Monday, December 29, 2008

we wish you a happy new years

May you new year be great! yes my burpy posed for this awhile ago they cute but Not as cute as me maxie and Iris

I lilly Lu would like to reviwe 2008. 3 words it mostly sucked.

Jaurary- Mama cellbrated her brithday

Feburay- JH wrote me the best vantine ever. Hopely we can keep the up the good work as JH is soo cute even if he a yannkes fan and GLF

Marh- I did not feel well and got trafred to the Great dr C and she made me better.

April- I had my stones out and My apt burnt down we lost most every thing. I celbared my gota day

May- Jeffeson told us we got are stuff we never did they were busy stealing form us. we found out latter

June- we moved into are new apt. We learned about mu shue Lymphoma Mu shue helped us get adjested Iris and i we scard but mu shue he showed us every thing would be okay Iris and i cellbrared are purrdays only to find out i relly bone in march latter.

Juily- Mu shue passed away after meany aginzing weeks and he stayed to welcome to burpy and to make sure we adjusted and say good buy we miss him so. Our burpy were born on the 4th

Augest- One word MAXWELL........ life has never been the same since

September- We cellbated Mu shue purrday with out him only one mouth after he pass

October- We cellbrated base ball in october Next year there be a world sezies champon ship trophie to cellbrate I got sick wiff Phomina once again the great dr c cured me. Maxie flips out at the phonfrtes I get to pose in meany cute ways for hoilday card

Novmber- i start my hoilday card list I love hoilday card it so much fun to give

Decmber- Burpy frist x-mas hoilday gifts, mu shue stone is in at last.

Friday, December 26, 2008

reviwe of this hoilday bootty by maxie and Iris

Well me maxie here to reviwe the bootty we got for x-mas. It all started wiff a note for santy paws to me and iris It said he saw we trired very hard to be good but next year he expects us not to pounce on Lilly Lu. It a good fing we got a whole year to work on it becuse we already chaced her down the hall and played the poucing game this moring. Are stoking were hung by the tv wiff care and dadddy got mama a fake fire place thing for hunnnka that she wanted so much from amahish country so we had a fire place too. My stoking was stuffed wiff chicken stuff. I love chicken Iris was stuffed wiff mousies .And lilly lu had a few cans of sticky goodness in it. Now down to the booty i going to make a list Itims who it was for all me and what i thought.

Fling a ming string - This got 8 paws way up form iris and I we loved it,

Feather wand- again paws way up in the air on this little wand iris and I played for ever after we had to trun offf the fing a ming string

Cat in a bag- This scard the heck out of me I behide the couch wiff iris mousie. Paws way down on this one

Box wiff holes for the hunter- I liked this iris and i played along time with it and her mousie did not get lost i give it paws up but iris gave it four paws way in the air.

Lazer light toy- Am i missing something it okay to play in the dark at 3 am but other wise i dont get it Iris seems too she said it a paws up toy I say i give it one paw and a half pluse we had one form seectt paw

Fat cat nip pad- great to crash on we loved it both me and iris played with it 4 paws up. We have3 spare so we want to aution off some toys for other cats in need

2 hamics- mama was so exicted she made these for us none of us like them she so sad.

LCD light ball- Ohhhh this is fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

A new ball for my track.. I back in buzzesie I got all the temptaytion now!!!

A new track toy- I like the old one better so i not playing with this

Mouther mousie toy- Love love love this it like my track but better

best of all - YOWAL NIP !!!!! nip candy cane, nip nana, nip cirage losses nip , nip apple, nip lemmon, nip tree, nip I sorry but i might be in a nipp coma for a few weeks i going to fishen this post and go hit the nip.

Lilly Lu got a soft pink blanket 2 shirts, a new collor, wiff a band new bling hers is rattty and old and a swetter and a dress the sweeter is too small though i told her thats what happen when your fat

PS mama got a new SD wirless card she so exicted a new dital frame and a flip and a romaba iris and i takeniing rides

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is this the sleld

Is this your sled santa i don't think it will do I seen Maxie and Iris wish list pluse I like a few cute fashion to were i used to have alot but i only have a few now. I been very very good this year and I been thiough quite alot of a cat. I like a pink sweeter and a new dress and maybe a pink bed too. And helth for all my Cat freinds
Lilly Lu

Monday, December 22, 2008

Man cat Monday

Dear Hummna slave/ mama Laura and Santa Paws
I think i could usws a few more toys here. I try harder to be good ( crossing paws)
Thank you
Maxwell AKA Maxie

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank you all

i want to aplogy for mama laura lack of helping me blog it seem haveing burpys is makeing it very hard for her to find the time. Also she been very involed wiff other things.

My update my skin is much much better only a few sores are left and are scabbing over how ever i am on a very low dose of predsol and has made me once again vontbul to infection i am coughing and going back to see dr c again for an URI i see pink stuff in my futer.

I want to tank eveyone who sent us cards we love them all i have two doors full.

Mama been in a funk she misses mu shue horbely. his stone was delverd but do to snow will not be set for some time. we had over a foot and getting more tomrow we had ice that knocked out letirity for two days. I was cold wiff out my letic bed i missed it furry furry much so now i spending extra time in it

We also want to thank are secrt paws for the great gifts. we worte are letters to santa paws and hung are stonking wiff care. Maxie and Iris are worried becuse they may have not been that good this year. Me the one wish i have is to have mu shue back. But i glad to know he watching over us. I just miss him.

mama said she know she has to let go for maxie but she just cant he so apart of her and she misses him all the time. She wishes she could just hold him and stroke his fur again.

Now my special freind JH desdesed to do a walk about becuse of Joba i know how he fells but he needs to get home I think i can argane a little premo time wiff out the ornoge cats of trubble maxie and Joba and a little time on the feild watching the yankeis play the sox if he just get home. I may even let my soxs thow a game to his yannkes......Na what fun would that be

Lilly Lu