Saturday, January 20, 2007

there a whole lot of mewoing going on (Iris)

Babby Iris here I thought i never be bloging again becuse I pounced on mu shue alot and he hised and growled and Iris mama Said Iris he is old he can't take all that pounceing. He still claming my cat blaket is his. Hump the nerver then her stole the mousie that came wiff lilly lu soft paws.

Lilly Lu has taken to scraching crapet. here is the story I were soft paws But Lilly Lu has be feed cheese and it take about 4 slices to get her paws just trimed So mama trimed her paws and put soft paws out but had not made the trip to the store for Lilly cheese pluse it takes one to feed lilly the cheese and one to cut the nails and mama was alone so she did it alone wiff no cheese and then she put soft paw on Lilly lu let put it this way she cryed worst than mu shue. Thats bad But she never onces hissed mama said in the all the time Lilly Lu has lived her she never hissed But no she is recovering under the bed so she might have to miss spotty sunday becuse she so trumtised Or I might have to find sone old picuters of her and post them for her spotty sunday. I not sure she comming out any time soon.


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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

poor Lilly! she did that to you and you got NO CHEESE? how horrible! maybe she could make it up to you with ice cream.