bg and are Burp Dlyan love to get up in the morning early before every one else they get up wiff the sun and they go fishing frist thing in the morning. we tell you all about are place latter

Maxie and the rest of the Gang  wiff out Mikey cuse i still no like him even if i stoped hissing and growling at him as far as i courned he not a member of my family yet

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LL is feeling much better

boy that was scary !!!! On Friday Lilly Lu went to the vet with Mikey  Callie Rose and Iris for shots and exams every one else seemed okay but firday night LL did not lick her bowl clean by sat she would only eat a few bits and 1 or two greenies. She just acted her food was poisend. Mama force feed her Sunday and she had two large BM but Monday she was back to not eating and hiding all the time. Mama called tufts and they sugested that she watch her and give her half a cyproherdine Maxie been on it. So she did we happy to report LL is feeling much better. and LL cleaned a bowl of kibble and a can of food last night  begging for seconds. Mama will call Dr C just to make sure she covered all the bases


Monday, May 30, 2011

purr for LL

can pepole purr for LL she not feeling well we explan more latter

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It offical - Callie Rose

I keeped telling Mikey to behavae better I said Mikey don't pounce on Lilly Lu that much Mikey dont piss of Maxie. Mikey you should not like all that plastic it not offical yet you need to be on your best behavor they could send us back we no have collors yet wiff are names and Lilly Lu Maxie and Iris all do Mama clamed it was becuse she wanted us to have Bling callors wiff are names in Rind Stones like Maxie Lilly Lu and Iris have and she could no longer find it. But she said that today was they day she was going to get them she came back wiff a pink one wiff a rose print for me wiff a Pink heart wiff Bling that said Callie Rose Mike got a black one wiff a black and gold tage that said Mikey so it offfical we officaly live here I was so pround i went and showed Maxie who though we should cellbrate wiff treats so i begged for them and let him have his share and I got some for being a great freind to Maxie. Mikey celbarted wiff a round of feather on a stick followed up wiff a can of his favorte food for dinner. So now that it ooffical mama said tomorow we get to celbrate even more by going to the staby place i not sure that away to cellbrate Maxie said all you need to do is go phyco and you get to sleep at the stabby place and only go for shot and stabbys

The phone call

Hi It me mikey I was loving on mama yesterday when the phone rang the converstation went like this Yes Lilly Lu, Iris Callie Rose and Mikey yes stabby place yup stool samples yup  2:40 yup. I tryed to alreat the girls and Iris said don't worry about it mikey Callie Rose said she was not going anywere Maxie was not going so it must be a mistake and Lilly Lu will not even mewo to me or listen to me seems she mad about being pounced on and that i ate some treets that she wanted and that i chaced her so she only give me the cold tail.  I keeped saying Lilly Lu what do we do were going to be stabed and you do not care.

well i think i pounce on her again and make her run so she have to listen to me


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes It Us

We all have a ton to update but mama has been so bad about helping us so we going to do a ginat update.

I Lilly Lu will start.  Frist off I am very upset I heard that I have to go to the vet not just once but 3 times. Once for  a shot then two weeks latter for dental evaluation then the cleaning I am hissing mad that i have to drive an hour to tufts to have my teeth cleaned all becuse of that stupid vet who hurt Maxie last year You hear that Orange Mensie It your fault if you never got sick I would not be having this problem. Then I get told we moving for the summer to a "summer cottage" in a  "summer commuite" something about want to live  simpler in a safe place where everyone talks and know each other. It a 3 room cottoge wiff a 3 sesons prouch for the ornoge mesnise to go out side but all five of use pluse the 3 burps and two  mama and Mr BG are gooing  I furry upset about this whole thing

Maxie- well my freinds It been a year since my I was made sick by the bed vet I eat normaly and am completly normal. I am worshiped and adrodeed however mama keeps playing that bad day back in her head  and blams her self for me being sicken. She keeps saying she sorry all you gone though Maxie. I am sorry I ever trusted that man. I should have known I should have know something was wrong right away when he refured to you as bad cat the wrost he seen . But that okay mama it water under the bridge i not ad a hair ball in over a year since that date.

Callie Rose- Maxie thinks he the man cat so i try and get on his good side I let him play with my toys i let him eat treats I begged for I know that when he done I always get two times a meany for "playing nicely with Maxie " he likes to be called his ornoge masty so i roll my eyes and say yes maxie i mean yoir ongenge majstey and go back to doing what i been doing But sometime maxie takes it a little far. Like the other day there was a an open window and i sat in the window ejoying the fresh air when maxie demaded i give him the window i was in I said but maxie go find antother there lots of others an he said no and Jummped on top of me and tryed to pussh me off the window with a thee 4 foot drop to the floor with nothing soft to crash land on so I got bad at him and paw punched him big time so he learn his lesson Well he did and he took the 4 foot droop the floor and he keeped saying Callie Rose your no longer my freind you may not drink out of my water bowl ad blocked my way out when i was trying to uses the litter box in his room. He said i could only be his freind if and Only if I was devoted to him so i told him i would be but if he gets in my window again i may not be able to help my self

Iris I am very exited about summer i am looking foward to long play sesson in the cool summer night air having more my humans around to tell me they love me. My faviort humman i baby M. She not such a baby but she the worlds best culdder

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maxie update

It seems the job of the real man cat is never done That mikey is not a real man cat he a man cat Inposter yup thats what he is. But I have desided that some of my manly cat duity need to delcated to the cat who will do anything I mewo her to do. Yup that be Callie Rose I  go get me some treets she answers how meany do you want you orngine majisty. So i have desided  that she can help me tuck in my burp ashlynn at night i also deised that she can help me my everlasting quest to finfd the best nap spots she finds them I push her out. She also has been preomited to helping me get more treets. You see she Beggs and since she small mama laura always gives them to her then I swoop in and take them all. Yup this works mike a charm. 

She a bit sad that I have gone back to having my own room at night to eat all night she now parks her self out side my door all night till morning and is the frist one to greet me once the door is open  It so hard to be so loved

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maxie Funk

Maxie seems to be in a funk the last few days not relly sire i can put my finger on it his appptite is way down he only eating about 1/2 what he normaly dose and he just seems off. I do not know if it becuse of Mikey and Callie rose or if theres something else he just seems to be in some sort of funk

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why we got Callie Rose and Mikey

It all started awhie ago with Ash she can be tough but inside she a sweet girl she very much loves amamamls hores pigs cats and care very deeply for all of them. All 3 kids love amammals. But asj seemed always worried about cats having homes she also seems to be blessed with a gift when it comes to maxie she tell me just what he thinking and she been right too. However she been asking for a new cat for along as i can rember she even got her sister My to ask for one there been drawing them none stop playing Kitty Kity. kitty tea party as well as other games all things Kitty, This year for x-mas i had the kids right letters to santa ash asked for a kitty and got my to ask for one too. How could santa not repond but the problem was we were going away for the mouth of Jauray also i do not belive in give kittys as gifts I wanted to make sure it was all right I wrapped up some food and some food bowls and a few toys and we told ash and my that santa had talked to us and when we found the right kitty we get it bit not till we got back they were happy with this answer.

as soon as we got back I looked at a shelter cats picked two out but never put money down on them and when we went back  one was adopted.  While sadden I told the girls it just santa did not think they were the right cats for are house,

I emauled Maire she runns the shetter Iris came from she meet all the kids and the cats she would know the right cat  she said she was so glad i emailed she had the cat for us. "buff" she said i thought it was a mu shue look a like and sweet. When we got there Buff would not give us the time of day But another cat who looked like Lilly Lu adopted the kids all of them I knew he was the cat I told Maire that our Mikey then another cat adopted me she sat in my lap . The girls said we want a  girl cat too. I said great I taking this one I love her she my cat.

Why now Lilly Lu is not what she was when she was a kitten she mostly sleeps unless Maxie and iris make her run but it was becomeing less and less Maxie was also  not the same play cat Iris so needs. Mikey was that answer I was worried how Maxue woukd haddle it an accoding to ash she said she reasueed maxie he number 1 he always be number 1 and Mikey is Dylan cat who Mikey adords Dylan.

Callie Rose has truned out to be purfect for Maxie she Very dosle and lets maxie do eveything he want  he always leads and she follows she very much looks up to Maxie , She rather sit in Lap then his speical pinl blanet or never on his grizzy when it quite and there a lap that where Callie Rose will be,

I glad she such a lap cat i not had a true lap cat since Kayla 10 years ago.

Monday, April 25, 2011

In Memory Of a great freind

I like to poston my gota day celbartion and take a min to honner a great Cat. My mama meet Mom paula last summer when maxie had just been given his merical they talked about mu shue and this day if and when it should come how mom handed mu shue day, last night we told mi shue the sweet Preinie would be joining him and to  give her a speical welcome Today it rained mu shue sing of i love you . She at peace nw but we pray for mama paula who idid the harest thing and give her one last final gift

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the easter loot Happy Gota Day Lilly Lu

Well the easter bunny left us each a basket. So we start bloging about them

Lilly Lu - that stupid bunny left  me toys and sugested i stop sleeping so much and maybe play with them  My eggs were empty and I got a pink blanket and a  ball for my dinner kibble  why would i want to work to get my food I perfur it right out in a blow  bending down is enouch work wiff my

Maxie- I got eggs full of teats  and a bag of teats and nip a catnip apple and a banna I also got a new toy bug to play with

Callie Rose- I got a basket full of treats but maxie said i should give him all mine and i did I got a catnip apple again Maxie said I should give it to him and since he wanted it I gave it to him a new bed Maxie said he should test that out and he got his furr all over it I also got a lazar toy Maxie said he wanted so he took that But I got a cool basket for my self maxie said i could keep it

Iris- I got treats Balls Fuzzy mousie a coool bug toy  and  a nipp nanna  and a nipp apple

Mikey I got the same as Iris with eatra mousie iris and I played played played we also got a new track toy that is so cool  I love Iris she the coolest

The Burps each got a basket and went on easter egg hunt it was a fun day then the went over to Mr Bg house for dinner mama brought her own since she on this vegan deit kick she said LL you should try it I lost 15 lbs

Side note LL was brought home t day 10 years ago at  9 mounth old she was sent to me by Kayla and she a great cat I love her

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hoppy easter

Callie Rose - Maxie Maxie wake up the easter bunny stole lilly lu pick crown bed and is sleeping in it.

Maxue- No  Callie Rose your wrong

Callie Rose- But i know what i saw it has bunny ears and it sleeping and Lilly Lu bed  and it huge just like lillu lu

Maxie - Nope Callie Rose look closer it just Lillu Lu I put bunny ears on her to see if she wake up and she just keeps sleeping mubleing somthing about why was her eater basket not filled with green and just some toys and a note saying she shoud excises .

Callue Rose- Oh good i got scared Maxue my basket was full of treats i coud share wiff Lilly lu

Maxe- Nope callie Rose do not do that this is the voice of expincince share treats wiff lilly lu your never get any for you self then  only time she fast is when it come to eat and sleeping that what Lillu Lu dose best

Friday, April 22, 2011

NOT Fair by Lilly Lu

I just found out Mikey Iris and Maxie and Callie Rose  are getting more food then me it seems that since they move more than just to the food bowl and then back to the pink crown bed by playing and chancing each other they uses more enfery and get more food I do not think this is fair and I demaed larger sticky goodness Maxi and Callie Rose each  gets a whole large can and a 1/2 of evo mikey and Iris get two cans they eat out of the same bowl and a cup of kibble Mikey wil not eat out of any other bowl but the one iris has used and me i get one small can mixed with a very little bit of kibble to slow me down and 1/8 a cup of kibble and when i am done i am done no second no nothing Just empty dishes untill there cleaned . do yiu seee my point and injiustices has been done to my tummy

Lilly Lu

earth day tips

Lilly  Lu  Earth day tip- Always by the large size in treats like geenies and temp-tay-tions  you be saving the pacgaking and fill up my tummy more

Maxie eath day Tip bubba Love  catnip come in a blulk one pound bag save the paging and get more nip it orongic so it not grown with cemicals and  grown right here in the USA

Iris and Mikey Tip there are lots of fun eath freindly toys that you can by us are favorit is the Church

Caliie Rose it never hurts to use a recliced nap spot for examle when maxie is done napping i just uses that spot it still warm  and works just as well

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Common Ground - Maxie

99 % of the time i can not stand that Mikey he been loving on my mom and my girl and stole iris from me and uses my post . But last night i was nice to him and we found common ground, He is a plastic licker just like me he loves it we both spent time licking the same plastic bag  on the dry cleaning goo figger Plastict


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am speical by Iris

I beem noticeing  my name is a little off

There  is Lilly

they al end in the E sound and Iris just dose not I mewoed to my mama about this and she said do not worir my little munchkin you do have and E sounding name  your middle name Is Gracie and becuse you were named after one of my favort flowers i never hand thought of a better name for such a speical Meezer.

Then I mewoed If i am so special why do i not get more treats and always yelled at. Mamam answer was iris munchkin you make life instresting and are family is better for you and if you want I start calling you Iris Garcie  No i like just Plan Iris

Monday, April 18, 2011


well tonight was passover and my mama was incharge lots of  yummy smells every were she was haveing 15 pepole for a sader she had each of the kids learn one of the four questions in herbrew and she had paracted the 4th her self she had a vegaratrin , a vegan, omvorises over and she was going to have a huge sader  she started cokking yesterday and today she made the strawary soup and the walnit salda and last she started on the carrort percimmime she had to adopt this respes for her great grandmothers she landed up almost chopping off her mudde figer with a bender and landed up in the ER wiff four stiches frist she thought she go to her dr and they told her no go to the hospital well today is also boston marthon day and we live right by were all the running is and they aksi run by the hosputal where she was going Grampa would not stop and tell the cop she need to go to the hosputal so they laned up takeing a very long way to the hospital in two towns over tonight mr BG had to feed us he not as good as mama he dose not open the can right and mix my food 6 times to the left and fold a 1/4 ciup of kibble in it slowly making sure that all the chicken touches the kibble and he did not make sure i got my aptizer of a little bit of stones kibble in a blow that i get while he make my food.  I am very up set I need my mamma figger to be better

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I would have to save my self now - Lilly lu

Today Mamma was cooking for passover and dinner and she splashed something on the stove and it started smoking  and the smoke detor went off and I looked around and new that sound Maxie sleeped though the whole thing but me I crouched down real low and hid in the TV stand but I relized that if there were another emencey I would have to save my self  That supid Maxie and Callie Rose sleeped though the whole thing Mikey ran into the kirchen and wanted to know if he could get some food Iris keeped playing GEZZZZ these sibling of mine are good for nothing and that Mikey he runs into the face of danger I think they all should go and I should get there food.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

That is it Mikey Has got to Go By Lilly Lu

That Mikey Cat has got to go I am united with Maxie on this one He stole my pink crown bed today and sleeped in it.  Maxie used to do that but he learned PINK CROWN IS MINE and MINE alone. I relly let him know who in charge I wapped him big time and  even bit his neck Maxie said Good did i get rewared with greenies no I got the spray bottle and told i have to share and that maybe I should not be so posisvie of the pink crown this is the last paw that Mikey needs to find a new home  one that he can have his own pink crown and not steal mine

Friday, April 15, 2011

living life Mikey Style

Hi It me Mikey  I like to tell you all about me me me and how i spend my days. Frist thing I do is find Iris and we play play play our favort game is to wait for that Lilly Lu to come in a door way and pounce on her and make her run run runn iris helped me by pouncing on me. Then it nap time for me and Iris Iris said you just need to leave the maxie alone. But not me he fun to pick on too I love to push him out of sun spot and off the bed Iris said I am cureing for a bursing becuse that Maxie he growling hiss and swats at me  every chance he gets He said He hate me and he hates me Loveing on his mama who now my mama too and i tryed to steal his girl and I am not taking his sun spots he sure spends alot of time hissing he wont even take treets when i am in the room. Oh well his loss there lots of fun stuff here today Iris showed me the brids we we just at the window and i was going nuts  Mama always said I look just like LL and I should be nicer to her becuse she my twin Frist off i much skinnyer and faster and more fun then she is. Mama said she was a kitten too one can you belive that. LL is getting ready to celbrate her gota day she asked for  4. one money for  feline winn 2. no me 3. no Maxie 4. no Iris  she said Callie rose can stay along as she dont touch her food

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Callie Rose update

Hi every one it me Callie Rose I just wanted to do an update I love my new home there so meany laps and That Maxie he relly just a big ol softy if you let him do what he wants you just need to know not to take his stupid pink blanket . Thats fine with me I sit right on a lap insted of a pink blanket I no longer locked up i around to go all over the house I try and stay way from mikey and Iris I love nip but not with Maxie as he become a diffent cat on nip. 

I am a very peaceful cat I rather be a lover then a fighter a lap sister then a blanket sitter a  greenie loveing food gobbleing cat.  It hard to get food that LL eats very fast so she has her own space to eat and Maxie needs to eat alone too something about it habbit since he got hurt,  He dose not look hurt to me he gobble down a blow of cunchies almost as fast as that LL . I Know i going to like it here I glad i got adopted by the best family ever

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we forgot about hero day

Lilly Lu Gather Mikey  Maxie  Callie Rose and Iris

Now listen Maxie, Mikey and Callie Rose Iris and I want to tell you a story.  I will start 3 years ago the lived a cat named Mu shue thats why Maxie and Mikey you names both start with an M becuse your named in honner of him  He was a old cat when Iris came He said he never liked me very much and often tired to boss me around but when push came to shove he did love me alot. He take good care of my stuff when i was sick and never complained when he was sick. He was mama Frist pet and the reson were all live with the best mama in the world becuse he showed her how to love. His pictures still hang on the wall,  3 years ago there was a Fire in Mama compment she left for the day and never thought anything of leaving she kissed Me Mu Shue and Irirs good bye only to come home at lunch and find her place was on fire. The Fire was the worst in the unit accoss the hall from us are place was smokey no one could find us for 3 days. But never fear we were okay. Mu shue saved me and Iris that day, We asked him what happend and he told us in his own words.  That it was very loud and smokey and he need to make sure we be okay Mamma desk had a hinding spot just big enough for him and iris but he had to help me frist so he helped me hide way far back under stuff  in the closet. Iris did not want to go and he Draged her by the skin of her neck saving her into the draw then he sat on top of her so she stay safe. He said he was just doing his Job but he was doing more thats the type of cat he was. He became very sick after with Lemphomia and ran off to the bridge with his sole mate Kayla where he is healed and Happy he stil sends down sings. He helped us find you Maxie. And last year when you were so sick Mama prayed to him and asked him to save you and said she could not stand the pain of loseing you and you got better. Mu shue was just that type cat he never wanted to see mama sad. He loved her the most  Mikey you know that Green Grizzy you took over well that was Mu shue his favort quit he went to the bridge wraped in it, And I know he be glad your useing it  So when it raining tomrow look up to the sky and think of Mu shue  Wiford Pooh King cat.

Lilly tucks the Kitten Mikey in his green grizzy and said goodnight to Maxie Callie Rose and Iris 

Monday, April 11, 2011

That Mikey By Lilly Lu and Maxie

Well I Lilly Lu am still not a Maxie fan on the rate of Maxie or Mikey I going to have to pick the big ornge goof ball . Why he still  not nice to me all the time he far better then that Mikey and he do not like Mikey one bit eather . so  Maxie and I hang out togher in his room. Iris is in love with Mikey they always toghter she calls him her New BFF they cluddle toghter and play togher.

Callie Rose is okay we all like her , But I going to let maxie tell you about the other day with mikey

Maxie here yesterday Mikey had the never to play with my track ball toy i not played with it in a while but it still mine sometime i lke to rub aggest the card board ,So when he played with it I whent nuts and well after i got him to run off I batted at the track ball once just to show im I still could and then walked away that Mikey needs to know he can not play with my toys love on my mama or my girl and he cant take my nap spots and steal my best freind

Friday, April 8, 2011

grummble grummble hiss growl - Maxie

You would not belive what they did to me I was the  head of this house hold it was good to be the man  Cat i had my girl my mom my pink blanket my own room my own bed  my own sisters who worship me and i can bug well every thing changed I could tolaralr a  new sister he naame is callie Rose she okay but when she try to take my sun sopts of sleeps on my side of the big bed on the pink blanket then watch out but she learning but this other male cat he invateigng on my space he loving on my mama and my girl he stealing my best pay mate he scartching my pole that i worked hard to get just right he need to go. Mama said Maxie get over it Mikey is here to say Well not if i have anything to say about that, I have now taken to showing who boss i will not eat sticky goodness well only a little and will on eat crunchy just to show her who the boss also i only get treats when he around well i don't what them then becuse i am too mad at him

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet MIke

HI I am Mikey  I am a 9 mouth old male who loves to play and be around pepole and other cats I am a pretty mellow boy with lots of engery . I love my new Family I knew I would when they came into the sheter to look at Buff I would not let them leave with out me there   I purrd loved clamed rolled i showed my tummy i made biskets on there leg i jumped into there arms Maire she runs the sheter she said UMM I think Bascscoti loves you and they chose me however they also chocie my sister who was Cara but now is Callie Rose  she alot less engery then me.

I worked hard to come to this family. Guess what there a long fur female verson of me with a few extra spots and a black tail  she calles her shelF Queen Lilly Lu Iris and I are best freinds she taught me how to play Lilly lu in the center we cant get enough of it poor Lilly but Iris is right she makes the best toy,

There a male cat who all hissy at me something about he dose not want me loveing on his mamma and he the man and i just the thing and that i cant love on his girl eather so he hiss at me every time he sees me

well that it from here


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Callie Rose

Knock Knock is this thing on, I hope so My name was Cara but now I got a new name called Callie Rose Muffin Maire but you can call me Callie Rose The other girl who lives her "lilly Lu said so you be able to call me CR but for right now why i get to know my new name and home I like Callie Rose.

Let me tell you about my self I am 6 years Young calico Long fured cat I had a home were my owner died i when she die the family did not want me and instend of finding me a home left me out side to fend for my self this was very hard since i been declawed lucky a shelter voltree found me and took pitty on me But i was never at home there I like other cats but there were just cars every were. Two days a go a nice family walked in I could tell this women loved cats and I could tell this family loved cats. The women was nice she spoke quitly to me and i head bonked her and sat in her lap I was sad when the family choice Biscotti over me as he was way out going and going overbord to get a home i just sat silightely and knew that moment would come and then the women said I want this one she'll be my Callie Rose and next thing i knew papers were filled out and Saterday I got a forever home. I am still very shy this house now has me and my freind from the shelter who was Biscottti but know loves his knew name of mikey much better and A cat who plays alot A cat who sleep alot and a Oronge cat Who dose not like mikey one bit he mewo he rules the house . All i know is i am thankful for a warm bed a kind heart and a forever home

Callie Rose

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big chages

Hi all it Lilly Lu Iris and Maxie we going to tell you what beeing going on. Well we lets start wiff the smaller stufff two of are post were well warn out very well loved and they need to be replaced mama looked and looked for fun post you see me and maxie do not like Sisla to sratch purr carpet for us so mama found lots ones with sisla and so she found a few relly cute one on line well maxie took to them right away making sure he sracteched and scrached them.

Then are computer blows up smoke came flying out of the thing mama had never seen anything like it well i had to help mama pick out a new computer with pink spots becuse i love pink spots

I been smelling like poo alot becuse of the melarlax builds up in my systym and i get direada mama thinks she figered it out now but i had to go to the groomers

Now yesterday mama took the family to the shelter she used to voltree at the one Iris came from. It inside a pet store so she was to pick up a toy for us too.

If you rember maama told ashlynn she coudld get a cat for x-mas after they came back she almost adopted twice but they just did not seem like the right cat.

Mama when to meet a cat name Buff he an oronge guy Maire who runs the shelter was sure mama would love love love him. Well there was a cat an LL look a like but pure white who would not leave us alone buff could have cared less but Biscotti care lots all he wanted was mama and the kids as his family every time mama would touch another cat he run over and seek out mama frist thing he did was put his paws though the medle cage as to say take me home pick me no way your leaving with out me. So we called Daddy who the cat loved more and ashlynn said I wanted a girl cat well there was a beatful clam calico mamma just spent along time patting her and her purrr was like a moter she just semed to mesh she a lap cat for sure. Ans mama has SUCKER printed on her head,

So the new names are Mikey Tigger Dougless - Why this name well we wanted an M name for a boy you know it been Mu shue and Maxie and mamma could not brake so an M name it was she was thinking Mickey but then thought about Mikey due to the great dr stone at tufts who saved maxie and all boy cats have disey middle name Mu shue Winnford pooh Maxwell Mufsa Millons so she let the girls pick between Tigger and Woody and then buzz came up the girls whated tigger. and mama just like dougless

The girl is going to be Callie Rose Muffin Maire

Callie is named after Arsty cats Callie who went to the bridge LL is still best freind with Rocky. hopely arty catsy will come back soon. rose becuse he faviort flower is roses and Muffin afrer Mu shue wife who now is at the bridge with mu shue and Maire beacuse all girl cats are Maire at heart.

They comeing home today

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wesday rant

we are not happy cats did you have to replae my big bed just becuse it was uncofebul for you who said it was for us the new one dose smell like us and why would you want to replace a scraching tree that we worked so hard to scratch to death just becuse it looks like it had better days dose not mean it has it means it been scrach and loved

And one more thing I know i lost my catnip ball and my favoret pink rattle ball and i need a new one and We do not care if we had four of these find my stuff or brake out the bucks.

and this diet thing you put Lilly lu on is not working she hungry and driving us nuts so feed her

Lilly Lu irs and Maxie

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Lilly Lu got her name

Along time ago mama had a cat who was mu shue best freind her name was Kayla Violet shy and she was very special. she had a bad sickness called FIP thats why mama every year gives to FIP reach-such becuse she remember the pain of losing Kayla well Kayla home town vet gave up on her and only one vet would treat her Lilian Cornejo Kayla live 9 more mouths good mouths more than any one gave her she was a great cat and mu shue best freind. So when i was adopted there was only one name for me Lillan Kayla Maire named after that great vet who tryed her hardest for Kayla and Kayla her self who bought me to mamma.

She had no idea i was named after her till 6 years latter when my old vet said i need a speicalist and that i should go to tufts well DR C never rembered mama but she rembered Kayla and keeped her picuter on her desk as insperition Then when mama told her i was name Lillan but was called Lilly Lu after her she was so touched I got a VIP apointment right away she shaved me and Maxie she helped mu shue croaa rhw bridge she was with Kayla day in and day our she the best vet ever and we mean ever . she said very rarly dose she get to know someone like she know mama. So yea AM named after my vet she the best one ever

thats it i cancleing my new paper

News papers are good for sleeping on and nothing else but this week has been very bad it start off wiff grandma fowarding mama an artical from the new yourk times. This artical talked about why you should not sleep wiff your pets WHAT THE HECK I NEED TO SLEEP ON A BED I showed it to iris who sleeps right bweteen maam and mr bg and she said it need sherding.

Then today the walstreet Jourinal came out wiff an artical about obisie pets at the time i was sitting helping mama wiff her ceral milk and wipping cream on her hot choclet she read it and she said LL WERE ARE GETTING FIT. She pushed me offf the table and said you dont need that and i cutting back your food no my treets and i am going to give each of you a 15 min play sestion. Iris was excited about the play. So she started she went to the gym and then came home and started with iris play time iris loved haveing 15 extra play time a day then she moved on to me she waved a feather i sleeped she used a lazor i sleeped she put on the fling a ming sting i yawing and roooled over she put on the cat tv i sleeped and she said FINE LILLY I AM DRAMTICLY CUTTING YOUR FOOd and she went to maxie who looked at her like she had 5 heads I like to remind her when my food was awitehed i got fatty liver disese. She said that It i am doing something about this ringt now i getting you a new play mate will will chace you more becuse your the lazyest house cat in the world Heck i worked hard on that

Lilly Very upset Lu

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to get fed twice By LL

I been straving latey i dont know why but i just cant get enough sticky goodness but i figered out a way to get feed two times. Here is my steps

1. Beg for sticky goodness

2. gooble down sticky goodness licking bowl clean

3. make sure you drop one of two place on to place mat ( this is hard not to eat it but ever so imporent.)

4. Mewo your head off untill bowl is cleaned along with place matt leaving it looking as you not been feed

5. Find other human who has not seen you gobble down food and beg like you not eaten follow up with pouty look and the single mewo of huger and urnency do this part untill unspecting humman open another can of sticky goodness

6. If sing apppress do not feed that cat she already been feed knock it down and hid it

7 repepte step 5 untill second can of sticky goodness appress


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011


It me Lilly Lu and i had a hard week and i Need to share it frist i got a sore / okay two sores that mama has been putting stufff on and she also draged me to the vet for a buch of test then becuse we were out of stuff and needed it i got draged to pet smart.

My test came back good but the great dr C who i am named after said two things One i am Chunky and the world lazyst house cat in the world came flying out of my moms mouth She told dr C that even a feather on a stick i just sit there like a bump on the log and sleep. Well Dr C said cut my caliors this mean Less food no treets PEPEPOLE I AM GOING TO WAST AWAY she said no wippy cream no ice cream no humman food and not to feed the Lilly every time she mewos food.

It my job to eat find a bed and sleep get up and eat eat eat sleep sleep sleep i no under stand why i need to do anything else

Then on Fiday Mama got it in her mind a day of bueaty For Lilly Lu

frist we started with a water bath then on to a blow dry and fluff then on to a teeth brushing and to top it off a nail trim complet with soft paws i know have pink and purrple toe nials .

Mama said I smell better so now i been touchered and i am straving and i am looking for a new home but i too lazy to walk much fathere than my pink crown bed so i think i just stay

lilly LU

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

question answered

Mamma Laura here are the answers to your question you keep asking

Maybe I did put my faviort catnip ball behind the couch. After all i did drag it down two fights of steps to play with it.

Yes I do want you to move the very heavy couch to get my ball back and while your there Iris would like the half dosen tailless mousies back that are behind there too.

Yes i do have to look at you like you have 5 heads when you say your not moving the couch to get my ball becuse i know you are so just do it allready.

While were on the subject of couches i do not like to collor of that one so yes i must igore my pefectly good post and uses the italin leather sofa thats why the couch is there

Yes I do like to leave my smelly gifts for when your about to go to sleep so your never forget me I know the linger but maybe you should be faster with the litter scoop.

While were on the subject of Litter yes my box is starting to smell and you should change it right now. Yes i know it is midnihgt but i am your number one prority

No idea how LL got that huge gash in her neck it could or coucld not be form me But you must rember in any case i am cute there for i shall never be in the wrong

Yes i am glad it is LL going to the vet and not me I hope she has a better time of it then i do I mean please last time i went i had an accdent in my cage it not very manly so i do not think i should ever have to go again

No i have no idea were that post card Labled Maxwell Mufsa Millons went from the new vet say i need my shots and cheek up. and I have no idea were your cell phone is.

Monday, February 7, 2011

There back

i had my 4th purrday alone by my self well rand ma was tere LL was tere and Iris too but no mama no burps. When they got home in the wee hours of sunday morning I planed to hold my self back from them but then cicken was pulled out and aslynn cuddled me and well how could all not be forggiven after all it hard work being warshiped and told i am a good by and having to walk all over them while having my chicn rubbed.

LL fur was in knots mama has to call a groomer to shaver her neck it was a stugle to give hher lacaton mama used nail sissors and was able yo pull of some of the biggest fur clups she ever seen LL just sat though it the report was lL no loner liked greenies not true she loves them and always has always will she mama gave her five and she gobbled them up

mama asked me what i wanted for my purrday Normaly i would say i want toys are nipobut i have lots and lots of toys and lots nip and draws full of treets so i askedand i have the best burp in the world in ashlynn and the best mama I thought about it and asked her this year insted of spening money on me give it to cats who need help. She said she wanted to give it to the Feline winn and I argreed that this was a good cause so in my honner she gave my brithday presents away and i could not be more poud that she did

Man cat maxie

Friday, January 21, 2011

She Left us

You never belve this but mama took mama off with all are bean for a mouth of fun sun in Mami Fl. We sorry we not updated for a long time but Mama did not want us to blog about maxie URI he much better now and mine LL conpation problem she better now since we found the right dose of uncopatiing medison she now useing the box like pro and makeing it furry smelly, She also deised she no longer liked paw licking chicken i dont under stand why. this means that me and iris have no choice but to pick up for lilly lu dis like in paw licking chicken and eat dubble are share of this yummy yummy treat in a can food. Some time LL loses her mind. But she doing well. before she left she left dirty laudry around like a shirt of ashlynn on her bed a shirt of hers in maxie bed room things like this so we have he smell this worked well and we love to curl up in thse places

Well we just want to let you all know we still alive and well

Maxie LL and Iris

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A great way to start off the new year!! - Lilly Lu

I cant belive my luck it only one day into the new year and I aready had my most faviort treet in the world Wipped cream off a spoon life is great now if i could just do something about that ginger and meezer pain in the tail and get my beloved red sox to win the world seezes life would be prefect !!!

Lilly lu