Saturday, December 18, 2010

who knew - Maxie

Who knew tails are so Fragile or my teeth are so sharp. This is 75% LL fault you know she know better then to put her tail near my paws when i was resting I had no choice left and she started it. It was not me. I telling you I am the best Ginger cat in the house as well as the best boy cat in the house. Mama Laura stop looking at me like that this is all your fault too If LL were not up begging for treats her tail would not been near my claws and ended up being in my mouth if you had just not been stingey with those greenies this would all been over. So you see It 75% LL fault and 25% your fault and I am not to blam at all. After all I am the best Man Cat in the house!!!!



Sparkle said...

Maxie, you were just being a kitty, but so was Lilly Lu. I think it is 100% your human's fault.

Angel and Kirby said...

Poor Lilly Lu. We hope Maxie did not put to hard a bitie on your tail!