Thursday, January 11, 2007

thusday thierteen ( lily llu)

Red sox spring training starts soon I have to be prepare here is the list of thing i need to do

1. Get Jeeter Hairris to admitt the red soxs are a better team

2. Take out my red sox princess shirt

3. Find a new dice K shirt to were for when he pitching

4. Parctices wiff a ball my pitching ( you never know when they may need to call up a fluffy spotty espeasly as a closer)

5. Get my K sing ready

6. Be prepared incase Wall the Green moster should get sick to step in and be the offical mascat It will just have to change to Lilly The spotted Cat

7. Be ready for the Phone call from theo epitine that they need a spooted cat good luck charm

8. Partece my felding I sure i can cach a ball better then some of them

9. Parctice mewoing in jappness and spainsh so i can tranlate for all the plays for theo epistein

10. Get a flat screen tv so it will fell like we at Fenway park

12. Start saveing my money for world seizes tickets ( we all know the red sox are going)

13. Be prepared for the call that i am need to cough up a hair ball on Goroge Strienberener desk


Dragonheart said...

That's a nice list Lilly Lu. I don't know anything about Red Sox or baseball, but I hope your team does well!

Daisy said...

You would be a great Mascat!

jeterharris said...

well lilly lu ...
dere iz sum healthee compitishun between us yankee catz ... an u red sox catz. i can't wate to see u in yer red sox cap ... i will be warin mi blue yankee cap.
did u know dat mi mom iz frum massachoosetz?
i reelee like yer thursday thirteen!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Good TT, Lilly! I'll wear my cousin Shadow Saluki's Padres cap if you all will get photographed in your local fave's caps!

Sparky Duck said...

1. Red Sox are a better team

2.Under the desk would be better, George would step in it

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I'm konfyooz. My grate frend Jeter Harris sez the Yankees are the vary best baseballs teem ever in the histery of the werld. Is he rong, or has he just bin hittin' the nip a littul hard?

Millie said...

Lady Mom says we are Red Sox fans and we are fans of the guys named Pat.
And we have hats from both, so if every I let her take a picture of me wearing a hat, it will be one of those!

Skeezix, your friend is just very opinionated.