Friday, December 24, 2010

A Gift for Maxie from Lilly lu

Lilly Lu : Hay Maxie

Maxie: Hi ya Lilly Lu want to play

Lilly Lu: Maxie sure i got a a gift

Maxie: Oh Lilly Lu I did not get you anything I know i play chace in sted.

Lilly Lu: Maxie open your gift

Maxie okay it an empty box it a very decarted empty box I love boxes Lilly look it has stamps all over it Is it a toy box for my upsairs toys Oh how i need an toy box up stairs

Lilly Lu: ummmm yup go get all your toy and put them in the box then go in i be waitign on the out side

Maxie: Thanks LL this is great ( gets his toys and goes in the box) Hay wait I cant get out LL i stuck I cant get out will you help me

LIlly Lu : Sure Maxie I help you. I help you all the way to the north pole MR MAIL MAN COME AND PICK THIS UP IT A SPECIAL IT NEEDS TO GO RIGHT NOW


Iris: why dose he alsway fall for this and i have to russsue him. Maxie how meny times must we go over it when Lilly Lu offer you a box with stamps all over it DO NOT GO IN,

Maxie: oh ya i forgot do you think satan will still come.


Angel and Kirby said...

Lilly, I don't blame you for trying to send Maxie off. The way he chases you, he should be on the naughty list!

Sparkle said...

That is not a good box to play in!

Max said...

Hehehe I should try that with Buddah...I never thought about putting stamps on the box before...