Monday, January 29, 2007

Coyto warning ( Iris)

Oh I scard II need my vissuse deer spray i just heard on the news there a coyto down the street from where we live and on the road where mama goes to work I heare ther more visuis then visuse dreer I am young and very Juicey Do you fink visuse deer spary will woke on Coyite if you need me I be under the bed hinding. I scard for Mu dhur cuse he has to go the vet on that road today. He coughing real bad again


Sunday, January 28, 2007

spotty sunday

here you can see my head spots and my back spot and for midnight mama My fluffy black tail

Saturday, January 27, 2007

sweetheart Sat (for dobby) From Iris

I wrote this for koote little Dobby Giggle Giggle

this is my frist poam i ever wrote

He as koote as can be
A great pouncer too
He likes his cat bed
and His big Brother too

We can have fun toghter
Pounccing on mouise
and mu shue too

I not mewoing about Just any kitt
I mewoing about Dobby
who likes me tooo

Giggle giggle

Thursday, January 25, 2007

thusday 13 Lily u

had to go to t the vet today becuse i due for my shots and cheek up this is the 13 resons i should not have to go unfoutilay mama laura dose not listen to reson

Thirteen Things reson i should not go to the vet

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) i fink you money is better spent some were else on me like on sticky goodness

2) becuse there going to stick shap things into me

3) becsue they going to make rude comments about my waight

4) becuse they tell you I need to have my toothers cleaned

5) becuse they will fur unquince

7) becuse they will forget to call me beatful

8) becuse My pink sweeter and soft paw are a different shade of pink then my carrrier

9) Last year they got you twice becsuse I had a fever

10) Mu shue sneezng again he needs to go more than me

11) Beuse they trim my back paws

12) Becuse you always wining about the price of gas you could save money by not driveing to the vet

13) becuse it too cold out side for me to have to go in the goldmichenn they said it should feel like -1 wiff the wind chill today
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Thrusday 13 ( Iris)

I got a new freind his name is Dobby he a boy kitt ... Gigle ..giggle her is a list about 13 thi

Thirteen Things resones I like d dobby giggle gigle

1. 1 he so cute

2. he share his cat bed well wiff meriln

3. He plays nice wiff meriln

4. He a great poncer

5. he play a mean game of tail chace

6. He put up wiff Bubbles who remdies me of Mu shue

7. He giff good kisses ( giggle gigle)

8. He about my age it be fun to play bonkie ball wiff

9. He be fun to play mousie wiff

10 He had a hard life before he was ruscued

11. he pounce on Merins tail why he eating

12. He like to eat merins kibble

13 he look koot in his catbed Giggle giggle

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ngs I like about hims.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wide body wednesday

umm mu shue we take up the whole couch will kindly move you gigger tail before i have to put a bitty on it

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Iris helping Lilly wiff spotty sunday

Lilly Told me to post this picuter for her while she under the bed AND NOT COMMING OUT this is her porfital shot done Mama said I going to get mine done next decmber

Lilly wants you all too know this is a goo one to see her head spots and back spots.

Ps this typeing is too hard I am off to do what i do best Mousie hurning I found a few feather butt mousie that need my atteion ASAP

there a whole lot of mewoing going on (Iris)

Babby Iris here I thought i never be bloging again becuse I pounced on mu shue alot and he hised and growled and Iris mama Said Iris he is old he can't take all that pounceing. He still claming my cat blaket is his. Hump the nerver then her stole the mousie that came wiff lilly lu soft paws.

Lilly Lu has taken to scraching crapet. here is the story I were soft paws But Lilly Lu has be feed cheese and it take about 4 slices to get her paws just trimed So mama trimed her paws and put soft paws out but had not made the trip to the store for Lilly cheese pluse it takes one to feed lilly the cheese and one to cut the nails and mama was alone so she did it alone wiff no cheese and then she put soft paw on Lilly lu let put it this way she cryed worst than mu shue. Thats bad But she never onces hissed mama said in the all the time Lilly Lu has lived her she never hissed But no she is recovering under the bed so she might have to miss spotty sunday becuse she so trumtised Or I might have to find sone old picuters of her and post them for her spotty sunday. I not sure she comming out any time soon.


Mu shue thats not yours ( iris)

Mu shue just cuse you had a hair ball on your cat quilt on your sun chair dose not giff you the right to sleep on mine and to pounce on me as i am trying to nap in the sun. See the purrple one was made for me becuse I luff purrple and the heating pad is my faviort thing just becuse you draged you catnip Bannna up there to sleep wiff it dose not giff you the right to take it over. I know you hissed when I pouced but you relly need to move. Just becuse i at the computer looking at koote dobbie picuter ( giggle giggle) dose not giff you the right to take over my quilt Move you FUFFY ORONGE BUTT OFF MY QUILT.

thank you for you attetion to this matter

Friday, January 19, 2007

Faistion show firday

Oh i luff fation This is my ne kooote japnees in styled outfit The other one I call Lilly The balleina. I got a medium they say it for 12-18 lbs but it was a little tight humm must be Iris fault for all her yummy kib kib i been fourse to seenk eat

Monday, January 15, 2007

what can you heat a bag of temp-tay that far away

There i was last night by my slef getting some chin rubs this dont happen to much since i hate to be touched but last night i was just a ball of spotty purr. And mama pull out a bag of tem-tay-tion. Mu shue is sleeping two room away passed out come a running to make his clam. at this point i usealy high tail it out of there so but this time i stay every time mama get her hand in the bag to giff me some mu shue was right there(\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\)like that see He just typed in my blog Mu shue stop It my trum belive it or not i dont get alot of attention mu shue is the old one Iris is the cute one wiff all the engery I the scard., hurry one who hangs out to the side. So this was rare for me. The vet said I was probley a freital kitty thats why i act like this

so any way Mama insted on limtied mu shue tem-tay-tions so I could have some so he hit me in the head wiff his paw and when Mama told him no we both ran off so i never got my temp-tay-tions

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Now I am going to have to take action (Iris)

Now my sparle ball is eaten by the great couch moster frist my mousie will not come out to play now i lost 5 sparkle balls just today Mama said Iris i am saveing the rest from walmart in the speical supple of nip to play with while your at the kitty spa in Feb. This will not work for me the evail couch moster must move and giff me back my toys!! I tryed scrching it yawoing at it still it has not moved Mamma laura i am getting bord i see glasses in the cubbort i could brake if you do not get my toys back from the couch moster who ate them. This must be adressed now!!!! I am a kitten an am wasting vabule play time here.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

spotty sunday

Here I am trying to do furry importe reachurch for cat kind showing that if you feed the spotty at all times it will be good for her heath. I need Temp-tay-tion out at all time aloung wiff all the fancey feast a girl can eat as well as my morning sticky goodness pouch and lots of dairy (ice cream) and toona I also like to try some of that Hamnmny I sorry your kosher but I like to try it and it for reachuch so far mama laura has not taken my resuch sesiously. You can see my back hed spot here

Dear Mousies (irs)

Dear Mousies,

Feather butt recure butt rosie the rats and spicey miceys all you need to come out from under the couch you are no fun for me to play wiff while your hideing. If you dont come out i will have to take action in youwaling non stop untill mama laura moves the couch so you can be played wiff. I don't want to here it just too heavy iris I am a babby and I just want to play all day


Thursday, January 11, 2007

thusday thierteen ( lily llu)

Red sox spring training starts soon I have to be prepare here is the list of thing i need to do

1. Get Jeeter Hairris to admitt the red soxs are a better team

2. Take out my red sox princess shirt

3. Find a new dice K shirt to were for when he pitching

4. Parctices wiff a ball my pitching ( you never know when they may need to call up a fluffy spotty espeasly as a closer)

5. Get my K sing ready

6. Be prepared incase Wall the Green moster should get sick to step in and be the offical mascat It will just have to change to Lilly The spotted Cat

7. Be ready for the Phone call from theo epitine that they need a spooted cat good luck charm

8. Partece my felding I sure i can cach a ball better then some of them

9. Parctice mewoing in jappness and spainsh so i can tranlate for all the plays for theo epistein

10. Get a flat screen tv so it will fell like we at Fenway park

12. Start saveing my money for world seizes tickets ( we all know the red sox are going)

13. Be prepared for the call that i am need to cough up a hair ball on Goroge Strienberener desk

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

wide body wednesday

This bed fit better when i was a kitten it must be getting smaller ....Looks at tummy.. still empty
yup it must be getting smaller cuse I am still hurgry

Saturday, January 6, 2007

spotty sunday

her you can see my back spot and I am singing my new song to the toon fo that's amroa it called feed the Lilly

When the moon hit your eyes
It time to giff lilly a big pizza pie
Feed the Lily

When the world seem to shine when you had too much nip
Feed the Lilly

The collor bell ring ting a ling ting
Feed the Lilly

Stumic growl Growal -yowal grow- yowla
Feed the Lilly

When the make you lonny that means we dont have enough toonie
Feeed the Lilly

When you dreem tight in bed with cat on your head
That mens Lilly hurngy

When you walke from a dreem and Lilly sitting looking mean
feed the Lilly
Feed the Lilly

Friday, January 5, 2007

New koote oufit

My new party dress
Oh look at the pretty bow makes my spotys look so kote
Glamor shoot don't hate me Mu shue becuce i bootfual
Oh i know I a little over dressed for the occation