Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank you all

i want to aplogy for mama laura lack of helping me blog it seem haveing burpys is makeing it very hard for her to find the time. Also she been very involed wiff other things.

My update my skin is much much better only a few sores are left and are scabbing over how ever i am on a very low dose of predsol and has made me once again vontbul to infection i am coughing and going back to see dr c again for an URI i see pink stuff in my futer.

I want to tank eveyone who sent us cards we love them all i have two doors full.

Mama been in a funk she misses mu shue horbely. his stone was delverd but do to snow will not be set for some time. we had over a foot and getting more tomrow we had ice that knocked out letirity for two days. I was cold wiff out my letic bed i missed it furry furry much so now i spending extra time in it

We also want to thank are secrt paws for the great gifts. we worte are letters to santa paws and hung are stonking wiff care. Maxie and Iris are worried becuse they may have not been that good this year. Me the one wish i have is to have mu shue back. But i glad to know he watching over us. I just miss him.

mama said she know she has to let go for maxie but she just cant he so apart of her and she misses him all the time. She wishes she could just hold him and stroke his fur again.

Now my special freind JH desdesed to do a walk about becuse of Joba i know how he fells but he needs to get home I think i can argane a little premo time wiff out the ornoge cats of trubble maxie and Joba and a little time on the feild watching the yankeis play the sox if he just get home. I may even let my soxs thow a game to his yannkes......Na what fun would that be

Lilly Lu


Daisy said...

Thank you for the lovely card we got from you! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, and I am glad to learn that your skin is getting better.

Everycat said...

We are glad your skin is better Lilly Lu and sorry that Laura is feeling down about Mu Shue, Christmas is a very hard time when you have lost someone you loved so much.

Rumbly purrs to you all

Whicky Wuudler & family

Lux said...

Lilly Lu & mom, thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card - we think your picture is beautiful!

Purrs & hugs to you & your mom,