Thursday, December 2, 2010

it been way to long

Well when we left off one mouth ago i was decaled a gift from uobove. Mama keeps saying i a gift from a king. Well I been eating chunchies again but mama said no more free feeding cuse LL is cunky and she need a more regalted diet. So we get to nibble in all diffent spots at night. We also decoved treats again since i can have them so far the winner with all 3 of us is Greenies. yesterday night for the frist night of Hunnnka we got a gift to share of a huge pack of them.

My feather on a stick got broken i sorry feather on a stick i got a little exicted and well your were well loved by mu shue before i got to you. Mama said not to feer that for hunnka if i am a good cat a new one might come my way. I can not wait it hard beeing good.

LL is teaseing me by sanding 2 feet away grooming her helf she just asking for me and iris to play LL in the middle. I also have a new game it called runn into LL at 100 mile an hour and take her down in a wressleing match. Unfountily i have to watch when i play this game becuse mama and LL dont think it as much fun as i do.

LL is my faviort toy she so much fun to pounce on run into chance and parctice my paw punching on. She such a versital toy i better then almost every other toy i have but she keeps screaming i runing her good times.

She said i beeter be good beusce santa paws is watching my every move. I trying hard but it seeems these "good sanders" are too hard too meet.

I mean relly

Maxie don't drop your food on the car

pet santa watching

Maxie it not a good idea to chance Lilly Lu around the house Santa Watching

Maxie please give LL back her bed santa watching

Maxie dont dive bomb LL from the top of the bed Sata is watching

Maxie please do not eat plastic bags it not good for you and Santa is watching

Gosh what can a can do teses days if not do anything fun

I made my last mr santa paws

Catnip ball
Loose nip
feather on a string
chicken treets

It also time for are yearly Vet gift. This year we only going to give to two vets.

Dr C becuse becuse though thick or thin she the best vet and Thats why LL is named after her

and Dr Stone becuse he saved me and took great care of me .

Mamam said she not giveing gifts to normal vet staff becuse we never been to the new vet

This year gift is going to be a doation to the feeline winn socity in there names.

Oh now back to mama She left us to go see permeids and camles and a spnex and now she done she going to leave us again to go away for a mouth.

Well hopely i can get her to post sooner


Sparkle said...

Maxie, I would not worry about being "good" for Santa. Humans don't like to admit this, but ALL kitties are good instantly from the time they are born. It's a Universal Kitty Law.

Angel and Kirby said...

We are so glad you can eat crunchies and treats again! We think Santa will be good to you and Lilly Lu and Iris

The Paw Relations said...

We're sure Santa will bring you everything you asked for.