Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maxie update

It seems the job of the real man cat is never done That mikey is not a real man cat he a man cat Inposter yup thats what he is. But I have desided that some of my manly cat duity need to delcated to the cat who will do anything I mewo her to do. Yup that be Callie Rose I  go get me some treets she answers how meany do you want you orngine majisty. So i have desided  that she can help me tuck in my burp ashlynn at night i also deised that she can help me my everlasting quest to finfd the best nap spots she finds them I push her out. She also has been preomited to helping me get more treets. You see she Beggs and since she small mama laura always gives them to her then I swoop in and take them all. Yup this works mike a charm. 

She a bit sad that I have gone back to having my own room at night to eat all night she now parks her self out side my door all night till morning and is the frist one to greet me once the door is open  It so hard to be so loved


Angel and Kirby said...

We hope you are doing OK. We can tell that Callie Rose is your worshipful servant!

Sparkle said...

Wow, and I thought only humans were loyal servants! How amazing, Maxie, that you found a feline version.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Hi Maxie! Nice to hear from yoo. Purrs.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Maxie! We hope you are doing ok - we got behind and saw you were not eating so we hope you are eating again. We understand adding new brothers and sisters can be stressful - we have been through it at our house. And it usually is good to try and get them to do stuff for you - so you are doing the right thing with Callie Rose that is for sure! It sounds like she really likes you a lot!