Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes It Us

We all have a ton to update but mama has been so bad about helping us so we going to do a ginat update.

I Lilly Lu will start.  Frist off I am very upset I heard that I have to go to the vet not just once but 3 times. Once for  a shot then two weeks latter for dental evaluation then the cleaning I am hissing mad that i have to drive an hour to tufts to have my teeth cleaned all becuse of that stupid vet who hurt Maxie last year You hear that Orange Mensie It your fault if you never got sick I would not be having this problem. Then I get told we moving for the summer to a "summer cottage" in a  "summer commuite" something about want to live  simpler in a safe place where everyone talks and know each other. It a 3 room cottoge wiff a 3 sesons prouch for the ornoge mesnise to go out side but all five of use pluse the 3 burps and two  mama and Mr BG are gooing  I furry upset about this whole thing

Maxie- well my freinds It been a year since my I was made sick by the bed vet I eat normaly and am completly normal. I am worshiped and adrodeed however mama keeps playing that bad day back in her head  and blams her self for me being sicken. She keeps saying she sorry all you gone though Maxie. I am sorry I ever trusted that man. I should have known I should have know something was wrong right away when he refured to you as bad cat the wrost he seen . But that okay mama it water under the bridge i not ad a hair ball in over a year since that date.

Callie Rose- Maxie thinks he the man cat so i try and get on his good side I let him play with my toys i let him eat treats I begged for I know that when he done I always get two times a meany for "playing nicely with Maxie " he likes to be called his ornoge masty so i roll my eyes and say yes maxie i mean yoir ongenge majstey and go back to doing what i been doing But sometime maxie takes it a little far. Like the other day there was a an open window and i sat in the window ejoying the fresh air when maxie demaded i give him the window i was in I said but maxie go find antother there lots of others an he said no and Jummped on top of me and tryed to pussh me off the window with a thee 4 foot drop to the floor with nothing soft to crash land on so I got bad at him and paw punched him big time so he learn his lesson Well he did and he took the 4 foot droop the floor and he keeped saying Callie Rose your no longer my freind you may not drink out of my water bowl ad blocked my way out when i was trying to uses the litter box in his room. He said i could only be his freind if and Only if I was devoted to him so i told him i would be but if he gets in my window again i may not be able to help my self

Iris I am very exited about summer i am looking foward to long play sesson in the cool summer night air having more my humans around to tell me they love me. My faviort humman i baby M. She not such a baby but she the worlds best culdder


Sparkle said...

It sounds like things have been very busy at your house! And it sounds like you are going to have a big adventure this summer!

Angel and Kirby said...

You are going to have a very busy summer!

Goldie Goodwin said...

How come Mikey didn't get to comment?