Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Mew Years

Lilly Lu, milk, ice cream pizza cheese , chicken greenies temp-tay-tions chieken flavored Oh sorry I was make my list of all the food i was going to eat when mamma was gone. That was what i told miss dawn I look foward to all the treets coming my way. I been a bit conspated and last night i healed up dinner mama gave me a big dose of laxaton success in the box and then i ate more. mama gave me a second dose this morning and it was very succfull sometimes becuse i am 14 lb cat in the body of 12 lb and i can not be botrered to excersize that would mean moving more than i have to get to the food bowl i get a bit on the conpated side mama will call dr c in after the frist. I also complaed loudly about maxie he driving me insane I do not like to move and yet he picks on me and complains it my fault.

Iris: Play feather, play ball, play toys play eat food play more thats what i said i said my faviort toy is LL and sometime i get crried away with maxie playing so hard

Maxie I not feeling well i tired and i complaned about my back it hurts when mama pets it and it lilly lu who starts it even if i start bitting her she sleeping in a bed that i need to have i am a ginger boy and can not help my slef.

We want to wish all are freinds happy mew year thanks for being are freinds

Lilly Lu iris and Maxie

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

snow and more

Well we got snowed in we got about 2 feet of the white stuff. We had a great X-mas the day after we had a blizzard we all staying in side. Mama and the brups are leavinf us to go to fl after the new yearr. We very excited to uses on mama gifts a gift for us to talk to miss dawn are amamimal commactor on Firday. Mama said it a good thing cuse Maxie is going off the deep end he playing very rough with me often and pulling wool alot and licking his beloved plastic. Mama thinks he has some anxitey and wants to find out whats bothering him before he go to tufts for the behavior clinc.

Ashlynn list was a new cat was frist last third on her list. So santa is not going to give her a cat as a gift since this santa saids no live amalmls for the hoildays so we waped up some foood and a bowl set and a collor and told left a note that santa has contacted mama and made plans for her to pick out her own cat after she got back form vaction.

We wondering if this thought is givng maxie is anxity disortor

well i got to eat some geenies

Lilly lU

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mewoy catmiss

We wish all are feinds a Mewoy Chrismas snata came last nigt and he brought some treets for us all. We want are freinds to know how thankful we are for all your support. Please rember the seson is about freind ship and comeing toghter

Lilly Lu iris and Maxie ( and soon to be got cat from a shelter )

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Gift for Maxie from Lilly lu

Lilly Lu : Hay Maxie

Maxie: Hi ya Lilly Lu want to play

Lilly Lu: Maxie sure i got a a gift

Maxie: Oh Lilly Lu I did not get you anything I know i play chace in sted.

Lilly Lu: Maxie open your gift

Maxie okay it an empty box it a very decarted empty box I love boxes Lilly look it has stamps all over it Is it a toy box for my upsairs toys Oh how i need an toy box up stairs

Lilly Lu: ummmm yup go get all your toy and put them in the box then go in i be waitign on the out side

Maxie: Thanks LL this is great ( gets his toys and goes in the box) Hay wait I cant get out LL i stuck I cant get out will you help me

LIlly Lu : Sure Maxie I help you. I help you all the way to the north pole MR MAIL MAN COME AND PICK THIS UP IT A SPECIAL IT NEEDS TO GO RIGHT NOW


Iris: why dose he alsway fall for this and i have to russsue him. Maxie how meny times must we go over it when Lilly Lu offer you a box with stamps all over it DO NOT GO IN,

Maxie: oh ya i forgot do you think satan will still come.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

seecret paws and Assbley monster

My mama and dadda fave been stolen to a room we not alould in they go to it every time the brups are alseep it the place we call the asbely monster. yes This room is taking up all mama and dadda time and lots of bad words are said and A pink doll house wiff funtre is being made and a Train set and play kichen. Mama said she dose not like the words some assbely required

Mama almost forgot about are seacrt paw pacakage. it came yesrday LL got temp-tay-and grreenies she trying to work hard on eating them all i got a stocking full of toys and iris got a mousie with a futer butt to chew she loves it. We like to thank Willam for the great gift

Lilly Lu iris and Maixe

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear santa paws by Iris

Dear santa paws,

I like to point out to you that i cuddle with Lilly lu and maxie for 45 mins before i pounced on her and made her run. I know i do this a skillon times a day but it is fun and i tryed being good so you know the adress nip, greenies, temptaytions ansd mousie with feather tails. My stocking will be the puple one marked Iris so fill it all the way


Monday, December 20, 2010

I am dremaing of catnip Christmas Mewoed by Maxie and Iris

We are dreaming of a Catnip Christmas
Just like the ones I Should know
Where the catnip glisten,
and children listen
To our collar bells in the nip

We are dreaming of Catnip Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be full of nip

We are dreaming of a Catnip
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases nip

Saturday, December 18, 2010

who knew - Maxie

Who knew tails are so Fragile or my teeth are so sharp. This is 75% LL fault you know she know better then to put her tail near my paws when i was resting I had no choice left and she started it. It was not me. I telling you I am the best Ginger cat in the house as well as the best boy cat in the house. Mama Laura stop looking at me like that this is all your fault too If LL were not up begging for treats her tail would not been near my claws and ended up being in my mouth if you had just not been stingey with those greenies this would all been over. So you see It 75% LL fault and 25% your fault and I am not to blam at all. After all I am the best Man Cat in the house!!!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well if I can't get mama to give them I trick others- Lilly Lu

Well we the same thing happend last night with no treets two day I thought i would die of treet depevation I did not eat dinner again last night. So no treets Well that was till Grampa came over. You see Gramp and i have a special relationship and tongight he came over to be with my burps as my mama was headed out. When mama got home he was stillting there with the bag of treets and feeding them to us. he said you know the cats love these. Mama looked at him and said HOW MEAN DID YOU GIVE THEM LL SHOULD NOT HAVE HAND ANY. He said i dont know may 20 each i lost count but your going to need a new bag. Good old gramp he always a good guy and he know how to treat a treat seeking cat

Lilly Lu

Dear santa paws

Dear santa paws,

It me maxie I will try and be good. Only good is no fun LL my faviort toy and i think it fun to chace her around and pounce one her with iris I am the best boy cat in the house. Since i am the only.

If you must send coal then make it catnip favior or chick-hen falvor

If you like to give me gifts here is my list

1. a new catnip ball - i lost the last two

2. a Slay for of treets greenie temp=tayinons would be great ( you better make that four slay LL would like some too and she can treet like you not belive


Maxie the best ginnger cat in the house

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adddicted to treats Lilly Lu

Hello my name is Lillan Kayla Maire but you can call me Lilly Lu and i am adited to treats. It all sarted way back long ago i used to love dairy temptaytion but back in may when maxie was hurt and his ephousose could no longer eat treets the treets went away untill maxie could eat them too. Mama gave us freezed dryed chicken i never got into it like maxie and iris so i was treetless then when maxie was all better we meet the temp-tay-tions again only this time chick-hen and my new faviort Greenies on how i long for my treets. Before i knew it became all i thought about. Last night i did not eat my dinner due to my holding out for a snack that never came. Then it all came to a bad blow up last night around 1;45 am I was so hungry and all i could think of was treets I notmaly sleep in a cat bed and iris sleep on her pillow between mama and dadddy mama had the treets in a draw in her night stand I had to have them and I risked it all waking up mama and dadda being in iris way being paw punched i had to have treets. I jumped on the bed and stared useing my claws at mama feet she did not like this but she was still hald alseep so i risked it and sarted to walk to the night stand on the bed only problem Iris thought it was time to play and started to paw punch me so i had to defed my self. I heard a big loud ENOUGH GIRLS I AM SLEEPING NEXT TIME YOUR BOTH OUT. Finaly i got to the night stand and tryed to open the draw and nocked the lamp on the floor braking it. in my quest for trets Iris was very upset and mama was too she picked us both up thow us out and closed the door. Iris meezed and meezed and waped me for getting us thown out. I told her to cut out the meezing she told me i should meeze more but i no meezer. I started to work on rhat door with my claws frist i sratch it then i started using my paw to open that door. Finlay after about an hour i got it open I was after treats again and iris clamed her pillow again. as I type this i have still not eaten my dinner or been rewared for all my hard work with treets I am a bit upset about this. I love my treets and need more and more

Lilly Lu

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SInging and danceing with Maxie LIlly Lu and Iris

okay every cat brake out those danceing paws and singing mewos becise we got the jigle Cats right here on this blog come sing and dance long

Monday, December 6, 2010

I been toruchered

Maxie here i going to tell you about this food probelm i am having. I have to flavors of sticky goodness i love mewoie lowie and paw licking chicken i switch off and on every other day. Well tonight mama put a cuver ball in she tryed putting another flavor that i used to like but not so fond of any more in my food. I had no choice but to scaf down half a cup of cunchies and then lick some of the gravy off but i very dispointed you know how when you have your mind set on one thing all day and she switches it becuse she wants you to eat this crap even if i did like it before i tiped it over befoe i ate it just to express my diss like. I starving send mewoie lowie green tempataytons i might wast away

Thursday, December 2, 2010

it been way to long

Well when we left off one mouth ago i was decaled a gift from uobove. Mama keeps saying i a gift from a king. Well I been eating chunchies again but mama said no more free feeding cuse LL is cunky and she need a more regalted diet. So we get to nibble in all diffent spots at night. We also decoved treats again since i can have them so far the winner with all 3 of us is Greenies. yesterday night for the frist night of Hunnnka we got a gift to share of a huge pack of them.

My feather on a stick got broken i sorry feather on a stick i got a little exicted and well your were well loved by mu shue before i got to you. Mama said not to feer that for hunnka if i am a good cat a new one might come my way. I can not wait it hard beeing good.

LL is teaseing me by sanding 2 feet away grooming her helf she just asking for me and iris to play LL in the middle. I also have a new game it called runn into LL at 100 mile an hour and take her down in a wressleing match. Unfountily i have to watch when i play this game becuse mama and LL dont think it as much fun as i do.

LL is my faviort toy she so much fun to pounce on run into chance and parctice my paw punching on. She such a versital toy i better then almost every other toy i have but she keeps screaming i runing her good times.

She said i beeter be good beusce santa paws is watching my every move. I trying hard but it seeems these "good sanders" are too hard too meet.

I mean relly

Maxie don't drop your food on the car

pet santa watching

Maxie it not a good idea to chance Lilly Lu around the house Santa Watching

Maxie please give LL back her bed santa watching

Maxie dont dive bomb LL from the top of the bed Sata is watching

Maxie please do not eat plastic bags it not good for you and Santa is watching

Gosh what can a can do teses days if not do anything fun

I made my last mr santa paws

Catnip ball
Loose nip
feather on a string
chicken treets

It also time for are yearly Vet gift. This year we only going to give to two vets.

Dr C becuse becuse though thick or thin she the best vet and Thats why LL is named after her

and Dr Stone becuse he saved me and took great care of me .

Mamam said she not giveing gifts to normal vet staff becuse we never been to the new vet

This year gift is going to be a doation to the feeline winn socity in there names.

Oh now back to mama She left us to go see permeids and camles and a spnex and now she done she going to leave us again to go away for a mouth.

Well hopely i can get her to post sooner